“Refresh Man” ep 2 ~ You Rui:”She is my girlfriends.”

Yu Tang is upset with all that happened in her life lately, but she has one reason to smile, It’s her day off and she won’t have to see Wen Kai’s face. But Yu Tang’s plan doesn’t go well with Wen Kai’s plan. Wen Kai arrived early in the morning at Yu Tang’s house to eat breakfast together. At work a new surprise appears for Yu Tang. Wen Kai brought a new member in Yu Tang’s team. The new member is Yu Tang’s ex boyfriend, You Rui. Since he wasn’t expecting that, Wen Kai is jealous.

Episode 2

Yu Tang is cleaning her new office when she is reminded about the annual meeting with W Corporation. She remembers that the director of W Corporation likes to drink English tea. Yu Tang prepared it and went in to give it to Ai Sha. But Ai Sha already had prepared another tea for that director, a healthy tea because she found out that the director’s mother had passed away recently due to diabetes. Yu Tang was embarrassed and later she heard her ex coworker talking bad about her. Ai Sha sees Yu Tang listening to the other two secretaries and scolded them.

Yu Tang:”So the person who really didn’t understood reality was me.”

Arrived home, Yu Tang doesn’t know how to tell her family that she was demoted when her brother insists that she should invite them to a good restaurant to celebrate that she was promoted. Before going to sleep Yu Tang thought about Wen Kai so she dreamed about him that night. In her dream appeared the day Yu Tang announced the whole neighborhood that Wen Kai plans to confess to the girl he likes. While Yu Tang was riding her bike and announcing everyone, Wen Kai was running after her to stop her.

It’s Yu Tang’s day off so she plans to sleep more. But unfortunately for her Wen Kai has other plans. He wants to see and bother Yu Tang even on her day off. Early in the morning, Wen Kai installed a microphone on a car and announced everyone

Wen Kai:”Friends are for bothering. Zhong Yu Tang, make breakfast for me.”

Yu Tang ran after Wen Kai’s car while he was making the announcement the same way Wen Kai was running after Yu Tang’s bike when she announced that he wanted to confess to the girl he liked. She caught up with him when they arrived at the restaurant they used to eat as children. The owner of that restaurant is their friend Hai Di’s father. When they were in high school, Hai Di’s father used to compare their report cards and the one with worse grades used to pay for what they ate. This time, when they are adults, Wen Kai is the one that won, but still Yu Tang didn’t pay. After arguing with Wen Kai, Yu Tang left.

Yu Tang dragged Hai Di after her and went shopping. Because Yu Tang left her house in a hurry she didn’t took her wallet so Hai Di had to pay for everything. Returned at the house, Yu Tang finds her father and her brother all dressed up and ready to go. On that day they are supposed to go to the restaurant and celebrate Yu Tang’s promotion. Since she can’t disappoint her family, Yu Tang doesn’t say anything and goes to change her clothes. But someone is in their bathroom. It’s Wen Kai. He came by Yu Tang’s house and her father invited him to eat with them.

For Yu Tang’s family, Wen Kai is another member of their family. They go together to an expensive restaurant where Wen Kai orders the most expensive dish for everyone since Yu Tang is going to pay.

Yu Tang:”Ji Wen Kai, you wait and see. I will definitely impress you!”

Yu Tang has a meeting with a client. She goes to the meeting, with a pharmacy that commercializes the Mei Mei products, the once that Yu Tang’s company sell. She finds the products hidden on a shelf, in the back of the pharmacy at the shoe level of the clients. There is no way everyone could notice the Mei Mei products there. But things go from bad to worse when the pharmacy manager announced Yu Tang that they plan to remove the Mei Mei products from their pharmacy.

On her way back, the disappointed Yu Tang met Wen Kai. Seeing her so disappointed Wen Kai comforted her, but since he doesn’t want Yu Tang to know about his true feelings, Wen Kai returned to his coldest self soon. Wen Kai announced Yu Tang about the meeting he is going to held in 20 minutes and left without giving her a ride back to the office.

Wen Kai came to Yu Tang’s team. He showed everyone there that he knows what they do the whole day at the office and told them what he expects them to do in the next three months. If they won’t meet Wen Kai’s requirements in three months than all of them will be fired.

Yu Tang:”Don’t worry when the sky is falling down since there is definitely someone who will have to hold up.”

There is one last thing that Wen Kai has to announce the team. A new person will be joining them. He is Chen You Rui. But You Rui recognized Yu Tang. They know each other since they used to date.

You Rui:”She is my girlfriends.”

Wen Kai wasn’t expecting You Rui to be Yu Tang’s ex boyfriends so he is a little taken back. But he recovers soon from the shock when You Rui says that Yu Tang and him broke up two years ago. Of course Wen Kai isn’t pleased with You Rui following Yu Tang around.

On their way out Ai Sha and Wen Kai talk about You Rui, who is known to be a Casanova and Yu Tang. Ai Sha wouldn’t had guest that Yu Tang was one of You Rui’s girlfriends.

Wen Kai:”Everyone has their place in life.”

Meantime Yu Tang takes You Rui out and clarifies things with him. She is angry that You Rui tells everyone that they used to date. They didn’t actually date. One day Yu Tang was about to fell and You Rui caught her. The next day Yu Tang saw You Rui flirting with another girl and she never answered his calls again. So that was their love relationship.

You Rui:”I’ve already given my true heart. Peace and love.”

You Rui tries to flirt like 10 ten seconds with Yu Tang, but because she doesn’t get fools, You Rui decided to give up.

You Rui dragged Yu Tang after him to buy lunch for their coworkers. Of course they also bought what their coworkers personally needed. On their way back, Yu Tang and You Rui met Wen Kai. He doesn’t like Yu Tang hanging out with her ex boyfriend. Out of jealousy Wen Kai stops Yu Tang and scolds her for going on dates with her ex boyfriend during work hours.

Later, in the office, Yu Tang tries to find a way so that the pharmacy she visited earlier won’t remove the Mei Mei products. She asks her coworkers for her, but they are too busy leaving since it’s time to go home.

Ai Sha sees Yu Tang begging Jia Yin for help because Jia Yin was in charge of that pharmacy before, but Jia Yin is too worried about her son and wants to leave. Ai Sha intervened in Yu Tang’s favor, but that moment Jia Yin received a phone call saying that her son is in the hospital.

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