“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 8 ~ Hae Joon:”Let’s live together.”

Hae Joon proved that Kim Young Soo didn’t commit suicide and revealed that to all board directors, but Da Hye isn’t pleased. Unfortunately Da Hye doesn’t have enough money to pay the debts she was left with and plans to sell the house. Meantime Hong Nan uses the proves she got that Yi Yeon was framed to help Yi Yeon.

Episode 8

Hae Joon found prove that Kim Young Soo didn’t commit suicide and revealed everything in front of the board of directors and Da Hye. But Da Hye runs out of the meeting room crying. Hae Joon followed her and she gets angry with him.

Hong Nan posted online the recording with Yoo Hyuk admitting that his scandal with Song Yi Yeon was fabricated. Everyone now believes that the mastermind behind that scandal was Cha Jae Gook. Now Hong Nan and her team have to take care of Yoo Hyuk. He is in danger so they’ve brought him with them and they are hiding him. Later Hong Nan noticed that Seung Jae was really hurt in the battle so she takes care of him applying medicine on his wounds.

Hong Nan:”You have to survive no matter what happens.”

Personal thoughts: I can’t say that I’m a fan of Lee Min Jung, but I don’t dislike her either. Usually I like her characters, but here….Shin Da Hye is really annoying. First she is upset that her husband committed suicide and she doesn’t know why. Then, when it’s revealed that her husband didn’t commit suicide and she also finds out the reason he died, Da Hye gets angry with the person that did what she asked him too. She gets angry that she found out the reason her husband died…. Of course the truth won’t bring Young Soo back, but at least she knows what happened and Ha Na won’t be bullied at school for being the daughter of a man who committed suicide.

Since Da Hye is upset with him, Hae Joon went over to her house to apologize. When Hae Joon arrived, Da Hye and her family were in the middle of a memorial service for Young Soo. Finding out the truth made Young Soo’s family hug each other and cry in each other’s arms.

It’s also the 49th day since Han Gi Tak died too. So all the people that loved him, Yi Yeon, Seung Jae and Jae Gil, went to his grave together with Hong Nan.

Young Soo found the reason he died, but he doesn’t feel any better. No matter the reason behind his death, Young Soo is still dead and that fact can’t be changed. Ma Ya appears next to him. She consoles him for a while and then she wants Young Soo’s soul to move on since he resolved his grudge. Suddenly he sees Da Hye entering the department store and he follows her. From behind, Hae Joon hears Da Hye talking to her dead husband about her feelings, about who she feels after she lost him.

Young Soo:”I deserve to die!”

Da Hye:”I’m going to let you go now.”

Hearing how Da Hye felt, Young Soo has the impression that he was a burden in her life. Hae Joon is about to reveal Da Hye that inside Hae Joon’s body is actually Young Soo’s soul. But the time stopped and Ma Ya shows Young Soo what will happen if he breaks the rule. If Young Soo reveals his identity, his own existence will be erased, no one will remember him and Da Hye’s husband and Ha Na’s father will be Jung Ji Hoon.

Scared of what he just found out that will happen if he reveals himself, Hae Joon went to see Hong Nan. They talk about what happened to Hae Joon that day, what he heard Da Hye saying and Ma Ya’s working. Yi Yeon hears some part of their conversation and assumes that Hae Joon has love problems. She gives him an advice and even try to make him understand that he is more obsessed with the woman he loves than in loved with her.

Because he was so drunk, Hae Joon didn’t go to his own house. In the morning when he woke up, Hae Joon was sleeping with Kim Young Soo’s dog. He was cold and went inside the house, sat at the table and started to eat breakfast. Da Hye, Ha Na and the grandfather were all shocked. They didn’t understand how the stranger knew their house secret password. While Da Hye and her family were questioning Hae Joon, both Hae Joon and Da Hye received phone calls that were asking them to go to Cha Jae Gook.

Cha Jae Gook decided to admit that Kim Young Soo didn’t commit suicide and reveal to the public everything. But he won’t admit that Kim Young Soo’s death was and work related accident. The reason Da Hye was called to his office was for her to accept some money from Cha Jae Goo and don’t ever mention that Kim Young Soo died in a work related accident. But Da Hye refused to sign saying that those money aren’t enough. She leaves Cha Jae Gook office. Hae Joon follows her and encourages her to take the money since she needs them. Still Da Hye refused.

Da Hye:” How can I exchange a person’s life for money?”

Ji Hoon took Da Hye home and insisted that her should accept the money Cha Jae Gook is offering. But Da Hye doesn’t want to. She makes it clear why they broke up and that Young Soo was the one that took care of her after she and Ji Hoon broke up. She made is clear why they won’t be in a relationship again.

On the other team Hong Nan moved in with Yi Yeon and her son into Han Gi Tak’s house. From now on Yi Yeon will do anything, even be an extra in movies, to support her son. For that they have to make sure that Yi Yeon will be offered some jobs.

Hae Joon went over to Da Hye’s house. As soon as he arrived, Hae Joon saw some people who came to look at the house and the sign saying that Da Hye is selling the house. Hae Joon send the possible buyers home and joined forces with Ha Na and her grandfather to stop Da Hye from selling the house.

Hae Joon:”Let’s live together.”

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