“Back to 1989” ep 7 ~ Zhen Zhen:“Chen Che is my future husband!”

Zhen Zhen is in love with Chen Che, but she believes that Chen Che likes Ya Juan. She does all kind of stupid things to find out if Chen Che really likes Ya Juan. But in the end she asked him directly. Chen Che is taken back by Zhen Zhen’s question and realizes that he has to be careful of his behavior from now on.

Episode 7

Noticing how Chen Che treats Ya Juan, Zhen Zhen began to believe that Chen Che is attracted to her best friend. She avoids be around Chen Che and Ya Juan and goes to eat with Xiao Long. But when Zhen Zhen asks him if he ever liked someone and confessed, Xiao Long mentioned something that Ya Juan’s mother said. Because of that Zhen Zhen thinks that even her friend Xiao Long must like Ya Juan.

Meantime Jin Qin appeared. He is depressed and had been drinking. Jin Qin appeared only to come pick his guitar, but he still avoids Ya Juan. Zhong En advices Jin Qin to fight for Ya Juan if he really likes her or let her go. Chen Che heard the conversation between Jin Qin and Zhong En and began thinking more and more that Zhong En could be his father. Zhong En has allergies and Ya Juan’s mother so Chen Che sees Zhong En as a candidate to be his father.

Coming home, Zhen Zhen hears Chen Che talking to her brother. He is a teenager and has love problems. Zhen Zhen stopped on the stairs and heard Chen Che giving love advices to her brother, telling her brother what kind of women he likes and that he and Zhen Zhen are just friends.

Chen Che:”We are just friends.”

Zhen Zhen runs to her room when she realizes that Chen Che was always interested in Ya Juan. He protected her always, he took care of her, he was curious about her live and bought her shoes. Sad, Zhen Zhen feels that everyone likes Ya Juan, but no one likes her. While she was in her room depressed, Chen Che brings Zhen Zhen something to eat. She takes the food and tries to ask Chen Che is he likes Ya Juan, but she can’t bring herself to ask.

Zhen Zhen:”I like Chen Che. I’ve really fallen in love with him.”

Zhong En visited Ya Juan’s house. She forgot a book at his restaurant and he went to bring it to her. The one that answered the door was Ya Juan’s mother who was interested if Ya Juan and Jin Qin kept seeing each other since the day they all came to eat at Ya Juan’s house. Then she pushes Ya Juan towards Zhong En. But Zhong En, as a good friend, even if he likes her too, he told Ya Juan that Jin Qin reappeared. Unfortunately Ya Juan is disappointed that Jin Qin avoids her.

Zhen Zhen doesn’t know what to do so she writes a letter to send at a radio program to ask the host what she should do because the man she likes seems to like her best friend. She left early and went to the office to fax the letter. But the manager saw her and called her to his office. When Zhen Zhen came out of her manager’s office, everyone already was in the office. One of the coworkers saw the letter and read it out loud. Ya Juan saw that Zhen Zhen is nervous and realizes that the letter belongs to Zhen Zhen. To help Zhen Zhen, Ya Juan told everyone that the letter belongs to her. Later Ya Juan asked Zhen Zhen about the content of the letter. Hearing that Zhen Zhen believes that Chen Che likes her, Ya Juan encouraged Zhen Zhen to clarify thing with Chen Che.

Remembering a method she heard in college, Zhen Zhen peels apple at midnight to see in the mirror her future husband.  She peeled the apples, but out of excitement Zhen Zhen hit one of the candles that were next to her and the papers she put the apple peel caught fires. Scared she screams and calls Chen Che for help. Chen Che hears Zhen Zhen screaming and runs to her room where he puts out the fire.

Zhen Zhen:”Chen Che, do you like Ya Juan?”

Surprised by Zhen Zhen’s question, Chen Che explains her that he doesn’t like Ya Juan the way she things. Chen Che invented a story saying that he lived next door to Ya Juan when he was little and that is way he felt familiar with her. Then, without realizing, Chen Che gives Zhen Zhen a reason to be happy when he said that he would’ve helped he too if she was in Ya Juan’s place.

Returned to his room, Chen Che realizes that he has to be careful around Ya Juan because people could misunderstand his behavior just like Zhen Zhen did.

Chen Che appears in Zhen Zhen’s dreams. But when he was about to confess the feelings hidden in his hears, Zhen Zhen’s alarm started and she woke up. As soon as Zhen Zhen opened her eyes she remembered that she saw Chen Che’s face in the mirror the night before after she peeled the apples.

Zhen Zhen:“Chen Che is my future husband!”

Since there are a lot of apples peeled, Zhen Zhen put them on table for breakfast. Seeing all the apples, Guo An told everyone about the legend that girls believe in, that they would see their future husbands in the mirror if they peel the apples at midnight.  Embarrassed that she was discovered in front of Chen Che and because her parents scolded her for starting a fire, Zhen Zhen leaves for work. Arrived at work, Zhen Zhen talks to Ya Juan about what happened the night before. She was excited that man in the mirror was Chen Che. While they were talking a coworker heard them and gave Zhen Zhen some love advices. She told Zhen Zhen what she should pay attention too before confessing so her confession won’t fail.

To thank him for his help, Ya Juan prepared some coffee for Chen Che. They talk and the discussion reached to Chen Che’s relationship with his parents. He became sad and told Ya Juan that his mother was never pleased with him. All his life, Chen Che believed that his mother hated him. She hardly smiled at him. She always treated him with indifference or anger. In order to please his mother and get her attention, Chen Che always placed first in tests or competitions. Still she never complimented him. Because of that Chen Che even thought that Ya Juan regretted giving birth to him. Without knowing that the mother Chen Che was talking about is herself, Ya Juan comforted Chen Che and explained him that his mother loved him if she decided to give birth to him and raise him.  Ya Juan explained Chen Che that maybe his mother had some hardships and she finds it hard to express her feelings.

Chen Che:”I always believed my mother hated me. Even though you don’t know that it’s me, I’m really…really…really happy.”

Chen Che invited Ya Juan, Zhen Zhen and Xiao Long to dinner. They all went to Zhong En’s restaurant, but because Jin Qin isn’t there, no one is singing. Zhen Zhen proposed Chen Che as a singer and everyone was mesmerized by Chen Che’s voice.

Later on their way home, Zhen Zhen keeps asking Chen Che if he has a girlfriend.

Zhen Zhen:” If you understand this type of stuff so well, then can you tell who I like?”

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