“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 9 ~ Hae Joon:”Can’t I like you?”

Hae Joon moved in with Da Hye and her family, but when he tried to confess he managed to hurt her back. Because Da Hye is hurt, Hae Joon does the cooking. Unfortunately he isn’t a good cook so he called Hong Nan, who came accompanied by Seung Jae, Yi Yeon and Young Chan.While spending some time there, Seung Jae sees Hae Joon and Hong Nan hugging each other and became jealous. At nigh when they were home, Seung Jae couldn’t forget the hug between Hong Nan and Hae Joon and started to act accordingly. But something good came from that meeting. Yi Yeon and Da Hye got closer and became friends.

Episode 9

Hae Joon went to Da Hye’s house and was shocked to find out that Da Hye plans to sell the house because she can’t afford to pay the debts. He makes a plan with Ha Na and her grandfather and when Da Hye arrives home, Hae Joon proposes to life together.  While trying to convince Da Hye,  Hae Joon said that is he will be satisfied with their living together he ask less money from Da Hye or he can give her bonuses. With Ha Na’s help, Hae Joon proposal was accepted.

Hae Joon:”Please threat me like family.”

Later Hae Joon sees that Da Hye struggles to put some dishes on a higher shelf which she can’t seem to reach and helps her. Then he pays her in advance two month of rent so Da Hye could pay her debts and keep her house.

In the morning Da Hye comes to wake Hae Joon, but Young Soo forgot that he is death and uses a different body so he hugs Da Hye. Surprised Da Hye beats him up with the pillow. At breakfast Hae Joon gets angry because Da Hye woke up really early to prepare a feast while he asked her to treat him like family.

Hong Nan and Yi Yeon arrived at Sun Jin department store in the morning for a shoot that Hae Joon allowed.

Walking around the department store, Hae Joon decided that it’s time for the store attendants to take a break. He let the woman who has back problems sit and gave them all snacks. All of those things that the store attendants aren’t allowed to do, Hae Joon allowed them.

At lunch time, Hae Joon took Da Hye out. They had lunch together. Returned at the department store, Hae Joon visited the shooting in which Yi Yeon was casted for a small role. He met Hong Nan and told her, happily, about his lunch with Da Hye. Seung Jae saw Hong Nan and Hae Joon being in a close relationship and didn’t actually like that. He seems to like Hong Nan, but he didn’t confess yet.

The shooting started and the lead actress is trying to get Yi Yeon in a bad light. But Hong Nan disturbed the filming by putting more light on Yi Yeon and encouraging her. Getting her courage lifted by Hong Nan, Yi Yeon couldn’t be influenced anymore by the lead actress’s harsh words. She played her role with confidence and captivated everyone there from the lead actor to the filming crew. Everyone had their eyes on Yi Yeon, admiring her beauty and self confidence.

Hae Joon returned to work and sees Da Hye with Ji Hoon. He goes over and disturbs them. Hae Joon reveals in front of Ji Hoon that he and Da Hye live together. Embarrassed, Da Hye takes Hae Joon with her and scolds him. She doesn’t want anyone to know that she and Hae Joon live in the same house, nor she wants Hae Joon to mess with her. After putting Hae Joon in his place, Da Hye was worried that Hae Joon might fire her. While running away from Hae Joon, Da Hye broke her heel.

Ji Hoon was next to Da Hye when her heel broke and held her so she won’t fell. Later he brought her new shoes. When Ji Hoon helped Da Hye wear her new shoes, Hae Joon happened to see them together. Angry, Hae Joon left before hearing Da Hye rejecting Ji Hoon’s love confession again and returning the shoes to him. But encouraged by Hong Nan, Hae Joon returned. He goes to Da Hye telling her that he won’t wait anymore for her to give him a chance. He wanted to kiss Da Hye, but he actually hurt her.

Hae Joon:”I’m not going to wait for you to give me a chance.”

The next morning, when Da Hye woke up, the whole house was filed with an army of people to cook, clean and install a massage chair. Hae Joon thought that by doing that Da Hye wound be happy, but she got angry and the strangers had to leave.

Since Da Hye hurt her back because of him, Hae Joon offered to cook, but he isn’t that good in the kitchen and ruined everything. Meantime Hong Nan wanted to box with someone, but Seung Jae was busy folding laundry. She only got Seung Jae’s attention when Hae Joon called for help.

Seung Jae didn’t know how to stop Hong Nan from running over to help Hae Joon, but luckily Yi Yeon heard the conversation and offered to accompany Hong Nan. That was the perfect chance for Seung Jae to go as well.

While Ha Na was playing with Young Chan and Seung Jae was with the grandfather, Hong Nan cooked for the family. Yi Yeon, Da Hye and Hae Joon are impressed by Hong Nan’s skills that are similar to those of a chef.

Ha Na was showing Young Chan something at the computer when she found her father’s adult videos under a folder with the name of a bird. She asks her mother what that bird is and hearing that name Hong Nan and Hae Joon runs inside because they realized what that folder was about. Da Hye didn’t hear Ha Na since she was in the bathroom. But when she wanted to go to Ha Na’s room, Seung Jae and Yi Yeon stopped her. Noises start be heard from inside the room and Seung Jae and Yi Yeon begin imitating those noises so Da Hye won’t realize what was going on inside that room.

When the door was finally opened everyone saw Hae Joon and Hong Nan hugging each other. They were actually hugging each other because Hong Nan was sad that Hae Joon deleted the adult videos without mailing them to her. Since he returned after death in a woman’s body, Han Gi Tak has doubts regarding his sexual identity. Seeing those two hugging and misunderstanding the situation, Da Hye and Seung Jae are jealous and leave.

The food is ready and everyone eat together as a family. Hae Joon and Hong Nan look at their loved once eating together, smiling like a big happy family. Seung Jae also smiles happy. It’s his first time being part of a family and Ha Na’s grandfather seems to like him and offers him food.

After the quests lefts, Hae Joon and Da Hye went out for drinks. While drinking and talking, Hae Joon finds out that everything he knew about Da Hye when he was Kim Young Soo was a lie. During the 10 years they were together, Da Hye matched herself to what Young Soo liked.  Since he is there alone with Da Hye, Hae Joon continues with what he tries to say the night he broke her back and confessed.

Hae Joon:”Can’t I like you?”

Later Seung Jae helps Hong Nan to box. But remembering how he saw her in Hae Joon’s arms, Seung Jae hits her slightly with his boxing gloves.  Meantime the real Lee Hae Joon is trying hard to survive on the deserted island Ma Ya put him.

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