“Refresh Man” ep 3 ~ Yu Tang:”As long as you can sell the product, any method is fine.”

Yu Tang tries everything she can to sell and save Mei Mei products, but she can’t get any result. In the end she asks Wen Kai for help. Since she couldn’t ask him for help while she was on her right mind, Yu Tang got drunk. The next day, her training with Wen Kai started. But the training wasn’t the way she thought. Wen Kai made Yu Tang clean his swimming pool and sell the products on the street. While trying to sell her products on her own, Yu Tang started flirting with the possible buyers. Wen Kai saw her and got furious.

Episode 3

Yu Tang begs Jia Yin to help her convince the pharmacy to not terminate the contract for Mei Mei’s products. But Jin Yin received a phone call saying that her son was admitted to the hospital. Jia Yin and Yu Tang ran to the hospital. While taking care of the papers at the hospital for the baby, Yu Tang hears Jia Yin fighting with her ex-husband. The ex-husband wasn’t their son’s custody and if sales team 3 will be terminated he will have the advantage in the custody battle.

The next day Jia Yin helped Yu Tang meet one of the pharmacy directors, but the meeting didn’t go well. But Yu Tang can’t give up so easily so she went to see a higher up, director Cai, from that pharmacy. While Yu Tang was trying hard to get a meeting with director Cai, Wen Kai and Ai Sha were already talking to him. Yu Tang’s company has a new product, a revitalizing mask, and wants to sell it exclusively to that pharmacy to not lose them as clients. During their discussion, Wen Kai made sure that director Cai will agree to meet with Yu Tang is she will ask for a meeting.

On his way out Wen Kai saw Yu Tang trying to sneak in into director Cai’s office and scolded her. After Wen Kai left, Yu Tang found out that on his meeting with director Cai, Wen Kai never brought up Mei Mei products so she gets angry. She sees Wen Kai’s car and stops the car by jumping in front of it suddenly. When the car stopped, Yu Tang fell. Worried Wen Kai runs to see if Yu Tang is alright and sees her unconscious on the ground. He goes to her scared, but soon realizes that Yu Tang was just pretending.

Yu Tang:”You cold blooded person, actually have some compassion.”

They fight in the middle of the street and Wen Kai threatens Yu Tang with firing her and the whole sales team 3.

Yu Tang got drunk and went to Wen Kai’s house. She wanted to ask for his help with Mei Mei products and save sales team 3, but she threw up on him. Wen Kai takes the drunk, Yu Tang to the shower to wake her up a little. Seeing herself wet in Wen Kai’s bathroom, Yu Tang made a scene thinking that Wen Kai could do something to her.

Wen Kai:”You really think that I want to do something to you? I just want to clean the drunk that threw up all over me.”

Wen Kai borrowed some clothes for her to wear. Then he gave her a patch for her injury after she jumped in front of his car that day. But Yu Tang’s head is full of ideas and doesn’t know what Wen Kai wants from her. She got up, but Wen Kai is stronger and held her down.

Wen Kai:”If you scream, I’ll cover your mouth.”

Yu Tang:”If your hand and feet are holding me down, what are you going to use to cover my mouth?”

Wen Kai put the patch on Yu Tang’s knee and send her home. Then he sent her a text to come next day early in the morning at his house for him to train her and save Mei Mei products.

At 6 AM, Yu Tang showed up at Wen Kai’s door step to start her training. She went in and Wen Kai made her clean his swimming pool. While she was cleaning the pool, Wen Kai was resting. He tasted his orange juice and made Yu Tang make another one for him because that one has to much water. Then Yu Tang had to bring him a new book, he had already read the one from his hand, and a new magazine.

Later Wen Kai brought Yu Tang out and told her to sell some Mei Mei products on the street for four times the price. People stop, but when they hear the price they don’t buy. Suddenly a man stopped wanting to buy some products from Yu Tang, but that moment Wen Kai grabbed her hand and run away. It’s illegal to sell on the street in Taiwan and the police was coming. Wen Kai and Yu Tang are chased by two policemen. Luckily they were able to hid and get away.

On her way home, Yu Tang is depressed. She doesn’t know how to save the Mei Mei products and Wen Kai doesn’t seem to help her that much. But then Hai Di called her. At the restaurant where Hai Di works are some rich people eating and Yu Tang might convince them to buy some of her products.

Yu Tang arrived at the restaurant with her Mei Mei products and sits at the table with the rich men. She tries to sell her products, but they aren’t interested in buying an old soup that they were using as children. In that restaurant Wen Kai had a business meeting. When he heard Yu Tang’s voice, Wen Kai was unable o concentrate on his dinner.

Yu Tang is determined to make that man buy her products and sell them in his department store. In order to convince him to buy, Yu Tang goes to the bathroom. She puts more makeup on, she arranges her hair, she raises her skirt to be shorter and shows more cleavage.

Yu Tang:”As long as you can sell the product, any method is fine.”

Decided to sell everything, Yu Tang returned to the table. Seeing her sexy like that, all the rich men from the table can’t take their eyes off her and took out their credit cards to buy her products. But the one that promised Yu Tang that if she will convince him, he will sell Mei Mei products in his department store, wants more. He wants Yu Tang to kiss him. Yu Tang is taken back. She doesn’t know what to do, but then Wen Kai appeared. He grabs Yu Tang’s hand and drags her out.

Wen Kai:”Were you selling sex or selling products just now? You are just insulting yourself like this.”

Wen Kai’s jealousy made his blood boil when he saw Yu Tang flirting with those men. He covers her with his jacket and they start fighting. He accused her of selling herself in order to sell the products she has to sell. Insulted, Yu Tang starts crying. She takes off Wen Kai’s jacket, turns her back on Wen Kai and leaves.

Wen Kai goes home angry. He regrets all the harsh words he said to Yu Tang earlier. But he wants her to train her to become stronger than she is, to throw her pride away and become a better and stronger woman. The only thing Wen Kai doesn’t want is for Yu Tang to ruin herself in the process.

“The one who works overtime is dumb. The one who takes the blame is a bastard. You can’t strike it rich just by putting your all into something.”

In the morning Yu Tang leaves her house and goes to the bank where she drawn all her money from her account.  Meantime Wen Kai can’t stop thinking about Yu Tang so he is unable to concentrate on his work. He goes to Yu Tang’s office, but she isn’t there yet. She comes in right after Wen Kai saying that she doesn’t need Wen Kai’s training because the pharmacy decided to renew the contract with them for Mei Mei products.

In order to find out what happened Wen Kai called director Cai and found out that they decided to renew the contract because someone bought a large amount of Mei Mei products that morning.

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