“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 10 ~ Hae Joon:”I’ve missed you!”

Hae Joon gets closer and closer to Da Hye’s heart. But an unexpected thing happened, something that the real Lee Hae Joon did and Hae Joon and Hong Nan struggle to protect the department store.Meantime Seung Jae finds a picture with Han Gi Tak and his younger brother and questions Hong Nan about it. She managed to invent a lie for Seung Jae. But the same time Ji Hoon was looking into Han Gi Tak, holding a picture of Han Gi Tak’s younger brother.

Episode 10

After their gusts left, Da Hye and Hae went to get some drinks. There Hae Joon confessed that he likes Da Hye. She was surprised at first, but then she didn’t believe him. Da Hye believes that Hae Joon is confused. He only thinks that he likes her because he needs someone by his side. Insisting that he isn’t confused, but he really likes her, Hae Joon proposed Da Hye to try dating.

Hae Joon:”Let’s date!”

That night, Hae Joon gave Da Hye a new pair of shoes instead of the ones she broke the other day. But Da Hye didn’t want to wear them. In the morning, when Da Hye wanted to go to work, all her shoes were gone. So in the end Da Hye had no choice but to wear the shoes Hae Joon gave her.

Meantime Hong Nan sees Seung Jae getting beaten by Na Suk Chul. To save Seung Jae, Hong Nan told Suk Chul that she is Han Gi Tak’s sister and she gave for Han Gi Tak’s money. If Suk Chul helps her bring Yi Yeon to the top and then make her fall, Hong Nan offers to share the money with Suk Chul. In order to get all the money he can, Suk Chul decided to pay double sides, to pretend he is on both Cha Jae Gook’s and Hong Nan’s side. No matter who will win the batter, Suk Chul still gets some money.

At the department store, Hae Joon encountered troubles. A document with his signature was handed to him by Cha Jae Gook. In that document Hae Joon agreed to fire 50% of the department store employees. After talking to Ma Ya, Hae Joon found out that the document was signed by the real Lee Hae Joon a long time ago.

Hae Joon is angry with Ji Hoon and wants to beat him so at lunch Hae Joon called all the employees on the rooftop. There he had installed a boxing ring and told everyone that he will sacrifice his body for the employees to remove all their stress. The first person Hae Joon chose for the match was Ji Hoon. Unfortunately for Hae Joon, he was completely beaten up by Ji Hoon and by a woman employee.

While Hae Joon was beaten up, Hong Nan accompanied Yi Yeon for her shooting. After making all the extras wait for hours, the shooting was canceled. On their way out, Yi Yeon and Hong Nan hear from two students that they were exploited by the company that was supposed to shoot that day. Both Hong Nan and Yi Yeon step in and forced the company director to pay his part timers.

Hae Joon called Da Hye to the lounge. He let her sit and washed her hurt legs. While he was washing her legs, their conversation went towards Kim Young Soo again. Da Hye thinks about quitting her job at the department store several times a day, but because her husband, Young Soo, devoted his live to the department store she can’t leave. Finding out that, Hae Joon decided to protect the department store so Da Hye could continue to work there.

Hae Joon:”I’ll protect you!”

The following days, Hae Joon and Hong Nan went to the gym to train and worked late to find a way to save the department store and ruin Cha Jae Gook. Da Hye brought Hae Joon some food and new clothes, but she was embarrassed when she saw that Hong Nan was there too. After Da Hye left, Gi Tak told Young Soo his sad story with Yi Yeon. To comfort Gi Tak, Young Soo put his arm around him. That moment Seung Jae came in with more food and saw Hae Joon hugging Hong Nan and smiling at each other. Seung Jae was also really tired, like his life was being dragged out of him. Without reason Seung Jae was really tired. But Hae Joon and Hong Nan know the reason. Ma Ya was on Seung Jae’s back.

Hae Joon works hard. He barely goes home and during works hours he completely ignores Da Hye at work. While he has a little spare time, he goes to Ha Na’s school, where he helps the children to cross the street, gives Ha Na something to eat and he also gave her some concert tickets.

After few days, Hae Joon comes home extremely tired. He sees Da Hye and leans his head on her shoulder the way Young Soo was doing. Then he wanted to kiss Da Hye, but she runs away to the room.

Hae Joon:”I’ve missed you!”

At the board of directors meeting, Hae Joon tells everyone his way of saving the department store. When she protected the part timers, Yi Yeon was filmed by the students she defended. The video was posted online and Yi Yeon is admired by everyone. Hae Joon proposed to use Yi Yeon as the model for their department store. Her recently good imagine and the fact that she is Cha Jae Gook’s ex wife could be of great use. They can show the public that Yi Yeon and Jae Gook are still friends even after divorce for the good of their child.

During the meeting, Seung Jae questioned Hong Nan. Young Chan found a picture with Gi Tak and his younger picture. Now Seung Jae wants to know who really Hong Nan is. To pass the critical situation, Hong Nan acted all cute in front of Seung Jae. Later Hong Nan tells Hae Joon about Han Gi Tak’s younger brother. The same time Jung Ji Hoon was looking into Han Gi Tak because Ji Hoon could be Han Gi Tak’s younger brother.

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