“Back to 1989” ep 8 ~ Chen Che:”If he is my father, I’d rather not be born.”

Jin Qin reappeared and found out that Ya Juan went on a blind date. He went there and ruined Ya Juan’s blind date, but Ya Juan got angry with him. Chen Che was also there and saw and heard everything. But good news came towards Chen Che too. His grandfather is back and they’ve met.

Episode 8

Zhen Zhen and Chen Che walk home. While talking, Chen Che tells Zhen Zhen that Xiao Long likes her, he can see this type of things clearly. Since Chen Che sees those type of things clearly, Zhen Zhen wants to know if Chen Che could also see who she likes and she asked him. But Chen Che pretends that he doesn’t know.

Chen Che:”Ye Zhen Zhen…are you really sure that you like me?”

On Sunday, Zhong En and Xiao Long met Jin Qin and played basketball. When Jin Qin asked about Ya Juan, Zhong En took the chance and told Jin Qin that Ya Juan is going on a blind date. Hearing that, Jin Qin runs over to get Ya Juan away from her blind date.

Chen Che hears Zhen Zhen talking with Ya Juan on the phone and finds out about Ya Juan’s blind date. When Zhen Zhen tells him that Ya Juan is forced to go on that blind date, Chen Che decided to help Ya Juan ruin her date. Both Chen Che and Zhen Zhen went to the same restaurant where Ya Juan has her blind date and observed what kind of person David is.

Chen Che:”If he is my father, I’d rather not be born.”

Ya Juan is really uncomfortable. She just wants to leave, but she can’t disobey her mother. Suddenly David holds her hand and doesn’t let go. Chen Che has the intention to get up and go help Ya Juan, but that moment Jin Qin appeared. He took Ya Juan out and they had a fight. Ya Juan is still upset and disappointed with Jin Qin for his sudden disappearance.

While Ya Juan was arguing with Jin Qin outside, Chen Che had a conversation with David. He made sure to send David away and not let David take advantage of his mother.

Chen Che:”As long as I’m here, no one can take advantage of her.”

Later, after Ya Juan left, Chen Che encouraged in his own manner Li Jin Qin to fight for Ya Juan and show everyone that he likes her.

After all that happened that day, Jin Qin decided that he can’t disappear because he feels insecure. He decided to fight for Ya Juan so Jin Qin will graduate earlier and has plans to become an engineer with a stable financial income. Than Ya Juan’s mother won’t oppose them.

Happy, Ya Juan calls Zhen Zhen. Hearing the decision Jin Qin took, Chen Che is happy. Chen Che’s happiness regarding Jin Qin and Ya Juan’s relationship makes Zhen Zhen wonder. He recently met both Ya Juan and Jin Qin and barely knows them so why is he happy as he would know them from a long time ago. While Zhen Zhen and Chen Che were talking, Zhen Zhen’s mother sent Zhen Zhen to the store. Since she has a lot of things to buy, Zhen Zhen took Chen Che with her to help her carry the bags. They went together at the store and on their way back, Chen Che carried all the bags. The lady from the store had the impression that Chen Che and Zhen Zhen are newlyweds. Hearing from that lady that they seem to be in love, Zhen Zhen couldn’t be happier so she smiles all the way home.

Chen Che:”I’m a super warm person.”

In the middle of their way home, Zhen Zhen remembered that she forgot something at the store. Chen Che gets angry and scolds her, but Zhen Zhen keeps smiling and jumping around happily. He hands over the soy souse that her mother needs and sends Zhen Zhen home. Meantime Chen Che returns to the store.  But on his way to the store, Chen Che hears his grandfather’s voice. Excited, Chen Che went over and talked to his grandfather. He also managed to get invited to professor Chen’s laboratory. Chen Che wanted to tell his grandfather who he really is, but he was afraid that professor Chen will think that he is crazy. So Chen Che introduced himself as professor Chen’s big fan.

Chen Che:”Grandpa came back. Maybe he can explain why I came back in 1989.”

When Chen Che finally arrived home, Zhen Zhen was angry. She was furious because Chen Che was late and she thought that something might have happened to him. Zhen Zhen scolded him for being late and not announcing that he will come home late.

Early in the morning, Chen Che went to his grandfather’s office. They talked about time travel, but unfortunately professor Chen doesn’t think it’s possible. But Chen Che found out one thing. There was a geomagnetic storm that could’ve intercept future phone calls with past phone calls.

Disappointed that he didn’t get the answer he was hoping to get, which is the possibility to return to the future, Chen Che goes to work. There Zhen Zhen was waiting him with a pager. So she won’t be worried about him if he is late, Zhen Zhen gave Chen Che her father’s old pager. She also woke up early in the morning to prepare Chen Che lunch. The lunch looked better than Chen Che expected, but it was way too salty.

After work everyone met at Zhong En’s restaurant. It’s the last night Jin Qin will sing there since he made up his mind to become the man Ya Juan’s mother wants for her daughter. While being there, Chen Che and Ya Juan found out that Zhong En encouraged Jin Qin to find Ya Juan on the day she had her blind date with David.

Chen Che:”He…probably isn’t my dad.”


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