“Refresh Man” ep 4 ~ Wen Kai:”We are going wherever I want to go.”

Yu Tang found out what problems her father has. After his wife died, Yu Tang’s father borrowed some money that now has to return or he will lose his house and family business. Wen Kai also found out about that and paid the debts becoming Yu Tang’s family new creditor. To repay Wen Kai, Yu Tang becomes his new slave.

Episode 4

Yu Han called his sister to come urgently home. Their father’s creditor came by and made a scandal. After Yu Tang’s mother passed away, the family business didn’t do so well so Yu Tang’s father had to borrow some money that now he has to return. It’s the exact amount of money Yu Tang used to save Mei Mei products, but now she is broke and can’t help her family at all.

Wen Kai also arrived there while the creditor was making a scene, but he hid and didn’t let Yu Tang and her family know that he heard everything. He took Yu Tang back to the company. On the way, Wen Kai tried to make Yu Tang feel better, but she was too upset. As last resort to make Yu Tang feel a little better, Wen Kai turned his car and drove to Hai Di’s family restaurant.

Wen Kai:”We are going wherever I want to go.”

Pretending that he doesn’t know anything about her family problems, Wen Kai treats her to desert. While eating, Yu Tang starts crying. But then Wen Kai received a text and realized who Yu Tang was able to save the Mei Mei products. She used all her money to buy a large amount of products that she donated to an orphanage in the company’s name.

Yu Tang:”I’m an idiot who thinks highly of herself.”

Because Yu Tang is upset and crying, Wen Kai allows her to stay home for the day. He asked her what happened at home, but because Yu Tang didn’t told him, Wen Kai keeps pretending to not know.

The next day at work, Wen Kai helped Yu Tang get someone on her side to help her save sales team 3. He told Jia Yin that Yu Tang renewed the contract with the pharmacy and saved the Mei Mei products by using her own money to buy and donate those products. Now Jia Yin feels sorry for what Yu Tang did for her and will help Yu Tang save sales team 3.

Wen Kai paid Yu Tang’s family debts and became their new creditor. Now Yu Tang has to repay Wen Kai, but her paycheck is a lot smaller since she was demoted to sales team 3. Early in the morning she goes to Wen Kai’s house. She follows him around while trying to convince him that she is sincere when she said that she will repay him. To prove her sincerity, Yu Tang washes Wen Kai’s dishes and offers to clean his house until she will have enough money to repay the debt. Without knowing Yu Tang did exactly what Wen Kai wanted her to do. Everything goes accordingly to Wen Kai’s plan.

Yu Tang:”Treat hardships as a benefit that can help you, otherwise how are you going to comfort yourself? “

Yu Tang comes every morning to clean and cook for Wen Kai. Every time she does a good work that satisfies him, Wen Kai will give her a puzzle piece. When Yu Tang will collect five hundred puzzle pieces she can consider her debt paid. Hearing that Yu Tang thinks it’s easy, but Wen Kai isn’t easily satisfied. He gives her a hard time, he makes her make his bed, then change the sheets. Wen Kai makes Yu Tang chose his shirts, but he isn’t satisfied and chose another one. Then he makes Yu Tang iron his jacket. But wearing the jacket that Yu Tang ironed for him, makes Wen Kai smile the whole day.

Wen Kai can’t let Yu Tang rest on her day off, he has to see her and spend some time with her on that day to so he calls her over to clean. She cleans the house and Wen Kai checks on her using a magnifying glass. Since she cleaned well, Wen Kai gave her a puzzle piece. Then it’s time to read. He handed Yu Tang a book to read and after that he tested her.

“ The most important thing isn’t the condition we are in today, but what direction we’re heading.”

Later, Wen Kai doesn’t like the bed sheet with flowers that Yu Tang chose. He wants to get back from her the puzzle pieces he gave her that day. They chase each other, but suddenly Yu Tang is about to fall. Wen Kai pulls the bed sheet to catch Yu Tang and both of them fell on the bed. On that moment Ai Sha came in because she needed Wen Kai’s signature on some documents.

When Ai Sha left, she offered to give Yu Tang a ride home. But when they were close to Yu Tang’s house, Wen Kai called Yu Tang back because he wanted Yu Tang to go with him to buy new bed sheets. For the puzzle pieces she collects, Yu Tang had to return.

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