“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 1 ~ Da Jung:”An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

Ok Da Jung is a successful career woman who has been divorced three times. She is the youngest team leader member of a cosmetic industry, where she is known for intimidating others with her quick temper. Contrary to Da Jung, Nam Jung Gi is a sweet and charming new chief. His biggest ability is to ignite Da Jung’s temper every time they meet.


Lee Yo Won                 as     Ok Da Jung

Yoon Sang Hyun          as     Nam Jung Gi

Hwang Chan Sung        as     Nam Bong Gi

Episode 1

Nam Jung Gi is a timid man, who can be considered a pushover. He does his work and refuses to get involved in higher positions that include higher responsibility. But when his promotion is stolen by his junior he is upset. Of course he considers himself a peaceful man and doesn’t complain. Jung Gi bows his head and serves his junior. When his junior is arrested, Jung Gi is given the chance to get the promotion he missed the first time. He asks his coworkers to help him with the presentation, but all of them invented all kind of excuses and went home.

In the middle of the night, Jung Gi went home, where he realized that as the head of his family he can’t give up easily. He works the whole night for his presentation and in the morning a commotion wakes him up. The moving company mistook Jung Gi’s family apartment with the next door one. After the things got cleared, Jung Gi tries to leave his house and hurries to the important meeting he had that morning. But there are boxes blocking his door. With his father’s help, Jung Gi managed to squeeze out of the house, even to fall. He rushes to the meeting and on his was someone bumped into him and his bag in about to fall. Afraid that his laptop and the sample of his products will be damaged, Jung Gi jumped and caught the bag.

Jung Gi barely managed to arrive on time at the meeting with the representative of Gold Chemicals. He and his coworkers follow a woman to the meeting room and ask her to give them coffee. That woman was actually Ok Da Jung, the Gold Chemicals representative. She is the total opposite to Jung Gi. Da Jung is a really bad temper woman.

Because the presentation didn’t go well, Jung Gi’s superior pushes Jung Gi to continue insisting on Da Jung. When he was pushed, Jung Gi’s name tag tangled around Da Jung’s. The moment Jung Gi pulled his name tag back, Da Jung’s shirt buttons ripped.

Even if he worked hard for that presentation, because it failed, Jung Gi is being blamed. He is told to resign his job.

On his way home, Jung Gi sees a shirt similar to the one Da Jung was wearing. He buys it and goes to give it to Da Jung as an apology. But Da Jung wants more. She ripped his shirt buttons and humiliated him in front of all the people who were around.

Da Jung:”An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

While Jung Gi was facing all kinds of problems, his younger brother, Bong Gi, who recently got his driver’s license, stole Jung Gi’s car to drive around and impress girls. Later he goes to see Jung Gi because the car was towed. Of course Jung Gi had to pay the fine to get his car back.

Because he is the head of his family, Jung Gi decided to try one more time. He sends Da Jung a text asking for another chance and Da Jung, who had a chance to try his products, accepted. She called him to her hotel room. But there are some rumors hanging around Da Jung and those rumors made Jung Gi thinks that she asked him there for sexual purpose, not for business.

Arrived at Da Jung’s room, Jung Gi follows the rumors he heard and starts taking off his clothes. When Da Jung sees him, she gets angry and throws him out. Realizing his mistake, Jung Gi tries it one more time. He goes to Da Jung with a presentation, but she is too angry to listen to him. Since he doesn’t have any more chances, Jung Gi had to give in and summit his resignation. Then Jung Gi goes home. He sees his son, Woo Joo, watching other children playing because Woo Joo’s new bike disappeared the day the new neighbor moved in. They go up and they see a poster in wich the owner of the bike was asked to get it from apartment 902. Angry Jung Gi knocked the door to get the bike and vent his anger of his new next door neighbor. But unfortunately for him, the new neighbor is Ok Da Jung.

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