“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 2 ~ Da Jung:”Find someone else to clean up after your shit.”

Jung Gi struggles for a few days, but luckily he got his job back and Da Jung’s company is interested in buying his products. But the day they were supposed to sign the contract, Da Jung ripped the contract, she couldn’t accept what her superior intended to do. The night she ripped the contract, Da Jung’s car was scratched. She looked at the black box and saw the owner of the car that scratched hers. Because the one she believes to be the culprit doesn’t admit what he did, Da Jung quit her job and went to Jung Gi’s company.

Episode 2

Jung Gi comes home and meets his son looking at other children playing and riding their bikes. They go upstairs and see a note that their new neighbor has Woo Joo’s bike. Jung Gi wants to get the bike back in a cool manner in front of his son, but he can’t do that. The new neighbor is no other than the vicious woman Ok Da Jung. In return of his son’s bike, Jung Gi has to pay the compensation money Da Jung asked him.

He goes inside to think of a solution, but Woo Joo keeps asking for his bike and Bong Gi asks for money. Since he needs money desperately, Jung Gi goes to see his former boss to get his job back, but he couldn’t open his mouth to ask what he wanted to ask. Pushed from all parts, Jung Gi retired some money from the back and went to pay Da Jung. She took the money for her lamp that broke, and gave Jung Gi the number of the person from the moving company that hurt himself when he tripped on Woo Joo’s bike. As if his situation wasn’t bad enough, the bank called him back and announced that the conditions for him to repay the money changed since he is unemployed now.

Until Jung Gi repays his debts and get the bike back, Da Jung allows Woo Joo for ride it for a few minutes every day.  Meantime Jung Gi overworks himself with every little thing he can find for work. One night, Jung Gi finds his former boss waiting for him in front of his building. Jo Dong Gyoo realizes how much Jung Gi was working now that he isn’t there and has the impression that a big company is scouting him so he came to get Jung Gi back. They went to eat and drink somewhere close. This time the table turned and Dong Gyoo is the one that does everything Jung Gi wants.

Jung Gi:”I’m just too nice for my own good.”

Happy that he got his old job back, Jung Gi packed some samples and is on his way to have a meeting with the company that contacted him the other day. While he was on his way, Da Jung called him. She is interested in signing a contract with his company for the latest product they’ve developed. After Jung Gi left, Da Jung went with the contract to her superior and was surprised to discover that her superior plans to release Jung Gi’s product as their own.

As her superior wanted her to, Da Jung went to Lovely Cosmetic and told Jung Gi and his superior that her company wants Lovely to give them the rights of the product they’ve talked about.  Then she goes home where she sees Woo Joo looking at the other children playing. She feels sorry for the child and offers him 15 minutes of riding the bike, but Woo Joo refuses. Woo Joo told Da Jung that his father works 7 days a week to get his bike back so he will wait until then. Hearing that Jung Gi works so much, Da Jung paid a visit to the moving company. There she discovered that one of the people that helped her move into her new apartment pretends to have broken his arm in order to make Jung Gi pay his medical bills and work for him.

Since they are a small company that has to survive, Jung Gi and his superior accepted the terms and conditions Gold Chemicals put. They’ve agreed to give up the legal rights to Gold Chemicals for the serum they’ve developed. On the day that the contract had to be signed, Jung Gi and Dong Gyoo reserved a room at the restaurant that the Gold Chemicals president likes. Of course they are supposed to pay too.

During the diner, Da Jung was expecting Jung Gi to refuse signing that contract, but he has no choice but to pretend that he agrees and is okay with giving away all his hard work. When Da Jung superior got drunk, he signed the contract. But Da Jung can’t agree with that contract. She takes the contract and rips it. Then she leaves.

Da Jung:”Find someone else to clean up after your shit.”

In the morning, Jung Gi wakes up to go for his second job at the moving company. He is surprised that he is holding a crayon, but he doesn’t have time to think about it. In a hurry, Jung Gi leaves his house, but he doesn’t remember where he parked his car the night before. He sees Da Jung and notices that her car is scratched.

After Da Jung visited the moving company the other day, the man from that company doesn’t pretend to be hurt to take advantage of Jung Gi. Back home, Jung Gi sees his son riding the bike. He doesn’t have time to ask Woo Joo what happened that he hears Da Jung telling Woo Joo to return the bike because the time is up. But upstairs Jung Gi and Da Jung told Woo Joo that he can keep his bike because the debt was paid.

While taking the garbage, Jung Gi meets Da Jung in the elevator. She was posting the picture of the man who scratched her car. She got that picture from her car’s black box. Jung Gi looks at the picture and even if the picture was dark he was able to recognize himself. He hurries away to avoid Da Jung’s questions, even if she knows that his car scratched hers, and goes to check his car. Jung Gi looks around the car and saw that his car was also scratched, but the scratch was covered with gray crayon and remembers the crayon he was holding when he woke up.

Realizing that the scratch on Da Jung’s car comes from his car, Jung Gi keeps avoiding her. He covers his face and colors the face of the man in the picture so no one could recognize him. But Woo Joo did recognized him, but Bong Gi made sure to convince Woo Joo that in the picture is not Jung Gi. Bong Gi didn’t heard anything about the accident from Jung Gi, but he is acting like he knows something, like he hides something.

Jung Gi put a lot of effort into avoiding Da Jung, but he is unable to do so for long. Da Jung is the new Marketing Manager of Lovely Cosmetics.

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