“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 11 ~ Hae Joon:”We’re going on a date.”

Hong Nan came by Da Hye’s house to talk with Hae Joon. While they were drinking, Hong Nan asked Da Hye to accompany them. The following days, Hae Joon does everything he can for his wife and daughter since he didn’t do anything for them while he was Kim Young Soo. Meantime Hong Nan finds out who the real Han Hong Nan, Han Gi Tak’s sister, is.

Episode 11

After convincing the board of directors and the chairman that using Yi Yeon as a model will improve the department store’s image, Hae Joon together with Hong Nan went to see Yi Yeon. They handed her the contract, but Yi Yeon refuses to sign. She is afraid the something could happen that will ruin again her own imagine.

On his way home, Hae Joon waits for Da Hye. Because she keeps pushing him away, Hae Joon decided to tell her that he won’t be around for long. He offers to listen to her, to let her lean on him, to hear what she can tell anyone else because he wants to do for her what Kim Young Soo couldn’t before he died.

Hae Joon:”I’ll be leaving in a month and I’m not coming back. I’m just someone you bumped into.”

Later that night, Hong Nan came for drinks. The plan was for Hong Nan to drink with Hae Joon, but when Da Hye brought the snack, Hong Nan asked Da Hye to stay with them. Hae Joon got drunk before the two women next to him, leaving them to continue talking. Hong Nan was curious why a beautiful woman like Da Hye would marry someone like Kim Young Soo. Being drunk, Da Hye told Hong Nan what was her true feelings. At first Da Hye didn’t want to marry Young Soo since she had the impression that Young Soo is too nice, a person too good for her. But in the end she accepted Young Soo, thinking that together they could have a big family. When Hong Nan asked what she thinks about Hae Joon, Da Hye answered that she is way too confused because Hae Joon is similar to Young Soo.

In the middle of the night, Hae Joon goes to the bathroom, but he doesn’t return to his room. He gets into Da Hye’s room and lies next to her in bed.

After sleeping there for a while, Hae Joon wakes up and sees Da Hye sleeping next to him. Suddenly Ha Na entered. Since Da Hye is still sleep, Hae Joon gives few stickers to Ha Na and convinced her to keep a secret that he slept in her mother’s room.

In the morning, Yi Yeon accompanied by Hong Nan, Seung Jae and Hae Joon met Cha Jae Gook. She put told everyone her condition for accepting being their model. But she didn’t sing the contract with Hae Joon, she just started a battle between Jae Gook and Hae Joon. Whoever will accomplish her requests will get her as the department store model. After that meeting, Hong Nan is angry with Yi Yeon for provoking Jae Gook instead of just signing the contract with Hae Joon. She leaves the house again, but this time Seung Jae follows her.

Seung Jae:”You can’t stay out all night.”

Together with Seung Jae, Hong Nan went to Han Gi Tak’s restaurant to meet Jae Gil. While they were talking, Jung Ji Hoon arrived. He’s being digging up Hong Nan for some time now. Both Jae Gil and Seung Jae remember having seen him. Jae Gil saw Ji Hoon the day Young Soo died, he was meeting there with Da Hye. Meantime Seung Jae remembers that Jung Ji Hoon came looking for Han Gi Tak while Gi Tak was still alive.

Since he wants to do everything he couldn’t for Da Hye and Ha Na, Hae Joon teaches Ha Na how to ride her bike. On his way to meet Ha Na, Hae Joon defended one employee who was about to be fired because an important customer wanted to. The other employee that where present in the parking lot filmed everything and they admire Hae Joon.Meantime Hong Nan met Ji Hoon. He knows that she isn’t Han Gi Tak’s sister, but if Hong Nan also wants to know how he knows that she has to meet him for dinner the next day.

After her meeting with Ji Hoon, Hong Nan went to Hae Joon and told him everything. Later Hae Joon called Ji Hoon over. Ji Hoon accuses Hae Joon of inventing Han Gi Tak’s sister in order to use Song Yi Yeon against Cha Jae Gook.

Ji Hoon has something to tell Da Hye, but she doesn’t want to be around him. She had marriage troubles because Young Soo put his work before his family so she accepted to meet Ji Hoon the day Young Soo died.  Because of that Da Hye feels guilty that while her husband was dying she was meeting and smiling with Ji Hoon. Hae Joon heard what Da Hye had to say and while she was listening some music, he, Young Soo apologized for never putting her first and for doubting that she could cheat on him with Ji Hoon. To repay his mistake, now that he is in Hae Joon’s body, he gave 2 family days for the employee of the department store. And those two days per month, the department store closes early and the employees can leave an hour early.

On the day that the employees leave early, Hae Joon grabbed Da Hye’s hand and took her on a date. Hae Joon made Da Hye wear a dress, he covered her eyes and took her to the place they were supposed to have dinner. When Hae Joon took the cover off her eyes, Da Hye saw Ha Na and her grandfather before her. The date was actually a family dinner, in their house yard.

Hae Joon:”We’re going on a date.”

While Hae Joon was spending some time with his family, Hong Nan met Ji Hoon. He asks her to stop pretending to be Han Gi Tak’s sister and reveals her who the real sister is. As a prove that he tells the truth, Ji Hoon shows Hong Nan the boxing gloves that the child in the picture with Han Gi Tak was wearing. On those gloves it was written “A man of justice”

Ji Hoon:”I’d like you to stop. I think that person would be very sad if she found out…Han Gi Tak’s real sister.”

Shocked after finding out the truth, Hong Nan runs to meet Han Gi Tak’s sister. She runs to Da Hye’s house.

Hong Nan:”It’s been a while, Han Hong Nan!”

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