“Vampire Detective” ep 1 ~ ” The night life”

Vampire Detective is the story of a prived detective that suddenly becomes a vampire and begins solving cases for his clients, but in the same time he is trying to uncover the mystery in which he is involved.

Yoon San works as a policeman, but he is shot by a coworker, the woman he likes. Five years later, San becomes a privet detective. While doing his job, San is injured and becomes a vampire.  Together with Yong Goo Hyung and Han Gyeo Wool, San carries the requests of his clients, but when he discovers that he is vampire, his whole life turns upside down.

Han Gyeo Wool looks for San and Goo Hyung and asks them to find her brother. She gave them the picture of her brother meeting a strange woman that was wearing the same necklace as the woman that shot San. When they found Gyeo Wool’s brother, a dangerous situation showed up and San was shot while trying to protect Gyeo Wool. In return Gyeo Wool’s brother saves him, but San after that San becomes a vampire.


Lee Joon           as    Yoon San

Oh Jung Se        as    Yong Goo Hyung

Lee Se Young    as    Han Gyeo Wool

Episode 1

Three young policemen, Yoon San, Kang Tae Woo and Jung Yoo Jin, were given the mission to infiltrate into a criminal organization. Soon they were discovered. Luckily they could run away, but San, without knowing what was going on put himself into risk just to save Yoo Jin. While gating away from there, Yoo Jin shot San.  Lying on the ground, shot, San watches his friends that betrayed him drive away. But suddenly the car stopped and exploded.

Five years later, San still suffers from side effects of Yoo Jin’s gun shot. Every time he makes an effort, like exercising, the pain is unbearable so he has to always have his pills close. He’s no longer working as a policeman. Now San is a private detective.

San and his partner, Yong Goo Hyung, also collaborate with the police. Every time he needs help, detective Park calls them over. A woman was killed while her husband was on a business trip. The fight between the victim and her assaulter started in the living room, but the body was found in the bedroom. The apartment keys were found in the victim’s purse, inside the house, but the door was locked from outside. As soon as he entered the crime scene, San knew what happened. The assaulter was someone that the victim knew, a friend of hers. She let the assaulter, which is more probably a woman of the same build, inside. While going to get drinks, the assaulter prepared the crime weapon and attacked. Because they were of similar statute, both women were able to fight. In the struggle for her life, the victim arrived in the bedroom and that is why the body was found there. After killing her victim, the killer took the key and the victim’s purse. She locked the door, removed her fingerprints, and threw the purse back inside on the window.

Back at their house, San’s instincts tell him that someone is inside the house. But his partner doesn’t believe him. Soon he sees Han Gyeo Wool drinking his wine inside as San said.

Han Gyeo Wool came to them because she wants them to investigate her boyfriend, Han Gyoo Min. He used to work as a blood research. Gyoo Min, recently quit his job and leaves the house every night. Curious and worried about him, Gyeo Wool followed him one night and saw him meeting a woman. She took a picture of the two of them and showed it to San and Goo Hyung. The faces of the people in the picture can’t be seen, but San recognized one thing, the necklace that the woman in the picture was wearing. That was the necklace Yoo Jin was always wearing. Shocked, when he saw the necklace, San accepted to do the job Gyeo Wool asked

Together with Gyeo Wool, San and Goo Hyung go on their mission. They follow Gyoo Min around until he realized that he is being followed. He runs away, but San and Goo Hyung chase him. But suddenly Gyoo Min stops and a fight starts. Gyoo Min is incredible powerful and beat up both San and Goo Hyung, but nothing seems to hurt him. He was about to kill them when Gyeo Wool stopped him.

After that beating, San was unconscious until the next day. While he was unconscious, San dreamed about Yoo Jin.

San and Goo Hyung continue their investigation, but they soon find out that Gyeo Wool isn’t Gyoo Min’s girlfriend, she is actually his sister. While looking around Gyoo Min’s office they found a strange symbol, the symbol of the club in which Gyoo Min entered when they were following him.

They managed to get inside the club where they found a secret office inside the freezer. Using Gyoo Min’s key, they have access to everything there. Inside that office there was also a freezer hidden in another secret room and that freezer was fool with blood bags. But while they were copying what there was in the computers there, the gangsters whose club belonged too arrived.

”Shut up before I suck out all of your blood!”

They were able to run away from those gangsters. Later Gyeo Wool remembered that her brother’s girlfriend, Yeon Joo, lives in the country side. The three of them get in the car and go to Yeon Joo’s house without realizing that they were followed.

While Gyeo Wool waits outside, San and Goo Hyung went in. They were attacked by Gyoo Min again and as last time happened they were unable to fight back. Gyoo Min is too strong for them. Suddenly they hear Gyeo Wool. She’s been captured by the gangster that followed them. San and Goo Hyung run outside to save Gyeo Wool. Gyoo Min stayed behind with Yeon Joo. They have a secret. Something is wrong with them. But Yeon Joo is grateful for everything Gyoo Min did for her and she is grateful for the love she received so she risked her life and goes out to save Gyeo Wool. As soon as the sun touched Yeon Joo’s skin she transformed into a vampire. She runs to the gangster that was holding Gyeo Wool and freed her. Then in the fight the gangster got fire and died burning alive. While he was burning, the gangster was still shooting everywhere. One of the bullets was about to kill Gyeo Wool, but San jumped to save her and was shot.

Because she stayed too much in the sun, Yeon Joo disintegrated and died. Gyoo Min can’t live without her so he injects the blood that can cure any disease into San to heal him. Then Gyoo Min takes off his hood and disintegrates himself. He was also a vampire. Yeon Joo transformed him once.

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