“Back to 1989” ep 9 ~ Chen Che:”If Li Jin Qin is really my dad, this is our first time traveling together as a family.”

The company that Chen Che works for organized a trip for everyone. Li Jin Qin went too because Ya Juan invited him. But the most happy person that Jin Qin came was Chen Che. He was following Jin Qin and Ya Juan around, happily thinking that Li Jin Qin could be his father. But not everything is the way Chen Che wants. On that trip Xiao Long and Zhen Zhen are closer than every and Chen Che becomes jealous.

Episode 9

The company that Chen Che works for goes on a trip for one night and 2 days. In the bus, Zhen Zhen falls asleep and Chen Che wants to hold her head, but Xiao Long gets in the way. Seeing Chen Che so close to Zhen Zhen, Xiao Long is jealous and change sits with Chen Che.

Li Jin Qin also came on that trip. At first he said that he can’t come when Ya Juan invited him, but he found time to come. Of course Chen Che is the most happiest, he is even more happy that Ya Juan to see that Jin Qin came. Smiling like a fool, Chen Che remembers what Zhen Zhen’s mother said before they’ve left home, that young people leave themselves pray to their feelings when they are surrounded by beautiful landscape. But Xiao Long can’t understand why is Chen Che happy that things go well between Ya Juan and Jin Qin. Unfortunately Chen Che’s happiness doesn’t last long because he soon finds out that Jin Qin won’t spend the night there with them.

Xiao Long:”Why do you care about someone else happiness?”

The whole group set the camp, but they don’t have firewood so they split into groups to go pick up branches. Ya Juan and Jin Qin went together like a couple to enjoy their time together. But they are not alone. Chen Che follows them from behind, taking picture of them being together and happy.

Chen Che:”If Li Jin Qin is really my dad, this is our first time traveling together as a family.”

Meantime at the camp, Zhen Zhen notices that Chen Che is missing and he didn’t take his inhaler. Worried that something might happen to him, Zhen Zhen went to search for Chen Che around the mountain. She fell and hurt her leg, but nothing is more important than finding Chen Chen. But Chen Che was happy. He was following Ya Juan and Jin Qin, happily. At some point Jin Qin was about to kiss Ya Juan and Chen Che couldn’t be happier, but that moment Zhen Zhen appeared. She was fool of leaves and looking for Chen Che. Seeing Zhen Zhen disturbing the happy couple’s moment, Chen Che gets angry. When she sees Chen Che, Zhen Zhen jumps into Chen Che’s arms. He scolds Zhen Zhen for wondering around alone on the mountain. Now the things changed. Jin Qin and Ya Juan became the third wheel, looking from afar to the once who are not a couple yet.

The two couples return to the camp, but on their way Ya Juan trips and Jin Qin wants to carry her on his back. Ya Juan rejects the offer saying that she isn’t that week. The next moment, Zhen Zhen trips also. He leg hurts from her fell earlier, but Chen Che doesn’t believe her. He thinks that she is just copying Ya Juan in order to make Chen Che carry her on his back. Hearing the conversation between Chen Che and Zhen Zhen, Ya Juan and Jin Qin decide that they need to leave those two alone. Going back alone, Zhen Zhen and Chen Che stop for a while to drink some water. For a moment Zhen Zhen paused after Chen Che took her water bottle and drank after her without hesitating.

While Zhen Zhen was lost in her thought, Chen Che started playing with her. They were playing together when Xiao Long came and ruined their happy moment. Seeing that Zhen Zhen hurt her leg, Xiao Long carries Zhen Zhen back to the camp.

At the camp, Chen Che keeps looking at Zhen Zhen, but if she turns around he pretends to look away and avoids her. After Zhen Zhen left, Xiao Long comes to Chen Che. He’s been questioning Chen Che about the year Chen Che graduated from university and the teachers that Chen Che knows. Noticing the tension between Chen Che and Xiao Long, Jin Qin intervened.

Chen Che leaves and Xiao Long confesses Jin Qin that he likes Zhen Zhen. They are good friends from a long time, but Jin Qin is on Chen Che’s side. Xiao Long can’t beat Chen Che because Chen Che has a lot of qualities, he is smart, he can fight, he is handsome, he can play the guitar, he can sing and more importantly Zhen Zhen likes Chen Che.

Jin Qin:” If I were a girl…I would probably pick Chen Che too.”

Zhen Zhen can’t fall asleep. Outside is raining and her scratch from earlier when she fell is hurting. It seems like her small injury has infected. She goes in the lobby to clean her wound. There she meets Xiao Long, who wasn’t able to sleep because his roommates were snoring too loud. He wants to clean her wound, but the thunder started.

Meantime Chen Che is in his room looking at the picture he took with Ya Juan and Jin Qin. When he hears the thunder, he runs to Zhen Zhen worried. Arrived in the lobby, Chen Che sees Zhen Zhen is Xiao Long’s arms. He is jealous, but he can’t do anything about it. While Xiao Long was holding Zhen Zhen, consoling her and making her feel better, Chen Che cleaned her wound and left. But Chen Che wasn’t pleased to let Zhen Zhen with another man, he didn’t like that Zhen Zhen was happy, smiling at Xiao Long.

In the morning, Zhen Zhen fainted. She also had a high fever so Ya Juan, Xiao Long and Chen Che took her to the hospital.

Chen Che is used to Zhen Zhen so he misses her. He stays in his room thinking about Zhen Zhen, how loud she was singing, how the both of them were sending notes to each other in the middle of the night. He realizes that Zhen Zhen isn’t the annoying person he thought she was.

Worried about Zhen Zhen, Chen Che paged her. She answered that she is hungry and Chen Che run over with something to eat like a knight in shining armor. Unfortunately Chen Che brought her what she doesn’t like and Xiao Long ate that.

When Xiao Long left for a while the room, leaving the two alone, Chen Che showed Zhen Zhen that he is jealous of her spending so much time with Xiao Long. But of course Chen Che hasn’t realized yet that he likes Zhen Zhen and can’t admit that he is jealous.

Zhen Zhen:”You’re jealous!”

That night, Zhen Zhen was discharged and as a welcome home present, Chen Che gave her a photo book with her favorite band. But the next day, problems show up for Chen Che. Xiao Long has been investigating Chen Che and discovered that Chen Che opened and account in Ya Juan’s father’s name and he never graduated from the university Chen Che said he did.

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