“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 12 ~ Seung Jae:”I trust you!”

Han Gi Tak finds out who his sister, who the real Han Hong Nan, is and goes to her. Meantime Hae Joon and Ji Hoon fight to get Ha Na’s attention, but something happened to the little girl. Lately Ha Na’s been acting strange. She is a smart girl and realizes that she doesn’t look that much with her father and that her mother is hiding something from her.

Episode 12

When Ji Hoon revealed who and where Han Gi Tak’s real sister is, Hong Nan run over to see her. Now her name is Shi Da Hye. Hong Nan can’t hold her tears. From inside Hong Nan’s body, Han Gi Tak remembers the day he took his sister to the orphanage after their mother died. After dinner, Hong Nan offered to help Da Hye wash the dishes and clean up so she could know more about Da Hye. But Da Hye can’t remember her childhood. She was involved into an accident when she was about Ha Na’s age. At that moment she went to look for someone and a car hit her. The woman who hit her then adopted her later.

Leaving Da Hye and Hong Nan to know each other, Hae Joon went to see Ji Hoon. There he found out the whole story. Before she married Kim Young Soo, Da Hye was looking for her real family and Ji Hoon helped her. When she married Kim Young Soo, Ji Hoon wanted to return her the gloves that she had from her real family, but Da Hye refused to get them because now she had a family of her own and didn’t want to think about her past. Years later, Ji Hoon found Da Hye’s brother and wanted her to meet her brother occasionally so he recommended Kim Young Soo to take Da Hye out for dinner at Han Gi Tak’s restaurant. Unfortunately they didn’t staid for dinner and Young Soo took Da Hye to a funeral. The next day they were supposed to return at that restaurant, but Young Soo died and left Da Hye waiting for him there. Angry, Ji Hoon went to accompany Da Hye and reveal her the truth, but he couldn’t bring himself too.

Hong Nan leaves and on her way she meets Hae Joon who was returning home. Since they are alone, they blame each other for dying early and leaving Da Hye alone. Young Soo and Gi Tak start fighting, but Seung Jae stops them. In Seung Jae’s eyes Hae Joon was beating a frail woman like Hong Nan.

Seung Jae:”I trust you!”

The next day, Hong Nan and Seung Jae accompanied Yi Yeon to a filming. But when they arrived, no one was there. Hong Nan and Seung Jae went to see where everyone is and found out that he shooting was canceled. Returned to Yi Yeon, they see Yi Yeon falling into water after Na Suk Chul threatened her. Hong Nan jumps into water and saves Yi Yeon, but that moment in the water Yi Yeon didn’t see Hong Nan, she saw Han Gi Tak.

After everything that happened, Yi Yeon decided to sign the modeling contract with Hae Joon, who accepted her condition. The first condition was that Hae Joon will pay the cancelation fee of her contract with Na Suk Chul and for the second condition the department store will take care of her until she will find a new agency. The third condition was for Hae Joon to fire Hong Nan from being Yi Yeon’s manager.

Hae Joon gives Da Hye the cookies that he keeps receiving. Embarrassed she runs away and opens one to see the message inside.

Hae Joon:” I’m too popular. It’s too much for me to handle.“

Ha Na’s been feeling down lately so Hae Joon tries his hardest to make her happy. But Ji Hoon came to visit. The both men fight for Ha Na’s attention. They fight over what made Ha Na upset, they fight for what Ha Na likes and makes her happy. Then they start to dance to make her happy.

When Da Hye came home she finds Hae Joon dancing with the grandfather and Ji Hoon dancing with Ha Na, but she isn’t pleased to see Ji Hoon there.

Ji Hoon goes to Da Hye’s room to return her the gloves, but Ha Na saw him. Ha Na takes him out and gave him a kiwi and banana juice. She suspects something. After they drink form that juice, both Ha Na and Ji Hoon gets a rush and scratch themselves. Ha Na knows that she doesn’t look that much like her father and she hates that her father was similar in some aspects like Ji Hoon.

Da Hye called Ha Na’s teacher and let her stay home until her rash is gone. But when she came home from work, Da Hye found a note from her daughter saying that she misses her father and Ha Na was gone. She calls everyone, but Ha Na is nowhere to be found.

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