“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 3 ~ Da Jung:”I came here to sever our ties with you.”

Jung Gi keeps avoiding Da Jung to not tell her that he hit her car, but he is unable to do so for long. Da Jung is Jung Gi’s new superior. But soon Jung Gi finds out that Bong Gi is the one that hit Da Jung’s car.

 Episode 3

Jung Gi goes to work in a good mood, but the atmosphere there is freezing cold. Soon he finds out why. The new marketing manager is Ok Da Jung. As soon as he sees her, Jung Gi can’t control his fear. He remembers all his meetings with Da Jung and how he doesn’t have the courage to tell her that it wasn’t him the one that scratched her car. The only think running wild in his mind is Da Jung asking for her car repair money.

After the introduction, Da Jung organized a meeting with everyone. She looks around the reports her new subordinates made and she isn’t pleased. Suddenly, while he was scolded, Jung Gi received a phone call and has to leave the meeting. The one that called Jung Gi was the purchasing manager from Gold Chemicals. He asked Jung Gi to send him more of the products Lovely has. Jung Gi leaves the meeting to take care of this business, but all his coworkers follow him.

Meantime Bong Gi goes around the building putting chewing gum on every poster’s with Jung Gi that Da Jung posted. His father sees him and realized that Bong Gi must be the one that scratched Da Jung’s car. He goes upstairs to scold Bong Gi, but when he returned he had to bow and apologize to Da Jung who saw the gum on a poster. Woo Joo saw his grandfather bowing in front of Da Jung and takes revenge. He goes upstairs and writes on Da Jung’s door “stupid”.

Jung Gi and his whole family have dinner. He realize that something happed and asks his family members why they were so shocked to find out that Da Jung is his new superior at work. Woo Joo apologizes and confesses what he wrote on Da Jung’s door. Then his father apologizes for giving Jung Gi a younger brother like Bong Gi. And finally Bong Gi confesses that he was the one that scratched Da Jung’s car. That night Bong Gi came home and saw his brother sleeping in the car. He tried to wake up Jung Gi, but he couldn’t so he thought he should park the car first. But when Bong Gi tried to park the car, he hit Da Jung’s car. To not get into trouble, Bong Gi moved the car to another place, took a crayon and colored the scratch on Jung Gi’s car and went home where he put the crayon in Jung Gi’s hand. When he heard that story, Jung Gi couldn’t control his anger and started hitting Bong Gi. Then their father stopped Jung Gi, but he continued to hit Bong Gi for what he did.

The next morning Jung Gi took the blame on himself and confessed to Da Jung that he was the one that hit her car and he will make sure to pay her to money for the repairs.

At work, Jung Gi can’t concentrate on what he has to do because he keeps thinking about the money he has to pay Da Jung. He goes to her office to clear things with her and Da Jung proposed him a deal. Every time Jung Gi will agree with her in front of the other employees, in no matter what she says, then she will deduct from his debt. Without thinking that much, Jung Gi accepted Da Jung’s offer.

Jung Gi:”I can do anything you ask.”

Da Jung makes everyone work harder and gives them new challenges. They have to learn and become marketing experts because Da Jung plans to create Lovely’s own brand. The employees protested and asked Jung Gi to back them up, but Jung Gi can’t help them. He already promised to agree with everything Da Jung says. The other employees blame Jung Gi for now helping them.  As if things weren’t bad enough, the order that Jung Gi send to Gold Chemicals the other day returned. He calls the purchasing manager from Gold to ask what happened and that man said that he never ordered anything. From now on Lovely will not accept any order form Gold Chemicals.

Da Jung:”I came here to sever our ties with you. I’m saying that I won’t have anything to do with you.”

Gold plans to damage more Lovely by canceling all the contracts they have. Also Gold wants to get money from Lovely for the contracts they will cancel. Da Jung isn’t used to work for a small company that it’s being cornered by the big company so she goes to Gold. She even threatens the purchase manager with releasing the conversation recording to prove that Gold placed an order the other day, but the purchase manager from Gold threatens her with never working with Lovely again.

President Kim of Gold Chemicals waits for Da Jung to come and kneel before him to continue to work with them. Everyone is pushing Da Jung to do what president Kim wants and save the company. But Da Jung doesn’t do things that way. She goes to see president Kim, when he is in the sauna, she locks the door from inside and tells president Kim to nullify all contracts Gold Chemicals has with Lovely Cosmetics.

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