“Vampire Detective” ep 2 ~ San:”Make a sound and I’ll kill you.”

The fierce person in the world is the one that has nothing to lose. But when a fierce person gets an extraordinary power he doesn’t think twice and puts his life at risk.

Changes happen in San’s life. He’s no longer the one he was. There are physical changes too. San’s scars are gone, he doesn’t need medicine, he can’t he hurt. But Goo Hyung is there for him and helps him with his changes.

A new case showed up at San’s door and his new self is the one that saves his life.

”Perhaps the new me is no longer me.”

Episode 2

Since Gyoo Min injected him, San isn’t like the one he used to be. He no longer needs medicine, he can exercise without getting sick and the stranger of them all is that his scar from where he was shot disappeared. Later San goes to get his blood test done, but something is wrong with him. His eyes are yellow and he starts to sweat. He closes his eyes until the nurse finishes. San knows that something is strange about him and when the doctor confirmed that physically he is in perfect condition, he remembers that Han Gyoo Min injected him with something.

San and Goo Hyung return home. A new client came looking for them. It’s a woman that has the same habit of touching her necklace when she is nervous as Yoo Jin. In the morning, when she went to work, she found a dead body inside the cabinet. She called the security guard, but when he arrived the body disappeared. They accompany the woman to her work place, she is a news announcer. There San’s eyes get yellow and help him visualize the body. Suddenly he realizes that from outside someone was watching them. He runs after that person and it’s about to catch him, but someone hit him from behind. San fells unconscious and dreams about Yoo Jin telling him to never give up.

San comes to his senses and finds next to him a message. He agrees to find the killer and while he was finding out rumors about the woman who came looking for Goo Hyung and him, Goo Hyung went home and asked Gyeo Wool to find all she can about the dead woman. Gyeo Wool is a hacker so she can find everything. She found out that the dead woman had a debt at some loan sharks. San and his teammates go to those loan sharks and find out that the night they were forcing the dead woman to sing some paper a man came. That man ripped the contract that the dead woman had with the loan shark, paid her debts and told her that she has to help him with something. That man’s name is Jung Ji Woong.

While San investigates some more, Goo Hyung went with Gyeo Wool to see the doctor that works with them. Gyeo Wool got hurt at the loan sharks office. There the doctor gave Goo Hyung the results of San’s blood tests. San’s blood doesn’t exist in this world.

Continuing their investigation, San and Goo Hyung found out that the woman who came looking for them, Seung Hee, worked on a story about Jung Ji Woong. While making that reportage, Seung Hee’s cameraman committed suicide and the reportage was suspended.

For further investigation, San and Goo Hyung went to the place where the cameraman committed suicide. There San’s eyes turned yellow again and he visualized the cameraman’s last moments. San is so shocked of what he sees that he can’t hear his phone.

Since they suspect that Jung Ji Woong uses charity to kill homeless men and get their organs, San paid some homeless men and send them away. Then he sat in their place and when an ambulance came, San covered himself in alcohol and pretended to be unconscious. San is put in that ambulance and driven away. But he was undercover and Goo Hyung was following the ambulance with his car.

The ambulance stopped and San is taken somewhere. The man who took him wanted to inject him with something, but San doesn’t let him.

San:”Make a sound and I’ll kill you.”

Then San looks around. There a lot of bodies there. The smell of blood made San transform and suddenly he hears some noise. He follows the noise and too cars try to kill him, but they couldn’t. San looks up and an army of gangsters appeared. They try to kill San, but they can’t touch him. They hit him, but San doesn’t fell anything. The loan shark and Jung Ji Woong come closer to San. They both tried to kill San by stabbing him, but San didn’t die. He is stronger than ever. The smell of blood made him want to kill. And he is about to kill Jung Ji Woong, but Goo Hyung called his name and San stopped. When he stopped, San transformed back into himself and fainted.

Goo Hyung and San gave all that they found to the police and Jung Ji Woon and his men were arrested for illegal organ traffic.

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