“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 4 ~ Bong Gi:”The fact that you and I met like this means something.”

Da Jung canceled all contracts Lovely Cosmetics has with Gold Chemicals and refuses to work with them in the future. From now on Lovely Cosmetics will launch their own products. For a month everyone worked hard and finally they are about to succeed, but president Kim intervened.

Episode 4

Da Jung went to see president Kim from Gold Chemicals when he was at the sauna and while she was humiliating him she asked him to cancel all the contracts his company has with Lovely cosmetics. Now that the contracts have been canceled, Da Jung tell in the meeting everyone that she plans to release Tap Tap serum as the first product released under Lovely cosmetic. If in three months they won’t get good response from the buyers then Da Jung and Jung Gi will be responsible for the loses. The whole team has a mouth to lunch the product as a Lovely Cosmetic product.

Jung Gi:”It’s either die or go crazy.”

Jung Gi is working day and night to get everything ready for the launch. His father is also on duty so they’ve let Woo Joo in Bong Gi’s care. But Bong Gi went to a club leaving the boy alone. Woo Joo is sick, he has a fever and calls his father. Because Jung Gi can’t go home, he calmed Woo Joo and sent him to the hospital with his grandfather. Then Jung Gi called Bong Gi to tell him to go home because Woo Joo is sick. Da Jung heard Jung Gi’s conversation and told him to go home. Not knowing that Da Jung overheard his conversation, Jung Gi doesn’t want to go home and leave his work unfinished.

Da Jung:”Are you saying you’re going to sleep with me?

Everything is almost ready for launching the products, but president Kim intervened. He needs the Lovely Cosmetic as a subcontractor. The products that Lovely produces bring him a lot of money. President Kim called the other subcontractors and told them to buy the materials that Lovely need for their Tap Tap serum. When they found out, Da Jung and Dong Gyoo met those subcontractors and offered them a contra offer. If they return the material they don’t even need then they can work with Lovely as subcontractors and have an equal relationship. Fortunately they accepted Da Jung offer and Lovely was able to launch Tap Tap serum.

Happy that the container for the serum is the one she designed, Jang Mi Ri goes to celebrate in a club. There she met Bong Gi.

Bong Gi:”The fact that you and I met like this means something.”

In the morning Jung Gi’s father woke up Woo Joo and Bong and took them to bow before Da Jung and congratulate her for the release of Tap Tap serum.

It’s the first day of selling Tap Tap serum, but no client is interested in an unknown brand. Da Jung releases her hair and a button of her shirt and pretends to be the first client. She attracts other woman to buy. Suddenly a man appears and helps her. They seem to know each other and the first sale was a success.

Later Jung Gi sees Da Jung with that man, hugging each other and starts to feel a little strange. At the dinner with his coworkers, he even defended Da Jung from the rumors that the other where saying. But the next day something happened. Jung Gi has to hurry and go to work, even if it is Saturday. He calls Da Jung, but she doesn’t answer. He knows at her door and the man from the other day opened.

Shi Hwan:” I missed you!”

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