“Refresh Man” ep 5 ~ Yu Tang:”Look after your body!”

After working until late, Yu Tang went o clean Wen Kai’s pool early in the morning.Tired, Yu Tang fells into the pool and Wen Kai saved her. He took care of her until he went to work and let her sleep some more. At night Yu Tang prepares Wen Kai’s dinner, but he isn’t feeling so well. It’s her turn to take care of Wen Kai. Thinks were going well between Wen Kai and Yu Tang until Wang Zhi Yu showed up.

Episode 5

Wen Kai is at home thinking about Yu Tang. He sends her a text to remind her that she has to come early in the morning to clean his pool. Yu Tang worked late, but still she came to clean Wen Kai’s pool. She is so tired that she fell into the pool. Because Yu Tang can’t swim, Wen Kai jumped in the pool and saved her. While Wen Kai was dying her hair, Yu Tang fell asleep. He doesn’t wake her up and takes her to his bed. Then Wen Kai prepares something for Yu Tang to eat when she will wake up and leaves for work. At work, Wen Kai, seems to have got a cold, but he is still worried about Yu Tang.

Yu Tang wakes up and sees the soup and note that Wen Kai left her. She drinks the soup and notices that Wen Kai forgot his phone. When she went to work, Yu Tang stops by Wen Kai’s office to give him his phone. She wanted to help Wen Kai, but Wen Kai scolded Yu Tang for sleeping for so long and coming to work late and for not being able to differentiate personal matters from work matters.

Wen Kai:”Is my bed so comfortable to sleep in that you slept for so long and only now came to work?”

After work, Yu Tang went to Wen Kai’s home and cooked him dinner. She prepared several dishes, but Wen Kai couldn’t eat any of it. Everything he tasted was too bland. Suddenly Yu Tang receives a text from a man she met a while ago at a secretary’s meeting, Wang Zhi Yu. Jealous, but not feeling well to argue with Yu Tang Wen Kai goes to his room.

On her way out, Yu Tang realized that Wen Kai was acting strange and goes to his room. She sees him lying in bed. When she wanted to wake him up, Yu Tang realizes that Wen Kai was sick. He was burning up and sweating. She can’t leave and let Wen Kai like that so Yu Tang takes a towel to dry Wen Kai up. She takes care of him. When Yu Tang wants to leave, Wen Kai held Yu Tang’s hand and didn’t let her go. Since she couldn’t leave, Yu Tang fell asleep next to Wen Kai. In the morning, when he woke up the first thing Wen Kai saw when he opened his eye was Yu Tank sleeping.

At breakfast, Yu Tang is in a good mood. She smiles and doesn’t argue with Wen Kai no matter what he says. Because she took care of him while he was sick, Wen Kai asked Yu Tang to eat with him. But Yu Tang rejected the offer. She is in a hurry to have breakfast with Zhi Yu so she even forgot the puzzle piece Wen Kai gave her.

Curious with whom Yu Tang will have breakfast, Wen Kai follows her and sees Yu Tang meting happily Wang Zhi Yu. Furious Wen Kai goes to work and screams at everyone. Nothing pleases him.

Ai Sha:”I’ve rarely seen him in such an irritable mood.”

While Yu Tang was having breakfast with Zhi Yu, who also helped her with her business, Wen Kai met director Luo of YOURS. Both Zhi Yu and Wen Kai talked with director Luo in Yu Tang’s favor, but Yu Tang doesn’t know that Wen Kai also helps paving her way. On her way back to the office, Yu Tang buys Wen Kai some ginger tea to help him with his cold.

Yu Tang:”Look after your body!”

After Wen Kai met him, director Luo ordered his secretary to get in touch with Yu Tang and he did. But he plans to give Yu Tang a hard time because he used to chase her in the past. Because Yu Tang didn’t have any feelings towards him, she rejected his proposal and ignored his phone calls.

Wen Kai asked Yu Tang to come over to his house and make dinner for him. He used dinner to give her a present, her favorite squid slices. It took a while for him to get the squid slices so he asked Yu Tang for a certain meat that it’s hard to get. In his mind, Wen Kai imagined how happy will Yu Tang be when she will see the present he got for her and that she will hug him happily. But things don’t follow his imagination. Yu Tang gave Wen Kai his dinner and when to talk on the phone with Zhi Yu. Her tone was different. She is always hash when she speaks with Wen Kai and they argue a lot. But when he talks with Zhi Yu, she is the complete opposite.

Wen Kai hears Yu Tang talking with Zhi Yu and out of jealousy he eat Yu Tang’s squid slices. Thinking that Wen Kai intentionally ate the squid slice and left the empty bag to her to see, Yu Tang gets angry and leaves.

Wen Kai hears some secretaries that director Luo’s head secretary plans to humiliate Yu Tang at the annual secretaries party. He tries to call Yu Tang, but she doesn’t answer her phone. Meantime Yu Tang arrived at the secretary’s party. She is about to go in when chief secretary Zhang shows up. He tells everyone that Yu Tang isn’t a secretary anymore and humiliates her. Yu Tang fell into chief secretary Zhang’s trap. He never intended to help Yu Tang, he only wanted to humiliate her for rejecting him in the past. When he sees Yu Tang, chief secretary Zhang spills wine on his shoes and makes Yu Tang wipe it for him. While Yu Tang was cleaning chief secretary Zhang’s shoes, the other secretaries were filming everything.

After Yu Tang cleaned his shoes, chief secretary Zhang asked the security guard to not let Yu Tang in. But luckily for her, at that moment Wang Zhi Yu appeared and helped her get in. She goes over to chief secretary Zhang to talk about Mei Mei, but he isn’t interested in helping her.

While Yu Tang was in the tiger’s nest, Wen Kai was on his way to help her. But there was a traffic jam.

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