“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 5 ~ Bong Gi:”We had such a hot and steamy night together.”

Lovely Cosmetics managed to launch their first product, but the results depend on their sales. Suddenly the products disappeared from the deposit and all the Lovely employees had to go search for them. They couldn’t find the missing products, but fortunately for them Bong Gi was there to help them. Also Bong Gi helped them get into home shopping channel to promote the products on TV, but no one knows that it was him.

Episode 5

All the products that Lovely was supposed to sell disappeared from the storage. Because Lovely is a small company, all the employees had to come and search for their missing products. They’ve searched everywhere, but they couldn’t find them. The person in charge of the deposit scolded them for making a mess in his storehouse. While they were being scolded as if it was their fault that the products disappeared, Bong Gi arrived. He was all dressed up, with the right attitude. The person from storehouse bowed before Bong Gi and the missing products were found in less than 5 minutes. Unfortunately the products were all damaged and they couldn’t be sold.

Since they needed people to help them search for the missing products, Jung Gi offered Bong Gi money to come and help them. When he heard Mi Ri’s voice, Bong Gi accepted instantly to come. Now that he found their missing products, Bong Gi follows Mi Ri around. Meantime she pretends that she doesn’t know him. But Bong Gi introduces himself as someone related to a higher up from their company.

Bong Gi:”We had such a hot and steamy night together.”

Because their products were damaged, Da Jung put the “Sold Out” sign. The next day a lot of women came by to buy Tap Tap serum. The “Sold Out” sign was of great impact and made a lot of women think that the serum is worthy so because of that in a day Lovely Cosmetic exceeded their sale expectations.

The next step is for Lovely to be accepted into a home shopping channel. Jung Gi tries to meet with people from the home shopping in order to get them to promote the Tap Tap serum, but he is unable to do that. Fortunately he gets help once again from where he was less expecting. Bong Gi works part time for the home shopping channel. He sees the box with Tap Tap serum and in order to help his brother he opened the box and told the home shopping channel how hard his brother worked for that products, that his brother was so busy that he could even took Woo Joo to the hospital when the child was sick, so they should at least look at that product.

Thanks to Bong Gi, the Tap Tap serum was accepted to be promoted on a home shopping channel. Everyone congratulated Jung Gi for doing a good job until they’ve seen the president of JJ Home Shopping. Because the president is Da Jung second ex husband, Jang Shi Hwan, they all believe that they were accepted into home shopping because of Da Jung. But fortunately for them the sale was a success.

After being silent for a while, Jung Gi can’t take it anymore. He gathers his courage and goes to see Da Jung. Jung Gi tells her in her own face that everyone thinks that they got into JJ Home Shopping because she asked her ex-husband a favor. Upset that even Jung Gi believes that about her, Da Jung calls the announcer of JJ Home Shopping from which Jung Gi found out that Da Jung had anything to do with their product being accepted. The following days are awkward between Da Jung and Jung Gi. He tries his best to please her, but Da Jung avoids him.

Advised by Woo Joo to sincerely apologize, Jung Gi does that and Da Jung forgives him. But when thinks seemed to go to the right direction another problem showed up.

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