“Back to 1989” ep 10 ~ Chen Che:”Chen Ya Juan…is my mother!”

Suspecting that something is wrong with Chen Che, Xiao Long investigated him. Xiao Long discovered that Chen Che is nowhere to be found in the registers of the university Chen Che said he graduated from and that Chen Che opened an account in Ya Juan’s father’s name. To verify Chen Che’s story, Xiao Long, Ya Juan and Zhen Zhen took Chen Che to Ya Juan’s father. Unfortunately for Xiao Long, professor Chen knew Chen Che and backed him up. The following days the relationship between Zhen Zhen and Chen Che is closer. They complete each other. Chen Che takes care of her and her needs and realizes that he fall in love with Zhen Zhen.

Episode 10

Xiao Long investigated Chen Che, but he wasn’t able to discover anything. Suspicious, Xiao Long reveals to Zhen Zhen and Ya Juan that Chen Che opened an account in Ya Juan’s father’s name. To clear confirm that what Chen Che said, that he and Ya Juan’s father know each other, they went to Ya Juan’s house.

Zhen Zhen:”Chen Che, I believe in you!”

At the house, Xiao Long asked professor Chen what he wanted to know, but professor Chen realized what was going on and told the story as Chen Che wanted.  The other day, when Chen Che was at professor Chen’s office, professor Chen saw Chen Che’s phone and the picture with Chen Che and Ya Juan.

Chen Che:”Chen Ya Juan…is my mother! I’m your grandson.”

Hearing that the man in front of him is his future grandson, professor Chen can’t come out of his shock. But now, when Ya Juan and her friends came to him suspecting that something is wrong with Chen Che, professor Chen defended him. The more he looks at Chen Che the more he finds Chen Che familiar so professor Chen has finally accepted that Chen Che is his grandson that traveled through time.  When they were left alone for a moment, professor Chen asked Chen Che to leave Zhen Zhen’s house and move in with him, Ya Juan and Ya Juan’s mother. But Chen Che finds all kind of excuses to reject the offer because he isn’t willing to separate with Zhen  Zhen.

After Zhen Zhen and Xiao Long left, Ya Juan asked Chen Che to stay. She needs some help with her English homework. Being there together with his grandfather and his mother, Chen Che can’t seem to find a reason for why his mother completely removed her parents from her live. Before Chen Che was born, Ya Juan seems to have a close relationship with her father, but in the future things are completely different.

Chen Che is on his way home, thinking why he can’t seem to want to move in with his mother and grandparents. All his life, Chen Che wanted to have his family by his side and now when they are all there and he has the chance to live with them for a while, he refuses to do so. Suddenly Zhen Zhen appeared in front of him and he realizes why he can’t move with his family.

Chen Che:”Because…you are not there.”

Ya Juan is busy studying. She asks Chen Che to meet her at the library, so she could ask him if she had any English questions, but she also called Jin Qin over, for a date. Jin Qin arrived first. He is insecure of Ya Juan feelings for him because he has a boor background, he can’t make a lot of money and he isn’t even sure that he can make her happy in the future. On the other hand Ya Juan is jealous seeing other girls looking at Jin Qin. But he grabs her hand and took her between the book shelves where Ya Juan tells him the reason she chose him instead of any other man. Hearing Ya Juan’s words, Jin Qin can’t control himself and kisses her. At that moment, Chen Che arrived and was happy to see his mother and Jin Qin kissing.

That day Zhong En found out about Ya Juan and Jin Qin relationship and called Ya Juan’s mother.

Lately Chen Che is different around Zhen Zhen. They are always completing each other. He is worried about her. He takes care of her. He doesn’t let her drink cold beverages, but prepares worm drinks for her. He wants to always know where is she and what is she doing.

Early in the morning, Zhen Zhen announced Chen Che that she will be late for work because she wants to take her scooter to the service. On his way to work, Chen Che sees Zhen Zhen’s scooter on the ground and people talking about a young girl getting into an accident. Worried he tries to call her, but his phone doesn’t have signal there and he doesn’t know Zhen Zhen’s pager’s number. Suddenly he hears Zhen Zhen calling his name. He turns around and sees Zhen Zhen, who was well. Relieved, Chen Che runs to Zhen Zhen and hugs her.

A woman got into an accident and Zhen Zhen helped her calling for help. When she went to help the woman who got into an accident, Zhen Zhen was careless with her scooter that fell on the ground.

Seeing that Zhen Zhen is alright, Chen Che screams at her and scolds her. But then he can’t stop thinking why he was acting like that towards Zhen Zhen. And he finally realized! He likes Zhen Zhen!

Chen Che:”I was worried that you can’t do anything if I’m not here! I was worried that I would lose you! I don’t want to let you go…and I’m scared of losing you. It’s actually all because…I like you.”

Chen Che was out to meet with a client, but he returned to the office to pick up Zhen Zhen and they walked together home like a couple.

Zhen Zhen’s father couldn’t find the material for Chen Che’s suit in his store so he asked a friend for help. But that friend wasn’t able to find the material either. The material of the suit Chen Che was wearing the day his came to the past can’t be found anywhere in the world in 1989. At dinner, Zhen Zhen’s father questioned Chen Che about the material and the suit. Chen Che had no other choice but to lie, but he is tired of lying to everyone around him.

Later Chen Che meets his grandfather and tells him about the suit and professor Chen advised Chen Che to be careful of not leaving any marks of the future so there won’t be any butterfly effect. But professor Chen is also excited of having a smart grandson as Chen Che. He’s imagining that he and Chen Che were close while Chen Che was growing up and that he influenced Chen Che of being so smart and knowing a lot. Unfortunately Chen Che can’t tell him that they never met while Chen Che was growing up. They met when Chen Che was already grown and professor Chen had been diagnosed with dementia.

Professor Chen:”Don’t wake me from my beautiful dream.”

There is only one thing professor Chen wants to know and that is the year Chen Che was born. He wants to know how much more he has to wait until he will meet his grandson. But he was shocked to find out that Chen Che will be born in a few months.

Back at the house, Chen Che sees Zhen Zhen getting the lights ready for Christmas. He sits down to help her. Because Chen Che doesn’t like to celebrate Christmas or his birthday, Zhen Zhen promised to celebrate them with him.

While working on the lights, Zhen Zhen fell asleep in Chen Che’s arms. He looks at her and can’t stop himself from kissing her.

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