“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 13 ~ Hong Nan:”Do you want a passionate kiss from me?”

Ha Na misses her father and disappeared. Worried Da Hye calls Hae Joon for help and he calls Hong Nan. All three of them search for Ha Na everywhere, but the one that was able to find the little girl was Hae Joon. He listens to her worried and her suffering together with Ma Ya. Impressed by Ha Na’s tears, Ma Ya allowed Ha Na to meet her father. But when things seemed to go well, something happened to Hong Nan.

Episode 13

Da Hye came home and found a note from Ha Na in which the girl was saying that she wants to see her father. Worried about her daughter, Da Hye announced Hae Joon that Ha Na went missing. On his way home, Hae Joon called Hong Nan to come over. They each took a photo of Ha Na and went around the neighborhood to search for Ha Na in their own way. But they weren’t able to find her. Suddenly Hae Joon realizes something and believes to know where Ha Na is.

Hae Joon runs over to the amusement park and finds Ha Na there. Young Soo promised her once that he will bring her there. Unfortunately Young Soo wasn’t able to do so. Since Hae Joon moved in with them, everyone was happy, everyone seemed to like him so Ha Na started to feel sorry for her father. She thinks that if she also will like Hae Joon, like her mother and her grandfather, then her father will be sad that everyone forgot about him.

Ha Na:” If I get close to the sky, would I be able to see daddy? I still have things left to say to him. You smell like dad for some reason.”

Hae Joon takes Ha Na to ride the Ferris wheel, where Ha Na cries because she misses her father that doesn’t even visit her in her dreams. Even Ma Ya was impressed by Ha Na’s tears and suffering and allowed the little girl to meet Young Soo.

After she put Ha Na to bed, Da Hye received a text from Ji Hoon. He is near her house and wants to talk to her. Ji Hoon always suspected that Ha Na is his daughter, but because Da Hye and Young Soo got married, he never mentioned his suspicions. But now that he knows that Ha Na and him look alike and Ha Na even has his banana allergies, Ji Hoon has to know the truth.

Ji Hoon:”Is Ha Na my daughter?”

Ji Hoon’s question came too late. The only father Ha Na recognizes and misses is Kim Young Soo. Only him is Ha Na’s father, even if they don’t share the same blood. Hae Joon and Hong Nan heard them talking. It’s the first time Hong Nan hears about that story. And also Hae Joon, who always knew that Kim Young Soo isn’t Ha Na’s biological father, realizes now how much he hurt Da Hye. When he was alive, Young Soo liked Ji Hoon so much that kept him close to his family without knowing that Ji Hoon is Ha Na’s biological father and that Da Hye would be hurt by his presence.

The following day Da Hye meets Hae Joon and opens up before him. She tells him how she was moved by his presence, how she was looking for resemblance between Hae Joon and Young Soo. But then she was honest and told Hae Joon that she still loves Young Soo. Da Hye allowed Hae Joon to stay in her house until the day he will leave, since he already told her that he will leave soon, but after that she doesn’t want to see him ever again. He agreed, knowing that Ma Ya gave him a certain amount of time and after that he will have to return to the world of the dead.

Returned at the house, Hae Joon finds Hong Nan in his room. She wants him to get closer to her and then she starts kissing him. Han Gi Tak is just grateful that Young Soo loves Da Hye so much.

Hong Nan:”Do you want a passionate kiss from me?”

Ji Hoon keeps thinking about something that Hae Joon told him once and realizes that Hae Joon knew from long ago that he is Ha Na’s biological father. He called Hae Joon to the rooftop and told Hae Joon that Cha Jae Gook is watching Hong Nan. Also Ji Hoon said that Han Gi Tak’s accident is suspicious and it may not be a simple accident, but Cha Jae Gook and Na Suk Chul might be involved in Han Gi Tak’s accident.

Da Hye feels close to Hong Nan so she invited Hong Nan to dinner. While they were together, Seung Jae was at the hospital with the organization owner. The old man wanted Han Gi Tak to succeed him, but Gi Tak died unexpectedly. After Gi Tak’s death, Na Suk Chul tried to kill the old man because the old man gave some money to Gi Tak. Unfortunately for Na Suk Chul only Han Gi Tak knows where the money are hidden. After being in a comma for a while, the old man woke up. The called Hong Nan and told her to get the money he left with Gi Tak because Gi Tak hid the money in a place that only Gi Tak and his sister know about. In a moment that Seung Jae left the old man alone, Na Suk Chul killed him.

Worried about Hong Nan, Seung Jae calls her. He is relieved that Hong Nan is with Da Hye at Hae Joon’s house. Still he runs over.

The moment Da Hye went to bring the rice, Hong Nan disappeared. Na Suk Chul’s men got her.

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