“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 14 ~ Lee Hae Joon:”I’ll keep my promise this time.”

Hong Nan is kidnapped by Na Suk Chul. Seung Jae and Hae Joon join forces and go to save her. But when things seemed to go to on the right direction and Hae Joon and Hong Nan planed to tell the truth to Da Hye, Hae Joon is involved in a hit-and-run accident.

Episode 14

Hong Nan was having dinner with Da Hye when she suddenly disappeared. Worried, Da Hye called Hae Joon, who barged into Cha Jae Gook’s office. But Jae Gool doesn’t know what is going on. He didn’t do anything. In order to find Hong Nan, Hae Joon called the only one who can help him, Seung Jae.

The one that kidnapped Hong Nan is Na Suk Chul. He threatens her, but still Hong Nan doesn’t tell him where Han Gi Tak’s money are. Suddenly Seung Jae arrived and fought the gangsters to save Hong Nan. Seeing Seung Jae in danger, Hong Nan hit Na Suk Chul with a rock and run to help Seung Jae fight. But they were only two against several gangsters. Luckily for them at a critical moment Hae Joon arrived with Jae Gil and Han Gi Tak’s boys. They were able to save Hong Nan and Seung Jae from Na Suk Chul and his gangsters.

After the fight, where thinks were calmer, Hong Nan told Hae Joon the reason Na Suk Chul kidnapped her. Now they need to make sure that Na Suk Chul won’t find out that Da Hye is Han Gi Tak’s real sister because Da Hye, as the only remaining family of Han Gi Tak, is the only person that can get Han Gi Tak’s money.

Seung Jae thinks about Hong Nan. He remembers the way Han Gi Tak was fighting and Hong Nan was fighting the same as Gi Tak. Seeing the resemblance between Gi Tak and Hong Nan, Seung Jae encourages himself that his heart beats faster when he is around Hong Nan because Hong Nan is Han Gi Tak’s sister and he is loyal to Han Gi Tak.

Seung Jae:”She was just like Gi Tak.”

Later Hong Nan and Hae Joon met. First, Hae Joon tries to convince Hong Nan to reveal Da Hye that Han Gi Tak was her brother. Then Hae Joon showed Hong Nan the messages he receives in the fortune cookies. They thought that the fortune cookies were love letter from someone that likes Hae Joon, but the last messages made them realize that there not love letters. To find out the truth they ask Ma Ya. The messages from the fortune cookies are from the spy that the real Lee Hae Joon put in the department store.

That night Hae Joon took Hong Nan to Han Gi Tak’s restaurant. He managed to buy Han Gi Tak’s restaurant from Na Suk Chul and put it on Han Gi Tak’s boy’s names. Hae Joon wants to protect the restaurant because there Young Soo, Gi Tak and Da Hye were together, even if Gi Tak was cooking and Young Soo and Da Hey came as clients without knowing each other.

Hae Joon enters his office and receives a new fortune cookie with a message. He follows the indications and meets the spy that was sending him the messages.

X:” Would you like to meet me?”

Da Hye has dinner plans with Hae Joon at Han Gi Tak’s restaurant. Hong Nan is cooking for them. She arranged everything. Hae Joon is on his way. He calls Da Hye to tell her that he is on his way and he will make sure to keep his promise this time. But Hae Joon’s plans are interrupted. He was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Na Suk Chul, who found out that Lee Hae Joon bought Han Gi Tak’s restaurant back, suspects that Hae Joon and Gi Tak knew each other from before Han Gi Tak died. After talking with Cha Jae Gook, Na Suk Chul hit Hae Joon.

Lee Hae Joon:”I’ll keep my promise this time.”

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