“Vampire Detective” ep 3 ~ San:” You should’ve warned me before hitting. You surprised me.”

An old friend of San called him to help her solve a case. He takes the case and investigates his friend’s father’s live and discovers the message he left in a drawing the day he died. But things seems to be more complicated. San’s friend’s father used to make fake identities and around the things he left behind there were also pictures with Yoo Jin and Tae Woo.

Episode 3

An old friend of San, Choi Sun Young, called him after years of not keeping in touch with each other. San and Sun Young were at the same police school. Now San isn’t a policeman anymore, but Sun Young is. She isn’t just a policewoman, but also a gangster’s daughter. After her father died, he left for Sun Young and her brothers a riddle as a will. Since she can’t figure out the meaning of the riddle, Sun Young contacted San.

The riddle Sun Young’s father left is a drawing of four dragons. Sun Young believes that the drawing is a clue to find the password of her father’s safe, where her father must have hidden the real will.

“Point to one direction and run to the opposite way.”

San took the drawing with him and with help from his comrades he begins investigating. Since Sun Young’s father draw a dragon everything one of his children was born, the dragon must have a special meaning for him. They begin their investigation in Chinatown in Incheon, the place where Sun Young’s father was born. The first stop is at a restaurant with the same name as Sun Young’s father’s gang. Inside they saw a drawing of a dragon.

San showed the owner the drawing that Sun Young’s father made before he died and the owner knew as soon as he looked at it that it was made by Choi Tae Shik. The owner tells San that Choi Tae Shik’s name is sensitive to be mentioned in Chinatown because Choi Tae Shik was famous there. Then the owner asked them to leave quietly. While talking with the restaurant owner and on his way out, San noticed a waiter watching them and then hiding.

Leaving the restaurant San is hit by someone. He fell on the ground and the person who hit him came to search his pockets. At that moment San opens his eyes and fights back. But when San forces his attacker to say who send him and who he is the attacker started to talk in Chinese.

San:” You should’ve warned me before hitting. You surprised me.”

San and his comrades met detective Park and found out from him that the knife tattoo that San’s attacker had is a tattoo made on the boat while crossing the sea. Later San returned to Chinatown where the restaurant owner accepted talking about Choi Tae Shik, who started working at that restaurant at a young age after losing his parents. Choi Tae Shik was talented, he was good with his hands. But unfortunately the underground world needed his talent so Choi Tae Shik began making fake identification cards for illegal immigrants and fake passports for criminals. He became so famous that a gang from Seoul looked for him and Choi Tae Shik moved to Seoul where later he became the leader of Black Dragon Gang.

San stayed up all night looking at the clues he has about Choi Tae Shik and realized that to find what Choi Tae Shik’s drawing mean he should look at what it indicates. The next day, San, Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool went to see Choi Tae Shik’s sons and his lawyer. Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool, took each a son to talk to and San went to talk to Choi Tae Shik’s lawyer.

Choi Tae Shik’s drawings had also a flower beside the dragon, but no one knows what it means. San met Sun Young to ask her more about her father. She remembers a day from when she was young and her mother was sick. Sun Young saw her father with another woman. She thought that her father was cheating her mother, but now when she looks back, Sun Young realizes that her father was more like that woman’s puppet. He was kneeling before her and that woman was controlling Choi Tae Shik.

To find out more, San returned to the restaurant and asked the owner about the woman Choi Tae Shik was seeing. He doesn’t know who that woman is, but he tells San the one thing he knows, that the woman Choi Tae Shik was seeing is someone that no one should meet.  San also found out that the chef from the restaurant was found dead.

When he was left alone, San was attacked. When he saw blood, San transformed, but his attacker is stronger than he is. He beat up San until San was left unconscious and took Choi Tae Shik’s drawing with him. But the attacker didn’t took the real drawing.

San discovered the truth behind the drawing. The dragons in the drawings were Choi Tae Shik’s way of expressing his affection. Meantime the fours dragons in his will meant his four children. Choi Tae Shik’s lawyer is actually his eldest son, Choi Cheol Ho. When Cheol Ho was young, he killed gangster who was trying to kill Choi Tae Shik. To protect his son, Choi Tae Shik took the blame for the murder and made a new identity for his son.

San also found out what the flowers mean. The drawings with the dragon each had a flower. The flower meant his children’s birth. In his room, Choi Tae Shik had three drawing of three dragons with flowers, a dandelion and two forget-me-not. The forth dragon, which represented the his first son, is at the restaurant from Chinatown. That drawing from the restaurant has no flower, because the flower was removed after Choi Tae Shik gave his eldest son a new identity. The mouths his children were born was the password to open his safe. When they opened the safe, Sun Young found photos of Kang Tae Woo and Jung Yoo Jin inside. Maybe they are still alive, using new identities.

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