“Refresh Man” ep 6 ~ Wen Kai:”Let’s see what you can do from now on.”

Wen Kai found out that Yu Tang is being humiliated and rushed over to protect her. But he arrived late. Yu Tang was filmed while cleaning someone’s shoes. The next day everyone in the company received that video. Unfortunately for the two secretaries that shared the clip, Yu Tang’s coworkers, Ai Sha and Wen Kai defended and praised Yu Tang for being able to do anything for the company she is working for.

Episode 6

Yu Tang has to talk to YOUR head secretary, but he just wants to humiliate Yu Tang because she didn’t accept his feelings. With the pretext that he is willing to listen to her proposal, head secretary Zhang forces Yu Tang to drink. While Yu Tang was forced to drink, Wen Kai arrived and saw everything. He asked the waiter to tell Yu Tang that someone is looking for her at the entrance. When Yu Tang left, Wen Kai approached head secretary Zhang. Wen Kai drank the drink that head secretary Zhang prepared for Yu Tang to get her drunk and threatened head secretary Zhang with not helping YOURS get into European marked if head secretary Zhang will continue to create problems for his sales agent.  Returning to the table, Yu Tang finds Wen Kai there. He looks at Yu Tang and asks her to dance with him.

Wen Kai:”Dance with me!”

While Wen Kai and Yu Tang were dancing, Zhi Yu came in. He wanted to take Yu Tang away from Wen Kai, but he wasn’t able to do so. To not let Yu Tang with Zhi Yu, Wen Kai took Yu Tang away with the pretext that they still have work to do.

In the car, Wen Kai doesn’t feel so well. He fell asleep and his head dropped on Yu Tang’s lap. At that moment they both remember their first dance at a prom in high school. They liked each other, but they didn’t know how to confess their feelings. At the prom, Yu Tang rejected everyone who asked her to dance because she was waiting for Wen Kai to invite her, but Wen Kai was embarrassed to ask her. In high school, Wen Kai thought that he isn’t worthy of the smartest girl in school. In the middle of the prom, Wen Kai got chance to dance with Yu Tang and he took advantage of it.

When they arrived, Yu Tang carried Wen Kai to his room. She put him to bed and cleaned him, than she left.

Because he went to help Yu Tang, Wen Kai forgot that he had dinner plans with Ai Sha. Its Ai Sha’s birthday and Wen Kai promised to have dinner with her. After waiting for Wen Kai for a while at the restaurant, Ai Sha went to his house to check on him and found him sleeping. When Ai Sha was checking on him, Wen Kai woke up and remembered about Ai Sha’s birthday. He had prepared a birthday cake and a present for Ai Sha. The birthday cake that Wen Kai bought for Ai Sha it’s her first birthday cake. While Wen Kai was celebrating with Ai Sha, Yu Tang called him. She wanted to call Zhi Yu, who called her when she was taking a bath, but she made a mistake and called Wen Kai.

Yu Tang came to clean Wen Kai’s house as she does every morning. This time Wen Kai ordered breakfast to eat together. Unfortunately Yu Tang refuses him once again. She has another breakfast appointment with Zhi Yu. Seeing that Yu Tang meets Zhi Yu again, Wen Kai is getting jealous. But in front of Zhi Yu, Wen Kai is a gentleman with Yu Tang, he is acting totally different then when they are together.

Wen Kai:”It’s still chilly in the morning. Don’t catch a cold.”

While Yu Tang was having breakfast with Zhi Yu, her coworkers, Ai Sha and Wen Kai were watching the video with Yu Tang cleaning head secretary Zhang’s shoes at the party the night before.

Yu Tang’s coworkers try to stop Yu Tang from entering the company and see the video. But they couldn’t because Amy and Wendy, the two secretaries that filmed and spread the video stopped them. Amy and Wendy showed Yu Tang the video and wanted to humiliate her more, but Yu Tang’s team stepped in like an army that was protecting their king. They defended Yu Tang and praised her for being willing to do anything in order to increase the company’s sales and profit. In the end Amy and Wendy were the once humiliated. When they wanted to leave, Wen Kai and Ai Sha appeared. Ai Sha scolded them while Wen Kai forced them to apologize to Yu Tang.

Wen Kai:”Let’s see what you can do from now on.”

Later that day, Yu Tang and Jia Yin went to YOURS for a meeting with their CEO. Head secretary Zhang can’t afford to get in trouble by showing that he is creating troubles for Yu Tang so he puts the two managers that were at that meeting to be the troublemakers. Unfortunately the CEO likes the Mei Mei products and is willing to give them a chance. Still the trial period is a mouth while the contract with Yours has it’s deadline in two weeks.

“ The boss is easy to convince, it’s the little people you have to be aware of. Sometimes the boss isn’t the person who has the last word. If the people underneath pull trick, you won’t get anywhere either.”

Disappointed that they failed to get the contract with YOURS, Yu Tang and Jia Yin return to their office. On their way, their coworkers called to tell Yu Tang that a woman who got a Mei Mei soup from Yu Tang wants to meet Yu Tang. Before returning to the office, Yu Tang met that woman. She is the wife of YOURS chairman and wants to sign a contract for Mei Mei products.

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