“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 6 ~ Da Jung:”I’m not giving up!”

Everything seemed to work just fine for Lovely Cosmetic, but president Kim of Gold Chemicals created trouble for them. They work hard to solve the problems that president Kim created and when things seemed to not be able to be solved, Da Jung used the ace she had in her sleeves.  But another problem showed up at Jung Gi’s house.

Episode 6

When everything seemed to work well for Lovely Cosmetics and their Tap Tap serum, Gold Chemicals copied their products. The name is similar, the recipient is similar, the commercial is similar. The only difference is that Gold Chemicals afforded to use a celebrity in their commercials. Since Gold Chemicals is a large company, it was easy for them to take over the places in which Lovely was selling their product. Now Lovely does what they can do best. They concentrate on their product, hopping that the buyers will recognize the quality. While everyone does what they can, Da Jung asked Jung Gi to compare the ingredients of their Tap Tap serum with the ingredients that Gold Chemicals used for their product.

All that happened gave a hard time to Jung Gi. He is depressed. He is the one that developed the Tap Tap serum, but now everyone accuses his company that they stolen the product from Gold Chemicals. And director Kim of Gold Chemicals makes things worse by telling the media that their product was the original one and Lovely Cosmetics took it. Since director Kim runs a large and powerful company, everyone believes his words and accuses Lovely of copying another company’s product.

Lovely gave an interview too as a response to Gold Chemicals accusations, but no media wants to publish that interview. No media plans to go against a powerful company like Gold Chemicals. Angry, Da Jung goes over to talk to director Kim, but when she arrived, Jo Dong Gyoo was already screaming and putting director Kim in his place.

Bong Gi met Mi Ri and found out about the problems Lovely Cosmetics has with Gold Chemicals and their accusations. While they were talking, Mi Ri sees Da Jung entering a hotel with Shi Hwan.  Since director Kim met Shi Hwan’s mother and Tap Tap serum was cut off from being sell on home shopping, Shi Hwan met Da Jung with a business offer. Shi Hwan proposed Da Jung to join forces and make a new product that can be sold on his home shopping channel. Lovely has to develop the product and JJ Home Shopping will support them from behind so the product will be made in partnership. But what Da Jung and Shi Hwan don’t know is that Shi Hwan’s mother put someone to follow Shi Hwan. That person took picture of Shi Hwan and Da Jung going into that hotel and Shi Hwan’s mother saw those pictures.

The next day, Shi Hwan’s mother came to Lovely, slapped Da Jung accused her of seducing Shi Hwan in order to make him accepted her copied product into their home shopping channel.

Since they can’t seem to be able to do anything in order to save Lovely Cosmetics from failing, everyone from Lovely wants to give up and beg director Kim to accept them once again as his subcontractors. There is one person that isn’t willing to give up and bow her head in front of the person who ruined their products and that person is Da Jung.

Da Jung:”I’m not giving up!”

Jung Gi can’t give up just like that. He has to fight the only was he can so that he will be able to look at his son. Jung Gi gets approbations and goes to protest in front of Gold Chemicals. He screams out loud that Lovely made the original product and Gold Chemicals should apologize.

Lazing around at the house, Bong Gi sees a photo of his brother protesting online.

Bong Gi:”So my big brother does have a cool side of his.”

After seeing his brother’s picture online, Bong Gi met Mi Ri and Hyun Woo. He proposed them to make a clip and post it online. Following Bong Gi’s idea, they made a cheap looking clip and talked about their product, Tap Tap, who is the original products. The next day, Mi Ri and Hyun Woo called for a meeting and showed everyone the video they’ve made. Da Jung liked it and let them post the video on Lovely Cosmetic homepage.

Da Jung has an ace in her sleeve. She has some pictures with director Kim and his mistress. She sent a text to director Kim with those pictures. Then she told director Kim that if he won’t publicly apologize for accusing Lovely of stealing Gold products than his wife will also see those picture. As every big company director with a mistress, director Kim also fears his wife the most in the world. The next day an interview was published, in which Gold Chemicals was admitting that Lovely Cosmetics didn’t steal their product.

Since everything worked for the best, Da Jung even paid Bong Gi for making the video with Mi Ri and Hyun Woo. But of course everything was going to well. In the middle of the night, Jung Gi’s family had some problems with the water and didn’t have a place to spend the night at. All wet, the whole family went to Da Jung.

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