“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 15 ~ Hae Joon:”I’m going to destroy you!”

Even if he was hit by a car, Hae Joon can’t disappoint Da Hye. Struggling with the pain, Hae Joon arrived at his meeting with Da Hye, but he fainted in the middle of the restaurant. There is only one way to extend Hae Joon’s life and he is lucky enough to get another chance. When he recovers, Hae Joon starts investigating Han Gi Tak’s accident. 

Episode 15

Hae Joon has dinner plans with Da Hye. They are meeting at Han Gi Tak’s restaurant and Hong Nan will cook for them Han Gi Tak’s special dish. On his way to the restaurant, Hae Joon was hit by a car whose driver was Na Suk Chul. He discovered that Hae Joon and Han Gi Tak knew each other and decided to kill Hae Joon. After being hit, Hae Joon fell on the ground, but she can’t disappoint Da Hye who is waiting for him. He gets up struggling and goes towards the restaurant. In front of the restaurant, Hae Joon wipes the blood from his face and goes inside as if nothing happened. They’ve enjoyed their dinner. Hae Joon is happy that he could keep his promise for the first time, thing that he couldn’t do while he was Kim Young Soo. But soon, Hae Joon can’t pretend to be fine anymore. He fainted and fell on the floor. Hong Nan rushes over and with his last straight Hae Joon tells her that he was hit by a car.

Hae Joon:”Thank you for being my family. I kept my promise this time…I got hit by a car.”

Ma Ya can’t do anything to save Hae Joon. It’s time for him to return to the world of the dead for good. But Hong Nan can’t let Hae Joon die like that. Da Hye and Hae Joon need time to say their last goodbye so Hong Nan made the ultimate sacrifice. Han Gi Tak gave up his time as Hong Nan in order to save Hae Joon.

In the morning, Hae Joon woke up as if nothing happened the night before. He wanted to go home, rest in his own bed, hear Ha Na talking and eat the dishes Da Hye cooks for him.

Hae Joon:”I want to go home.”

Hae Joon recovered and sees his watch. Seeing that his time reduced, he calls Ma Ya who announced him that his time was actually extended, not reduced.  But she can’t be more explicit and tell Young Soo what happened.

Ma Ya:”Your time hasn’t been reduced. It’s been extended.”

Since he doesn’t have enough time, Hae Joon remembers the conversation he had with the real Lee Hae Joon’s spy. The spy is chairman Cha’s secretary. She is on Hae Joon’s side because her father, the former chairman Cha’s secretary, believed that Hae Joon means the future of Sun Jin Group.

Hae Joon:”The only way to stop the sell off is to become the real Lee Hae Joon.”

Meantime Da Hye met Yi Yeon and they talk about Han Gi Tak. Hearing Han Gi Tak’s name, Da Hye starts feeling strange. The name is familiar to Da Hye, but she can’t understand why she feels that strange. Later Yi Yeon accompanies Da Hye to where Da Hye works and hears the recording with Cha Jae Gook ordering Na Suk Chul to kill Han Gi Tak. The same time Hae Joon, who listened to the same recording, went to Cha Jae Gook.

Hae Joon:”I’m going to destroy you!”

Hae Joon called Hong Nan to his office. He has every photo he could find regarding Han Gi Tak’s accident. But he also needs Han Gi Tak’s memory. They reminiscent together and realized that the person who killed Han Gi Tak was Na Suk Chul, the same person who tried to kill Hae Joon few days ago. But also they realized that Cha Jae Gook didn’t order Na Suk Chul to kill Han Gi Tak. Na Suk Chul used Cha Jae Gook and recorder Jae Gook after Han Gi Tak was already dead.

While talking about Han Gi Tak’s last moments alive, Hae Joon saw Hong Nan’s watch. He then realized why his time was extended, because Hong Nan gave up her time alive.

Hae Joon called for a board meeting and proposed Cha Jae Gook’s dismissal from his position of president of Sun Jin Group. Every one accepted and chairman Cha proposed Hae Joon as the new president. Everyone agreed with that decision.

After the meeting, Hae Joo and Hong Nan met Da Hye and they told her that she is Han Gi Tak’s sister. Unfortunately Na Suk Chuk heard everything.

Da Hye:”Is my brother Han Gi Tak?”

The same day the real Lee Hae Joon is closer to be saved from the deserted island Ma Ya put him.

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