“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 7 ~ Jung Gi:” We’ve finally ensnared him.”

A pipe broke in Jung Gi’s apartment so he and his whole family moved in with Da Jung. While living together, Jung Gi also works hard to save their Tap Tap products. The hard work paid and Lovely Cosmetics was able to get in touch with an e-commerce MD. But after doing everything that the MD asked them, Jung Gi finds out that the MD betrayed them.

Episode 7

A pipe broke and flooded them so Jung Gi and his family need a place to stay for the night. Since they don’t have where to go, Woo Joo is sure that Da Jung will receive them. And she did. Da Jung can’t seem to say no to Woo Joo. Unfortunately for her, Jung Gi’s family isn’t easy to live with. They snore, they chatter their teeth, they make all kinds of noises that didn’t let Da Jung rest well.

Da Jung banned Jung Gi’s family to use the bathroom so after she left for work in the morning, everyone rushed to the bathroom. While Da Jung and Jung Gi were working, Bong Gi was in charge of cleaning Da Jung’s house. She is expecting some visitors. But instead of cleaning, Bong Gi tries out the organic drinks Da Jung has in her fridge, then takes a bath using Da Jung’s products. The guest that Da Jung was expecting, her mother, arrived at the moment Bong Gi was coming out of the bathroom.

When Da Jung and Jung Gi came home after work, they found Bong Gi, Woo Joo and Jung Gi’s father eating happily with Da Jung’s mother. Angry, Da Jung asks Jung Gi and his family to leave her house, but her mother didn’t let them. Da Jung’s mother insisted that Jung Gi and his family stay with Da Jung for a week until their apartment will be repaired. But in the morning it was Da Jung the one that asked Jung Gi to stay at her house until their house will be repaired. She couldn’t bear to let Woo Joo sleep in the public bath for five days.

In order to get some help for their company, Jung Gi and Hyun Woo entered a marathon to follow MD Seo, who is a marathon lover. Jung Gi tried his best to finish the marathon, but he is unable to do so. He isn’t an athletic person. Hyun Woo struggles to follows MD Seo. But at the moment Jung Gi couldn’t keep running, Bong Gi showed up and continued the race. Because Jung Gi asked him this favor, Bong Go didn’t move from MD Seo and finished the race, challenging MD Seo to get a good time.  Thanks to Bong Gi, MD Seo is willing to meet with Jung Gi and talk about Lovely products.

Jung Gi:” We’ve finally ensnared him.”

After the marathon, MD Seo accepted meeting with people from Lovely and discuss business. But the meetings were always at the places that MD Seo wanted, were there were a lot of women to entertain him. For a few nights Jung Gi and Hyun Woo sacrificed themselves and went to party with MD Seo. One night Bong Gi sees what his brother has to do in order to get money in the house and gets angry to see that Jung Gi has to humiliate himself like that. The third night the manager wanted to try meeting MD Seo and he used as an entertainment woman Mi Ri. Since she couldn’t refuse going to the dinner, Mi Ri was humiliated and touched by both manager Shin and MD Seo.

On the fourth night, Da Jung found out that MD Seo was playing both sides. While meeting with Jung Gi, MD Seo was also meeting president Kim for the same reason. She showed Jung Gi everything to make his stop bowing his head and entertain MD Seo. But president Kim didn’t stay quiet. He revealed that Da Jung used to throw her body and entertain their business partners before she became the successful woman she is at the moment.

Da Jung leaves upset and Jung Gi follows her. When he found her, Da Jung was crying.

Da Jung:”I want…to be by myself right now.”


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2 Responses to “Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 7 ~ Jung Gi:” We’ve finally ensnared him.”

  1. Sanaruto says:

    Who is md seo, the actor do you know? He looks so familiar but i have no clue where i’ve seen him…

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