“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 16 ~ Final episode!

Da Hye found out that Han Gi Tak is her brother. Meantime it’s time for Hong Nan to move of. She meets her loved ones for her last goodbye, but Seung Jae can’t let her leave without making Na Suk Chul pay for killing Han Gi Tak. Unfortunately for Seung Jae, he was badly hurt. With his last strength, Seung Jae called Hong Nan.Na Suk Chul has Da Hye in his power. Both Hae Joon and Hong Nan rushed over to save Da Hye. While fighting with Na Suk Chul, Hong Nan revealed that inside her body is actually Han Gi Tak’s soul.

Episode 16

Da Hye heard Han Gi Tak’s name and since then she keeps having dreams with him. Before meeting Hae Joon and Hong Nan, Da Hye found a picture with her as a child and young Han Gi Tak. Seeing that picture, Da Hye feels like she has all the pieces of a puzzle. But Da Hye doesn’t understand how Han Gi Tak can be her brother when he is Hong Nan’s brother. Hong Nan makes thinks clear for her. She tells Da Hye that Han Gi Tak never forgot her and that is why Hong Nan lived under Da Hye’s real name. She made a plausible story for Da Hye to know how much Han Gi Tak loved her without telling that in Hong Nan’s body is actually Han Gi Tak’s spirit.

Hong Nan:”I’ve been living under your name.”

Later that day, Hong Nan meets her loved once to say her last goodbyes. But Seung Jae can’t let Hong Nan leave like that. He wants to give her once last present. Seung Jae wants to catch Na Suk Chul and make him pay for killing Han Gi Tak before Hong Nan leaves. He follows Na Suk Chul. But unfortunately for Seung Jae, Na Suk Chul wasn’t alone and Seung Jae end up badly hurt.

With his last strength, Seung Jae calls Hong Nan to tell her to keep her distance from Na Suk Chul, who is looking for her. Meantime Na Suk Chul contacted Da Hye and called her to Han Gi Tak’s house. When Da Hye arrived, Na Suk Chul called Hae Joon and threatened him with killing Da Hye if Hae Joon won’t bring him the account number where Han Gi Tak has all his money.

Hae Joon arrived at Han Gi Tak’s house when Na Suk Chul was threatening Da Hye. Even if he doesn’t know how to fight, Hae Joon does everything he can to stop Na Sul Chuk from getting close to Da Hye.

Hae Joon:”I won’t die. I’ve already died once.”

While Hae Joon was beaten to death by Na Suk Chul, Hong Nan arrived. She fought with Na Suk Chul and burn the photo with Han Gi Tak’s secret account. But in the fight Na Suk Chul fell over the roof and pulled Hong Nan with him. Hae Joon tries to save Hong Nan, but she is willing to go since anyways she doesn’t have much time left.  Before falling, Hong Nan revealed that she is actually Han Gi Tak.

Hong Nan:”I hope they’ll be happy…the people I love.”

As the rule was saying if they reveal who they really they will be erased so Han Gi Tak’s existence was erased from everyone’s memory. The only one that remembers Han Gi Tak’s existence is Kim Young Soo. But it’s time for Young Soo to leave too soon. He spends his last moments with his family, leaving presents for Ha Na for all the moments he would’ve wished to be with her in the future, but he won’t be.

On his way out, Hae Joon ate one last time the dishes Da Hye cooked for him. All this time Young Soo wished that Da Hye would realized that it’s him inside Lee Hae Joon’s body and his wish came true. After Hae Joon left the house, Da Hye realized who he really was and ran after him and they could say their final goodbyes.

Few days later, everyone’s lives moved on. Since Han Gi Tak’s existence was erased, Seung Jae isn’t dead anymore. He now became Song Yi Yeon’s manager and while walking around with Yi Yeon, Seung Jae sees Hong Nan. The real Lee Hae Joon returned. He doesn’t understand why the employees are acting the way they are around him and why they are thanking him, he doesn’t understand the words Da Hye tells him in the elevator,  but when he arrived in his office, Hae Joon found a letter from Young Soo.

Hae Joon and Hong Nan met again, as strangers. They have the impression that they’ve met before, but they don’t know why.

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2 Responses to “Please Come Back, Mister” ep 16 ~ Final episode!

  1. Lusia says:

    the best drama ever, the best ending ever^^

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