“Vampire Detective” ep 4 ~ Yo Na: “If you move an inch, something horrifying will happen.”

Another case came for San and his team. But with this case they are closer to find the evil woman that everyone until now warned them about. That woman appeared before them, pretending to be someone else. She knows a lot and uses what she knows to make everyone lose their hope, to not believe in love. But an unexpected help from the past brought San his hope back.

Episode 4

Yoon San is looking more into what happened to his friends, Tae Woo and Yoo Jin, but he has to stop for now. A new appeared! A blind young woman called Goo Hyung. She needs the privet detective’s helps. Her brother was arrested after a model was found dead. He was a suspect for a while as a serial murder. The reason he was arrested was because the murder weapon was found at their house. The victim’s blood was found on a kitchen knife at the house of the girl that called San and his team. Also her brother confessed to have killed those models. But Mee Jin is sure that her brother didn’t kill anyone. She heard him working in his room, developing photos, at the exact hour one of the models was killed. Mee Jin told the police what she heard, but the police officers didn’t believe the words of a blind person.

Gyeo Wool:”I believe you!”

Gyeo Wool feels sorry for Mee Jin and doesn’t want Mee Jin to lose her brother like Gyeo Wool lost hers. They return to their house and start working on the new case. Because Gyeo Wool thinks that Mee Jin’s brother looks familiar, the whole team went to see Se Ra.  She knows Kyung Woo and she can’t believe that Kyung Woo could kill someone, but Se Ra never heard Kyung Woo mentioning his sister.

Few days ago, while he was investigating another case, San brought doctor Hwang a notebook. Inside there were written experiments on blood. The problem is that the blood in those experiments doesn’t exists in the world, at least in theory. But San is the one that has that blood.

Doctor Hwang:”You are the one who has that blood.”

The investigation continues so San goes to talk to the coroner and found out more about the cuts on the victims wrists. After that San wanted to talk to Kyung Woo, but he couldn’t. To find out more information, San, Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung went to see the president of the agency at were the models were and talked with both the president and the model that is replacing the dead once.

Back at the house, the detective team look at all that they have from the crime scene. One of the models left a dying message. With her last breathe, the model wrote in blood two initials “MM”. While looking at the pictures from the crime scene, San realized that they never looked at the dark room in which Kyung Woo was developing photos. If Mee Jin heard him developing photos it means that Kyung Woo had a dark room like most of photographers has.

San, Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung went to Mee Jin’s house to look at her brother’s room. Mee Jin wasn’t home, but they still went inside and found the dark room. While they were inside the dark room, Mee Jin arrived home. To not let Mee Jin find out that they entered without her permission, the three detectives crept out. On his way out, San took with him a camera that looked different from the others. Inside that camera there was a strange picture. They went to doctor Hwang to fix the picture and realized that the SD wasn’t from that camera.

Later, San and Goo Hyung went to see the crime scene and see for themselves the drying message. San entered the victim’s bathroom and he smelled the blood, he changed. He was able to see pieces of the victim’s last moments, including the moment she wrote the dying message. The letters weren’t “MM”, it was actually “VV” and the killer was a woman. Also the dying message means a drawing of what the victim saw last before dying, not someone’s initials.  With his new discoveries, San went to see Kyung Woo at the prison. The moment San showed him the picture with the two letters, Kyung Woo was scared.

While San was with Kyung Woo, Goo Hyun met detective Park and found out that Kyung Woo doesn’t have a sister. The Moon Mee Jin that became blind after an accident was a former model. But the woman the detectives met isn’t Moon Mee Jin. Meantime doctor Hwang recovered the picture. In that picture it was the woman that pretends to be Moon Mee Jin. Both Goo Hyung and doctor Hwang send their new discoveries to San and San showed the picture to Kyung Woo. From Kyung Woo, San found out who that woman is. She is the one that threatened Kyung Woo with killing Moon Mee Jin if he won’t took the blame on him for the murders.

The woman that pretended to be Mee Jin, called San. She talked about the day San was shot by his ex girlfriend and then gave San an hour to find her or Moon Mee Jin will die. After talking to San, the evil woman told Mee Jin that the one that made her blind is Kyung Woo. He was obsessed with Mee Jin, but she didn’t look at him. So Kyung Woo put some kind of substance in Mee Jin’s eyes and made her blind.

San and Goo Hyung were able to find Mee Jin in time and save her. But while they were saving Mee Jin, the evil woman found Gyeo Wool. She talked to Gyeo Wool about her brother, Han Gyoo Min.

Yo Na: “If you move an inch, something horrifying will happen.”

The evil woman’s name is Yo Na. She does everything she can to destroy the hope people have in each other. She calls San and makes him remember about the picture with Yo Na that doctor Hwang fixed. Someone put it in Kyung Woo’s camera and San has a way of finding out whom. He checks the surveillance camera from Kyung Woo’s building’s parking lot. And he sees who took that picture and who put it in Kyung Woo’s camera. That person is Yoo Jin, San’s ex girlfriend, the same person who shot him few years ago.

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