“Refresh Man” ep 7 ~ Ai Sha:”Do you like Yu Tang?”

Without knowing that Wen Kai helped her from behind, Yu Tang signed the contract with YOURS. To celebrate that the contract was signed, Wen Kai offered to take sales team 3 to eat. On the meeting day something happened and the whole team went to eat at Meng He’s house. Leaving Meng He’s house, everyone that Wen Kai and Yu Tang met believed that they were a couple.

Episode 7

After failing to sign the contract with YOURS, Yu Tang returns disappointed at the company. On her way, Yu Tang received a phone call from her coworkers telling her that someone wants to meet her regarding a contract with Mei Mei soup. Yu Tang hurried to meet the buyer and was surprised to find out that the buyer was YOURS chairwoman. She is interested in Mei Mei products. But there is another reason the chairwoman is interested in those products. The chairwoman and her husband are close to Wen Kai and he asked the chairwoman to try the products because he trusts Yu Tang.

Wen Kai:”I have faith in her.”

After he heard the good news, Wen Kai went to Yu Tang’s team. But when he entered the sales team 3 office, Wen Kai found Yu Tang talking to Zhi Yu. She was thanking Zhi Yu for his help. Because YOURS chairwoman mentioned that someone encouraged her to believe in Yu Tang, she believes that Zhi Yu is that person. Zhi Yu came by with a new project proposal. Unfortunately for him, Wen Kai doesn’t like him so close to Yu Tang so he gives that project to another sales team. Then Wen Kai accompanies Zhi Yu out to make sure that Zhi Yu leaves.

Wen Kai:”I am also a special person.”

Later Wen Kai went to eat shaved ice with Ai Sha. He actually wanted to eat the shaved ice with Yu Tang, but Zhi Yu ruined his plans. At the shaved ice place, Ai Sha finds out a lot about Wen Kai and Yu Tang from the owner of that place. Seeing the way Wen Kai helps Yu Tang and smiles when he thinks about her, Ai Sha asked him out front if he likes Yu Tang.

Ai Sha:”You really care a lot about Yu Tang, right? Do you like Yu Tang?”

When Ai Sha asked him what he feels about Yu Tang, Wen Kai remembered the day he wanted to confess to Yu Tang when they were in high school. He didn’t have the courage to confess so Wen Kai recorded his confession. While he was listening to the recording, Yu Tang appeared. He stopped her from listening that she was the girl Wen Kai liked. But curious to see what kind of girl Wen Kai likes, Yu Tang took the recorder and wanted to announce the whole neighborhood Wen Kai’s confession.

Yu Tang:”If you like a girl, then just go to her and tell her.”

Yu Tang took the recorder and went around the neighborhood on her bike. Wen Kai ran after her and caught her. He was able to take the recorder back before Yu Tang had the chance to listen to his confession.

Wen Kai:”If you don’t give it back, then I won’t be your friend anymore.”

The weekend came and Wen Kai promised sales team 3 to take them out to celebrate that they signed a contract with YOURS.  Pretending that he had to take care of some business around Yu Tang’s house, he gives her a ride.

Wen Kai:” You don’t need to keep running with those short legs of yours.”

On their way to the meeting place, Yu Tang keeps calling her team leader, but Meng He doesn’t answer her phone. Because Yu Tang is worried about her team leader who has been sick the last few days, Wen Kai drove Yu Tang to Meng He’s house. They knock the door, but Meng He doesn’t answer. Wen Kai realizes what was going on and pretends to break down the door to make Meng He open, then he goes inside.

Wen Kai:”I’m thirsty! I’ll have a cup of tea.”

When Meng He was kicking Wen Kai and Yu Tang out, the whole team arrived. They brought ingredients to cook and eat together.  Leaving Meng He’s house, Yu Tang took the trash to recycle and Wen Kai helps her. Suddenly Meng He’s neighbor, the fortune teller, approached them. He asks them if they are newly married. The fortune teller tells Wen Kai and Yu Tang that they have similar features and they will kiss in maximum a month.

Wen Kai/ Yu Tang:”We look like a married couple?”

Wen Kai and Yu Tang leave, but they are awkward with each other after the fortune teller told them that they will get married in the future.  On their way, to make conversation, Wen Kai gave Yu Tang the present he prepared her, squid slices. Before getting to Yu Tang’s house, Yu Tang and Wen Kai stopped to buy Meng He a new phone. There the seller also thought that Wen Kai and Yu Tang are a couple, the most compatible couple she’s seen so far.

Wen Kai waits for his breakfast. Yu Tang brings it to him and Wen Kai helps her putting the plate on the table. Their hands touched and Wen Kai gets closer to Yu Tang and kisses her. But then the alarm ringed. The kiss was a dream that both Wen Kai and Yu Tang had that morning. Later when Yu Tang came by to make breakfast for Wen Kai, they were awkward without knowing that they had the exact same dream.

Yu Tang signed the contract with YOURS so now the whole team has a meeting to decide who to make Mei Mei sell well. They decided to redesign and start advertising. Using the YOURS contract, Yu Tang goes to Wen Kai to ask for budget to redesign the Mei Mei’s products packaging.

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