“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 8 ~ Da Jung:”Please help me!”

Mi Ri is about to be raped by manager Shin. She can’t accept to lose her honor so she decided to fight for it. Mi Ri tells Da Jung and Jung Gi what happened with manager Shin and they support Mi Ri in her fight against manager Shin. Because Mi Ri needed evidence, Bong Gi joined the team that was helping Mi Ri.

Episode 8

After hearing about Da Jung’s past, Jung Gi follows her. He sees her crying, but doesn’t say or do anything. He stays by her side, he walks her home and pretends that he didn’t hear anything about Da Jung’s past. When they arrived home, Jung Gi’s father and Da Jung’s mother saw them together and started to suspect that there is a relationship growing up between the two of them. In the morning Bong Gi and his father see Jung Gi and Da Jung leaving together for work and their suspicions grow more.

Arrived at work, Da Jung and Jung Gi find out that MD Seo took of all their add. To not let Da Jung talk about her past, Jung Gi told their superior that MD Seo fooled them to get their precious money and signed a contract with president Kim.

Manager Shin invited Mi Ri to dinner to discuss about her full time contract. She is scared to go, but Hyun Woo, without knowing what manager Shin has in mind, encouraged her. Mi Ri went to the dinner appointment and when he thought that things were going towards the wrong direction she sent Bong Gi a text. Hyun Woo on the other hand heard manager Shin talking on the phone and realized what was going on. He went to the restaurant room were Mi Ri and manager Shin were and found manager Shin about to rape Mi Ri. When she saw Hyun Woo, Mi Ri believed that Hyun Woo and manager Shin planed together for her to be raped by manager Shin. After Mi Ri run away crying, manager Shin threatened Hyun Woo to keep his mouth shut about what he saw that night there.

The next day, after she put her thought in order, Mi Ri asked Hyun Woo to be her witness and tell the president what manager Shin wanted to do. But Hyun Woo can’t do that. He is afraid that he will be fired and that Mi Ri won’t become a full time employee if they will open their mouths.

Since Hyun Woo won’t help her, Mi Ri decided to take the hard road and protect herself. She went to Da Jung and told her everything. But unfortunately for Mi Ri, she doesn’t have a witness or an evidence to prove her accusations.

Mi Ri:”My honor is on the line.”

If Mi Ri is willing to fight, even if she will be the one blamed, Da Jung will help her. The both went to president Jo’s office, called manager Shin and told everything to president Jo.  Of course manager Shin defended himself while putting the blame of Mi Ri. Because Da Jung believes Mi Ri and wants to help her subordinate, she threatened president Jo. Da Jung told president Jo and manager Shin that Mi Ri will report everything to the police so they could properly investigate and find evidence.

Meantime Hyun Woo is constantly threatened to not talk about what he saw or he will be fired. Seeing that Hyun Woo has a hard time, Jung Gi takes Hyun Woo out for drinks and finds out everything. Jung Gi understands Hyun Woo’s situation, but still he encourages Hyun Woo to be Mi Ri’s witness because Da Jung won’t allow anyone to fire Hyun Woo.

Da Jung went to the Japanese restaurant where everything happened to try and get some evidence in Mi Ri’s favor. There she met Bong Gi and together they’ve made a plan to help Mi Ri. The next day Jung Gi calls manager Shin, while he was molesting another girl employee, to a meeting. When they entered the meeting room, Da Jung, Mi Ri, Hyun Woo and president Jo were there. Da Jung said that she found evidence that manager Shin tried to rape Mi Ri, she talked to the employee from the Japanese restaurant and she even has the surveillance camera recording. Hyun Woo also stand up and told what he saw. Also Bong Gi appeared, pretending to be an employee of the Japanese restaurant to defend Mi Ri.

Manager Shin had no other way but to admit what he did and to apologize. Da Jung made sure that manager Shin kneeled before Mi Ri and apologize. But manager Shin was also suspended for a while.

The plan Da Jung and Bong Gi made to help Mi Ri wasn’t their first time planning something. Few days ago, Da Jung asked Bong Gi to give the Tap Tap serum to a blogger. That blogger is a neighbor of Da Jung and Jung Gi and she made a good review for the Tap Tap serum. After that the sales for Tap Tap serum increased.

Things seemed to work too well. The Tap Tap serum is back in business. Jung Gi and his family returned to their house. But something happened to Da Jung. She finds her mother fainted on the floor and asks Jung Gi for help.

Da Jung:”Please help me!”

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