“Back to 1989” ep 12 ~ Chen Che:”I don’t know who my dad is.”

Ya Juan’s mother does everything she can to separate her daughter and Jin Qin. But the same time Chen Che, Zhen Zhen and professor Chen do everything they can to help Ya Juan and Jin Qin to find their own happiness. In the meantime Zhen Zhen tries hard to convince Chen Che that is he can’t remain with her in her own time, then she will follow him to the future just to be together for ever.

Episode 12

Chen Che and Zhen Zhen got into an argument and Chen Che told her that he is from the future. He proved it with all his belongings. But the only thing Zhen Zhe could think about is that Chen Che is still young in 2016 while she will be around 50 years old. She gets close to him and asks Chen Che if he would like her if they were from the same time.

Zhen Zhen:”You definitely like me.”

Later in her room, Zhen Zhen thinks about everything that she heard from Chen Che and can’t seem to understand everything. She is shocked about everything. She can’t understand how someone can travel from the future to the past. But then her brother comes by to ask her pen. Zhen Zhen asks her brother if he believes in time travel and he tells Zhen Zhen about the thinks he has read in science fiction books. After talking to her brother, Zhen Zhen realizes that if Chen Che came to the past, then she also can go with him to the future. She runs to Chen Che’s room and her brother sees her and thinks that Zhen Zhen and Chen Che are secretly dating.

Zhen Zhen:”If you can come back to 1989, then I can also go to 2016 with you!”

Unfortunately Chen Che doesn’t know how to return home so it’s impossible for him to take Zhen Zhen to the future. Hearing that Zhen Zhen starts imagining that Chen Che can stay in her time and they can be together.

Because Ya Juan missed a few days of work, Chen Che and Zhen Zhen went to her house. Chen Che managed to persuade Ya Juan’s mother to allow Ya Juan return to work for a while. He plans to help Ya Juan and Jin Qin date.

Chen Che:”For those who are forced to be separated, it’s up to us to create some opportunities for them.”

On their way out Zhen Zhen is curious about the future Ya Juan. But she is shocked to hear that Ya Juan and Chen Che live under the same roof. Of course Zhen Zhen doesn’t know, yet, that Chen Che is Ya Juan’s son. Seeing Zhen Zhen so shocked, Chen Che starts joking around telling Zhen Zhen all kinds of unrealistic thinks that happen in the future.

Chen Che:”We live under the same roof. I’m dating multiple girls at the time.”

Arrived at the house, Chen Che and Zhen Zhen got into trouble with Zhen Zhen’s parents. Guo An told his parents that Zhen Zhen entered Chen Che’s room late at night and didn’t come out for a long time.

The next day, Ya Juan came back to work. At lunch, Jin Qin brought her lunch. To help them have a date without Ya Juan’s mother stopping them, Chen Che offered to do Ya Juan’s job so she could go on a small date with Jin Qin.

Ya Juan and Jin Qin went out to eat. While they were together, Jin Qin opened up and talked about the secrets he’s been hiding from Ya Juan. Jin Qin’s mother died when he was still a child. Because of his mother illness and death, Jin Qin’s family was in a lot of debts. To repay those debts, Jin Qin’s father worked several jobs a day. Working so hard to repay the debts and to send his child to school, he was really strict with Jin Qin and hit Jin Qin a lot. Since he was so poor, Jin Qin never ate chocolate as child. One day, he saw some boys eating chocolate and wanted so badly to see what it tasted like that Jin Qin stole some. His father found out and hit him so badly that Jin Qin lost balance and touched a hot recipient. From that day Jin Qin has a scar on his hand.

When Ya Juan returned to the office her parents where there to check on her. Ya Juan’s mother came to see that Ya Juan didn’t went out to meet Jin Qin and to tell the manager that Ya Juan will quit her job soon.

After work, Chen Che met professor Chen. Professor Chen wants to know if Ya Juan and Jin Qin have a future, but when he hears that Chen Che doesn’t know who his father is, the professor is worried. There is still the possibility that Li Jin Qin isn’t Chen Che’s father and Chen Che’s actions of getting Ya Juan and Jin Qin together could erase Chen Che’s existence for ever. Still Chen Che is willing to take that chance as long as his mother will have a happy future.

Chen Che:”I don’t know who my dad is.”

Professor Chen went to Ya Juan’s room. He wants to know what his daughter really wants and what makes her happy. He is willing his daughter become happy so for that professor Chen even lied to his wife and helped Ya Juan meet Jin Qin. While Jin Qin and Ya Juan were on their date, professor Chen was waiting for Ya Juan at his office to return together home.

Jin Qin:”In this life of mine, I will only love Chen Ya Juan. I love you!”

Meantime Zhong En visited Ya Juan’s house. His family decided to immigrate to United States and he wanted to see if Ya Juan would want to stay with him and his family when she will study there. Zhong En is the only friend of Ya Juan that her mother likes.

Zhen Zhen is in her room thinking of ways to be together with Chen Che. She goes to his room, hugs him and confesses again that she likes him and that she wants to go with him to the future if he won’t be able to remain in her time. But Chen Che isn’t as daydreamer as Zhen Zhen and rejects her.

Chen Che:”I will leave someday!…Mom should get pregnant with me soon. Is it possible for two of me to live at the same time?”

The next day Chen Che met Jin Qin who told Chen Che that his relationship with Ya Juan got closer.

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