“Vampire Detective” ep 5 ~ San:”Do I look like I’m scared of death?”

A popular actress received dead threats so her sister asked San and his team for help. While Goo Hyung investigates, San and Gyeol Wool stick next to the actress pretending to be her manager and her stylist.  After the case was solved, Yo Na called San.

Episode 5

San went to the prison to find more about Yo Na, but all that he was able to discover was that he is lucky to at least go outside in daylight. He should enjoy that while he can because when the time will come “they” will find him.

San:”Do I look like I’m scared of death?”

While filming a movie, actress Yoon Seol Ah received a death bird as threat. To protect Seol Ah from the crazy killer, her manager asked San and his team for help. The killer already killed two people and spent 10 years in jail. After her manager insisted, Seol Ah finally accepted and let the privet detectives protect her. But Seol Ah doesn’t want anyone to know that she is guarded so San pretends to be Seol Ah’s new manager while Gyeo Wool pretends to by Seol Ah’s new stylist.

While San and Gyeo Wool were with Seol Ah, Goo Hyung took the threatening box that Seol Ah received to doctor Hwang, which found a tarot card inside that box. On that tarot card it was a dead bird and under the bird the word “death”.

Meantime at the filming scene, the male actor showed up. He is really arrogant and tries to get Seol Ah and Gyeo Wool in his bed. But Gyeo Wool isn’t an easy target.

Gyeo Wool:”If you touch me one more time, I’ll cut off your wrist.”

Later, at the filming scene, San suddenly hears something. He tries to separate the sound he hears from all the other sounds and he sees something moving. Realizing what was going on, San runs towards Seol Ah. He barely arrived to save Seol Ah from the heavy platform that was falling.

While San was teaching Seol Ah to use a gun, Gyeo Wool called them. Someone entered Seol Ah’s house, cut the dress she was supposed to use the next day for filming and put something red, like blood, on the mannequin. To protect Seol Ah, San was asked to spend the night at Seol Ah’s house.

Seol Ah went to her acupuncture session. While she was lying on the bed to get her treatment done, a masked man came in and started touching her. Seol Ah starts screaming and San enters. The masked man runs away, but San follows him. When he caught the masked man and removed his masked, San saw that the masked man was the actor that Seol Ah had a relationship with. The same time Seol Ah’s manager received a present. She opened it and saw a singing box in shape of a carousel. She played the music and the box exploded. Luckily the manager wasn’t killed or badly injured. Young Rin, Seol Ah’s manager, isn’t just a manager, but she is also Seol Ah’s sister. She also used to be an actress until Seol Ah became popular.

Goo Hyung and San went to see Young Rin’s office, where the bomb exploded and injured her. As soon as they entered, San smelled blood and he changed. He sees what happened before the explosion. Meantime Goo Hyung finds something in the drawer. They investigated the cutter form Young Rin’s desk and discovered that it’s the same that was used to cut the platform that was about to kill Seol Ah the other day at the filming scene. The detective team hurried to tell Seol Ah what they found out, but she refuses to believe that her sister would try to kill her.

It’s the last day of filming and after the rehearsal they start filming. Seol Ah is inside a car and the male actor has to come and get her. He comes, but the door doesn’t open. Suddenly a staff member realizes that there is a bomb in the car and tells everyone to get away. Scared, Seol Ah tries to come out and in her struggle she sees the crazy killed that was in prison for 10 years dead in the car.

Seol Ah is scared. She tries to get out. Suddenly San appears. He ripped off the car’s door and got Seol Ah out just in time. The ones that tried to kill Seol Ah were Min Soo, her road manager who was also the son of the woman who was killed 10 years ago and was blaming Seol Ah for his mother’s death, and Eun Chae, an actress who considered that Seol Ah is the reason she only get supporting roles.

After everything was cleared, San met Seol Ah for their last goodbye. When San was leaving, Yo Na called him. She wants to meet to get to know each other better.

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