“Refresh Man” ep 8 ~ Yu Tang:”A pawn can eat a king.”

Yu Tang found a way to promote better the Mei Mei products. Together with her team, Yu Tang prepared a presentation at which Wen Kai invited the successor of Shinway, the company they want to collaborate from now on regarding that product. One day, when Yu Tang went to clean Wen Kai’s house, she met Sheng Ren. He is Wen Kai’s best friend. Sheng Ren realized that Yu Tang and Wen Kai have feelings for each other so he helps them, in his own way, get closer.

Episode 8

Yu Tang is supposed to go to Wen Kai’s house to clean after work, but she has to meet Zhi Yu for diner and also talk about business. She sends Wen Kai a text saying that something came up and that she will clean up another time. At the restaurant, while Zhi Yu and Yu Tan were ordering their food, Wen Kai and Ai Sha came in. They sat next to each other. Yu Tang and Wen Kai were looking at each other being with their partners and didn’t like that situation.

The next day, Yu Tang works overtime to finish a report that she needs to show to Wen Kai. But she has a difficult time focusing because she keeps thinking about Wen Kai and Ai Sha and how compatible they are.

The day of the presentation has come. Meng He and Yu Tang are ready to start as soon as Wen Kai came in. But Wen Kai invited a special guest. The sales team 3 will make their presentation in front of Wen Kai’s guest, Wang Zhi Yu. If they will be able to convince Zhi Yu that their product is good than Zhi Yu can convince Shinway to sing with them. Both Yu Tang and Meng He are confused. They don’t understand why they have to present their product to a secretary and not in front of someone with more power in Shinway. To clear their confusion, Wen Kai revealed that a lot of big companies chairman’s make their successors work as secretaries for their training. With that being said, Wen Kai reveals that Wang Zhi Yu is the son of Shinway chairman and the future successor of Shinway.

Wen Kai:”Sitting right in front of you is a prince.”

The presentation was a success. Zhi Yu liked it and is willing to sign a contract with Wen Kai’s company for the product that Yu Tang presented. After the presentation, Wen Kai accompanied Zhi Yu out. Since they both like Yu Tang, every time they meet they start a between words battle.

Wen Kai:”I love challenges!”

Things were going too well for sales team 3 so a new problem showed up. The sales team 1 comes to sales team 3 and asks them to stop their collaboration with Shinway. Since sales team 3 doesn’t agree with their request, sales team 1 manager went to see Wen Kai. At that meeting Yu Tang went also. She needed to defend her team and protect the new contract her team got with Shinway. Sales team 1 is the best team in Muse Cosmetics and they threaten Wen Kai with leaving to another company if Wen Kai doesn’t stop sales team 1. But Wen Kai isn’t willing to be threatened. The meeting ended with a bet. If sales team 3 will reach the sales that sales team 1 has in a month then sales team 1 won’t have anything against them and will even give sales team 3 their bonuses from the first half of the year. But if sales team 3 won’t reach the goal given to them, they will be disclosed.  In the name of her team, Yu Tang accepted the challenge. She is sure that her team and their product will perform well and have the results they need. When Yu Tang returned to her office and told everyone about their sales goal, everyone was exited. Sales team 3 was called useless for so long that now they can’t wait to show everyone what they are capable of.

Exited with their new challenge, sales team 3 began their meeting and put every details in order. They even found a new slogan for their Mei Mei product.

“Change for the better”

After work, Yu Tang has to go clean Wen Kai’s house. On her way she sees a shop that reminded her of her high school years. One day, Wen Kai wanted a sports car and drew dots at a shop to get it, but all he could will were squid slices. Because Wen Kai wanted too much that sport car, Yu Tang returned another day and got it for him while spending all her money. Remembering that day, Yu Tang stops at that shop and drew dots to win another sports car. It was the same shop Wen Kai drew dots the other day to win squid slices for Yu Tang.

Arrived at Wen Kai’s house, Yu Tang met Sheng Ren. Since Wen Kai wasn’t home, Sheng Ren let Yu Tang in. He talks with Yu Tang about her relationship with Wen Kai. During high school they were close friends, but one day after the dance when Wen Kai helped Yu Tang get away of some guys who were bothering her, everything changed. After the dance Yu Tang sees Wen Kai fighting with the boys that were bothering her and tried to help him. In the office of the discipline teacher, when Wen Kai was scolded, Yu Tang tried to help him again. But she told the teacher that someone like Wen Kai can never be her friend. That moment Wen Kai left the office without listening the rest of the things Yu Tang told the teacher. After that day, Wen Kai avoided Yu Tang and was angry with her. Because of that misunderstanding they were driven apart.

Realizing that both Wen Kai and Yu Tang have feelings for each other, but the misunderstandings doesn’t let them show their true feelings, Sheng Ren decided to help them. When Wen Kai arrived home, he found Sheng Ren getting Yu Tang drunk. The moment Wen Kai arrived, Sheng Ren left. Because Yu Tang is totally drunk, Wen Kai and Yu Tang fell on the sofa.

Yu Tang:”A pawn can eat a king.”

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