“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 9~ep10 ~ Da Jung:”I’m not the type to strip down so easily.”

Bong Gi gets closer and closer to Da Jung and does all kinds of works for her. So when she found out that Lovely has a new investor, Da Jung asked Bong Gi to follow president Jo and take pictures of the investor. For days Bong Gi followed the new investor, but on the day he finally got a good picture with the investor’s face, the investor came to Bong Gi and lef a message for Da Jung. The new investor, Lee Ji Sang, and Da Jung know each other.The same time, everything related to the new product that Lovely plans to launch in a few days has been sold to Gold Chemicals, who launched it a day earlier than Lovely had planed. Fortunately Da Jung found out in time and prepared a plan B.

Episode 9

Da Jung found her mother fainted in the room and the first thing she could think about was to go to Jung Gi and ask for help. Jung Gi and Bong Gi helped Da Jung take her mother to the hospital. While Da Jung’s mother was admitted, everyone was surprised to see that Jung Gi knew more about Bok Ja then her own daughter.

Jung Gi stayed at the hospital with Da Jung and took care of everything related to Bok Ja’s hospital admission and surgery. He also encouraged Da Jung the whole night. The next morning Jung Gi thought that Da Jung won’t come to work, but she was already at the office when he arrived. Also president Jo came extremely happy at the office. President Kim of Gold Chemicals introduced him to a new investor.

Meantime Bong Gi sees Hyun Woo at the Japanese restaurant with someone form Gold Chemicals. Since he couldn’t hold his curiosity, Bong Gi eavesdropped to Hyun Woo’s conversation. The Gold Chemicals employee was offering Hyun Woo a large amount of money to steal the new product that Lovely Cosmetic plans to launch. Also Hyun Woo was offered a new job at Gold Chemicals.

Happy with the new investor, president Jo told his team to produce as many new products as they want without thinking about the costs. Meantime Da Jung’s mother is being discharged. Because Da Jung has some unsolved business with her mother, Da Jung pretends to be cold towards Bok Ja so Da Jung sent Bong Gi to pick up her mother from the hospital. Bong Gi went, brought Bok Ja home and took care of her until Da Jung arrive.

Han Young Mi has trouble at her house. Her mother-in-law left for a few days and her husband is never home to help her with the housework or the child. Because Young Mi has a difficult time raising her child and working, Da Jung sent Bong Gi to take care of Young Mi’s son until her mother-in-law returns.

Since the incident with Ma Ri, manager Shin has been giving Hyun Woo a hard time. Because of the pressure manager Shin was putting on him, Hyun Woo decided to accept Gold Chemicals offer. He goes to the office after everyone left to get everything related to the new products Lovely will be launching. But Jung Gi forgot his phone and returned.

Episode 10

Since the Mi Ri incident, manager Shin has been giving Hyun Woo a hard time. Tired of what manager Shin was doing to him, Hyun Woo took the files regarding the new products Lovely is planning to launch to give them to Gold Chemicals in exchange of money and a new and better job. On his way out, Hyun Woo met Bong Gi and Mi Ri. After Mi Ri went inside Bong Gi told Hyun Woo to not stress himself so much and to not steal what doesn’t belong to him in order to get someone’s recognition.

Bong Gi:”It’s true that I am living recklessly, but at least I don’t go around stealing other’s things or betraying people.”

The same time president Jo signed a contract with the new investor, Lee Ji Sang without knowing that his decision wasn’t the best decision he had to take. Ji Sang is someone that Da Jung knows. He sent Da Jung a present and she got scared.

The next morning Bong Gi told Jung Gi to take more care of Hyun Woo because Hyun Woo is passing by a hard time and other companies could try to scout him. Unfortunately, someone already send everything related to their new products to Gold Chemicals, who now plans to launch that product as their own a day earlier than Lovely Cosmetics.

Meantime Da Jung asked Bong Gi to follow president Jo and find out who the new investor is. Bong Gi did as Da Jung asked him, but he could only take pictures of the back of the investor.

Yoon Ho discovered that someone from Lovely gave everything related to Lovely new product to Gold Chemicals and announced Da Jung. Back at the office, Da Jung called Jung Gi and together try to figure out who could’ve sell them out. After talking to Da Jung, Jung Gi remembered his conversation with Bong Gi and calls his brother. Later Jung Gi confronted Hyun Woo who admitted to have received such an offer, but denied that he gave all the information to Gold Chemicals.

To find who sold them out, Da Jung and Jung Gi made a plan. Jung Gi met in privet with Young Mi, while Da Jung met Mi Ri. They each said that Lovely will launch a new product that has to be developed in a week. Mi Ri and Young Mi received different products and they were asked to keep it a secret from everyone. In short time they found out who sold their plans of a new product to Gold Chemicals. Shockingly it was Mi Ri. When she found that, Da Jung took Mi Ri with her and reveal that she knows the truth.

Da Jung:”I’m going to keep you by my side and harass you.”

President Jo found out that Gold stole their products and went to see president Kim, who pretended to not know anything. As usual, president Jo let himself be fooled by president Kim. Now the new investor wants Lovely to fire the unnecessary staff to save some money. But Da Jung has other plans. Together with Jung Gi, Da Jung started preparing for a plan B as soon as she found out that someone took their new product plans to Gold. Lovely Cosmetic is preparing plan B to be launched as it was scheduled.

Bong Gi followed the new investor and took pictures of him. Of course he wasn’t able to get a full shot of the investor’s face, yet. But he shows what he has to Da Jung.

Da Jung and Jung Gi prepared everything and went to see president Jo with the new plan B. On the launching day, they plan to release on the market 99 different colors of lipstick.

Da Jung:”I’m not the type to strip down so easily.”

The launching day came and Lovely’s 99 color lipstick is a totally hit. Everyone forgot about the Restart lipstick that Gold stole from Lovely and launched a day earlier. Meantime Bong Gi keeps following the investor until he was able to get the investors face in a picture. But that same night, the investor approached Bong Gi and asked Bong Gi to send Da Jung a message from him. Bong Gi met Da Jung and told her. Somehow, Da Jung was sure who the investor was. She’s been receiving threatening messages from him. She mastered up her courage and went to see Lee Ji Sang.

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