“Back to 1989” ep 13 ~ Chen Che:”I can go back the same way I arrived, right?”

Jin Qin asked his friends to help him prepare a surprise for Ya Juan and everyone helped him. At the party, Jin Qin proposed to Ya Juan. But Zhong En couldn’t bear to lose Ya Juan so he called Ya Juan’s mother. She arrived in time to stop Ya Juan from answering and from here things went from bad to worse. In the middle of all those problems a ray of son appears. Professor Chen believes to have found a way to send Chen Che back.

Episode 13

Jin Qin asked his friends for help to make a present for Ya Juan. Chen Che and Zhen Zhen have to convince Ya Juan’s mother to let Ya Juan come with them and she was allowed. They went to Zhong En’s restaurant. There Xiao Long was dressed as a bear and invited Ya Juan to a dance. When they stopped, Jin Qin appeared and asked Ya Juan permission to let him make her happy for the rest of her life.

Jin Qin:”Chen Ya Juan, are you willing to marry me?”

But Zhong En couldn’t bear to see Jin Qin getting Ya Juan so he called Ya Juan’s mother. She arrived when Ya Juan was about to accept Jin Qin’s marriage proposal. Ya Juan’s mother made her daughter chose between her and Jin Qin and Ya Juan chose to follow her heard, she chose Li Jin Qin. After Ya Juan’s mother left, Zhong En approached Ya Juan with the intention to take her home. But Jin Qin didn’t let him. Jin Qin feels that the whole situation was caused by him so she should be there for Ya Juan and face together whatever may happen.

Chen Che stops Jin Qin and Zhong En from fighting and he and Zhen Zhen took Ya Juan home. He consoled Ya Juan and encouraged her to fight for her own happiness.

Chen Che:” Your life is yours, your future is also yours so you must strive for it by yourself.”

Ya Juan went inside and told her mother what she really feels. She asked her mother to allow her chose the marriage she loves. But Ya Juan’s mother insists that it’s better for Ya Juan to marry someone rich even if she doesn’t love that person. Because Ya Juan doesn’t what that, her mother decided to push Ya Juan away. From now on, Ya Juan’s mother decided to not support Ya Juan. She decided that she doesn’t have any daughter.

Chen Che is in his room remembering the last conversation he heard between his mother and his grandfather. That day, his grandfather mentioned a Christmas day. Chen Che thinks that his grandfather might have mentioned the Christmas of 1989 and that day might be related to his mother and Jin Qin’s separation. Also he thinks about his birth and begins thinking that he might have been born prematurely. That means that his mother should get pregnant soon.

The next morning, Chen Che heard Zhen Zhen’s mother saying that she’s been investing money in a company that he knows that will go bankrupt soon. He tells Zhen Zhen’s mother to stop investing, but he can’t reveal her the reason. That moment Zhen Zhen’s mother gets angry and asks him all kind of questions related to his parents, to the suit he was wearing the day he arrive in 1989.

Chen Che:”I don’t have a father! I grew up in a single-parent household. I don’t know who my father is.”

After work, Zhen Zhen teaches Chen Che to make cards for Christmas and tells him to write one for the most important person in his live. Chen Che goes to his room, makes the card and writes one for Ya Juan and one for Zhen Zhen, but he also writes one for each member of the Ye family.

Since her mother doesn’t allow them to date, Ya Juan and Jin Qin meet secretly. Jin Qin realized that Zhong En might like Ya Juan, but Ya Juan is so innocent that believes that Zhong En only cares about her like a brother for his younger sister.

The next day professor Chen came to see Chen Che. He talked to a friend that works for NASA and found out that there is a possibility for Chen Che to return to year 2016. There are places around the world where two times and spaces coexist. One of those places must be the tunnel where Chen Che had his accident that brought him to year 1989.

Chen Che:”I can go back the same way I arrived, right?”

The next day is Christmas Day and there is a dance party at the company Zhen Zhen and Chen Che work. They are all ready to go. Zhen Zhen left presents and letter for every member of her family in a box in her room. Then she went downstairs where she gave some advises to her brother and hugged her mother as if she was saying goodbye for a long time.

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