“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 11~ep12 ~ Da Jung:”I like him!”

Lovely needs a model for a campaign and Bong Gi went to the audition without telling anyone. When everyone from Lovely saw Bong Gi they were surprised, but that day Hyun Woo found out that Bong Gi is Jung Gi’s brother, not Da Jung’s brother how he thought. Seeing that Mi Ri still believes in Bong Gi’s words, Hyun Woo revealed the truth and Mi Ri refuses to see and talk to Bong Gi. Meantime president Jo signed another contract with Lee Ji Sang and now Ji Sang can get involved in management decision.

Episode 11

Lee Ji Sang ruined the last company he invested in, like he did with all the companies he invested in. Devastated, the president of that company committed suicide and the one that found him was Da Jung. Knowing that Ji Sang plans to do the same at Lovely, Da Jung went to see him. In front of Ji Sang she seemed strong, but when she left his house, Da Jung was trembling.

The sales for the 99 color lipstick are great. Everyone that looked down on Lovely Cosmetics before, for being a small company is now contacting them to sign a contract.  But Da Jung isn’t celebrating. She is furious and worried. She goes to president Jo and attempts to convince him to back off from his contract with Lee Ji Sang. Instead of listening to Da Jung, president Jo met Lee Ji Sang and accepted more money from him.

Because Lovely is looking for models, Bong Gi participated at the auditions without saying a word to his brother or Da Jung. He made it to the semifinals with another man. On his way out, Bong Gi sees his rival with manager Shin convincing the person in charge of choosing the models to accept him. Seeing them, Bong Gi realizes that his rival has manager Shin backing him up.

With things going well for Lovely, all kinds of people showed up offering Lovely employees bribes. Mi Ri and Young Mi managed to decline the offer, but when Young Mi arrived home, her mother-in-law already accepted the abalone and money that were for Young Mi. Meantime Mi Ri got her mail and between bills there was an envelope with money too.

Hyun Woo and Jung Gi went together to a meeting with MD Seo and rejected the bribe. But while Hyun Woo wasn’t paying attention someone put a card in his pocket. He realized it when he arrived home and changed his clothes. The same happened to Jung Gi. Behind all the bribes were president Kim and Lee Ji Sang.  Now they have evidence, pictures, of Lovely Cosmetics employees receiving bribes.

Woo Joo got into a fight with a friend. While Woo Joo was crying on the stairs, Da Jung arrived home and saw him. She took him inside, she fed him and calmed him down. When Woo Joo fell asleep, Da Jung called Jung Gi to come pick Woo Joo up. After Woo Joo and Jung Gi left, Da Jung found out that her subordinates accepted bribes. The next morning, Da Jugn went furious to the office.

Da Jung:”I’m extremely disappointed in every single one of you.”

To save her employees and to not lose her projects, Da Jung called the representatives of all three companies that bribed her employees and wanted to bribe her to. Together with Jung Gi, Da Jung explained the three representatives why is better to work together and found a win-win situation for all.

The model for the photo shot was selected without being shown his face. At the photo shot, everyone was surprised to see that their model is Bong Gi. But Da Jung is pleased with the selection.

Da Jung:”I like him!”

But of course another problem appeared. The sales go well, but Ji Sang pressures president Jo to fire some people. When president Jo announced that he plans to fire some people soon, everyone was shocked. Jung Gi follows president Jo angry in order to get some answers and to convince president Jo to change his mind. Meantime Da Jung paid a visit to the real guilty person, Lee Ji Sang.

Episode 12

To protect her team from being fired, Da Jung went to see the one that plans to destroy them, Lee Ji Sang. He promised her to leave Lovely and her alone forever if everyone in her team will chose her instead of money. Ji Sang only believes in money and doesn’t trusts people.

At her house, Da Jung can’t find peace. She goes to president Jo’s house to try one more time to convince him that now it’s time to hire more people, not to fire the once that work hard because Lee Ji Sang ordered him. But president Jo doesn’t listen to her. The next day, manager Shin is disturbing the employees. He gives them a hard time for every little thing he can think about just to make them resign. Jung Gi can’t let manager Shin treat his subordinates like that so he takes manager Shin out. When they are alone manager Shin revealed to Jung Gi that president Jo does what the new investor wants him to do.

Everyone tries to survive in his own way. Young Mi tries to buy manager Shin dinner to get on his good side. Hyun Woo tries to buy manager Shin drinks. But Mi Ri? What can Mi Ri do? She is already on manager Shin black list since the incident from the restaurant when he tried to rape Mi Ri. The only thing she could do was meet Bong Gi, who she thinks is Da Jung’s younger brother, and, while crying, ask for his help. Meantime Da Jung asked Jung Gi to review everyone’s performance instead of manager Shin. Then Da Jung told president Jo that Jung Gi will do the performance review of all the employees. President Jo agreed, but he also threatened Jung Gi with firing him if he won’t do a good job.

Hyun Woo found out that Bong Gi is actually Jung Gi’s brother and asked Jung Gi that lied that he was actually Da Jung’s brother and that he will help Mi Ri not get fired. Mi Ri heard the conversation and started crying angrily that she was deceived. Angry, Jung Gi goes home and vents all his anger on Bong Gi. But Bong Gi doesn’t stay silent.

Personal thought: What in the world this Mi Ri wants???? I mean Bong Gi never said that he is Da Jung’s bother. He only said that someone from his family works at that company. Mi Ri approached Bong Gi because she thought that Bong Gi was Da Jung’s brother and she could gain something from that. Now she feels deceived???? She of all people??? The one who recently stolen everyone’s work and sold it to Gold Chemicals??? And then let Hyun Woo being blamed for what she did????

Jung Gi finished the evaluation and took it to Da Jung. The person Jung Gi proposed to be fired was himself. He went home, drunk with Bong Gi and told his younger brother what happened.

Jung Gi:”You’ll have to give me allowance now?”

The next morning, when everyone went to work they found out that the person who will get fired will be Han Young Mi. After he saw the official documents, Jung Gi went to president Jo and to Da Jung and protested.

With Young Mi fired, president Jo received another investment from Ji Sang. They also signed a contract that allows Ji Sang to be involved in management decisions. The following day president Jo brought Ji Sang over to Lovely and introduced him to everyone.

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