“Vampire Detective” ep 6 ~ “I killed Soo Yeon!”

Goo Hyung received an invitation to his high school reunion. He refused to go, but when an old high school friend showed up at his door asking him to go, he agreed. San and Gyeo Wool accompanied him. At Goo Hyung’s high school, San, his team and Goo Hyung old classmates reenacted the night one of their friends died during high school. Reenacting that girl last moments, San discovered who killed her.

Episode 6

Yo Na called San and they’ve arranged a meeting. Since he has a lot of questions, San went at that meeting. Unfortunately for him, Yo Na didn’t come alone, the men that were with her fought with San.

Yo Na:”It’s no fun if things are too easy. You’ll soon realize who the master is and who the hunting dog is.”

Goo Hyung received an invitation to his high school reunion. He never went when he received an invitation during the years that passed. So this time an old classmate came looking for him and insisted that he went. After Ji Yeon’s visit, Goo Hyung became acting strange. He wasn’t like he usually is and he was drinking a lot. One of the girls that he was friends with died during high school. Now, after 20 years, Goo Hyung finally decided to go to his high school reunion. Gyeo Wool and San accompanied him.

At the school they remembered their school years. Then they’ve played the same game they’ve played the night Lee Soo Yeon died during high school. Each of them had to write a mission and put it in a box. After that each of the players would chose a card. Then one that chose the star card would give a mission from the box to the numbers written there. The night Soo Yeon died, someone wrote a killing mission.

“Number 3 has to kill number 5.”

Ji Yeon, who now works at a broadcasting channel, wants to find out who killed Soo Yeon. For that she went to Goo Hyung. She told Goo Hyung her plans and he accepted to participate at the reunion for the first time in 20 years.

The night they were playing that game in high school, Goo Hyung picked number 3 and on Soo Yeon’s dead body it was found the number 5 card. But the strangest thing is that Soo Yeon wasn’t  in the classroom when they’ve picked the cards so she couldn’t have picked it. When Ji Yeon and Goo Hyung revealed their secret plan to find out who killed Soo Yeon, one of the girls in the group, Im Mi Ra, was the one that protested the most. During those 20 years everyone believed that Goo Hyung killed Soo Yeon because he had the number 3 card and after Soo Yeon death Goo Hyung dropped out of school.

San:”Let’s go back to the past.”

During high school everyone hated Soo Yeon. She was beautiful and smart. Out of jealousy, Ji Yeon started a rumor saying that Soo Yeon and their teacher were dating. Soo Yeon knew that Ji Yeon started that rumor and showed Ji Yeon that she was wrong. Soo Yeon dragged Ji Yeon to the teacher’s office and let her look on the window. Inside the office there were the teacher and the student he was having a relationship with, Im Mi Ra. Shocked Ji Yeon run away, but the teacher saw Soo Yeon. To not be kicked out a second time for the same reason, the teacher made a plan to kill Soo Yeon, because Soo Yeon never told him who the second student that saw him and Mi Ra was.

The teacher let his students drink at school until they were drunk, then the plan started. Mi Ra changed the cards for the game while no one was paying attention. Mi Ra took the star card, while everyone else had the number 3 card. Meantime Soo Yeon was on the rooftop with their teacher. Mi Ra was the one that send Soo Yeon there. On the rooftop, Soo Yeon met the teacher who insisted to know the name of the other student. Because Soo Yeon didn’t open her mouth, the teacher pushed Soo Yeon of the rooftop and put the number 5 card in her pocket. San and Gyeo Wool found out the real truth and revealed to everyone. Since they all had the number three card the night Soo Yeon died, they all felt guilty for 20 years.

“I killed Soo Yeon!”

The statute of limitation for Soo Yeon’s death expired, but still Ji Yeon plans to reveal the whole truth on her show so that the people know what happened.

Returned at the house, San received a text with an address. That text it was from Yo Na.

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