“Refresh Man” ep 9 ~ Wen Kai:”How long do you plan on lying on me?”

Yu Tang wakes up and sees Wen Kai sleeping next to her while holding her in his arms. She doesn’t remember what happened, but she isn’t upset about where she is either. The next days, Yu Tang realizes that it’s possible that Wen Kai likes her and that she likes him too. But every time Zhi Yu gets in the way of Wen Kai and Yu Tang.

Episode 9

When Wen Kai arrives home he finds his best friend getting Yu Tang drunk. Sheng Ren realized that Wen Kai and Yu Tang have feelings for each other, but the misunderstandings that they both have don’t let them accept their true feelings. After Sheng Ren left, Wen Kai tries to take Yu Tang home, but they fell on the sofa. The drunk Yu Tang tends to kiss Wen Kai, but she falls asleep. That moment Wen Kai remembers the day Yu Tang’s mother died. He consoled Yu Tang and held her while Yu Tang cried until she fell asleep in Wen Kai’s arms.

Yu Tang wakes up and sees We Kai sleeping next to her, holding her in his arms. She doesn’t remember what happened and suddenly her phone starts ringing. She reaches out her hand so the vibration won’t wake up Wen Kai. But Wen Kai woke up!

Wen Kai:”How long do you plan on lying on me?”

Embarrassed, Yu Tang leaves without looking at Wen Kai. She left behind the bag with the car she won for Wen Kai. He sees the car and smiles.

The next morning, Yu Tang and Wen Kai meet in the elevator at work.

Wen Kai:”Do you remember what happened last night?”

Arrived to her office, Yu Tang sees Zhi Yu there. He brought everyone drinks and breakfast because they are people that Yu Tang’s loves. But Yu Tang is busy texting with Wen Kai to pay attention to Zhi Yu. Because Zhi Yu is there to talk about business too, Yu Tang joined her team.

Zhi Yu:”You should stop refusing me.”

Later Yu Tang and Meng He went to Wen Kai to report their new marketing strategy regarding Mei Mei products. In the middle of their reports, Meng He tells Yu Tang to leave. Left alone with Wen Kai, Meng He advised Wen Kai to not let Zhi Yu come between Yu Tang and himself. Listening to Meng He’s advise, Wen Kai sends Yu Tang a text telling her to wait for him after work because he will give her a ride to his house to clean.

On their way to Wen Kai’s house, Wen Kai and Yu Tang relationship was better. But Zhi Yu called Yu Tang and the atmosphere changed. Zhi Yu got Yu Tang a visitor pass for Yu Tang to enter his company research laboratory. Wen Kai let Yu Tang leave, but he asked her to call him and tell him how everything went at the research laboratory.

Wen Kai arrived home, cleaned his house, took a shower, read something, watched a movie etc. and still Yu Tang didn’t call him. Anxious, Wen Kai can’t wait any longer and send her a text. Yu Tang had just arrived home when she received Wen Kai’s text. Seeing that it’s a text from Wen Kai, she smiles and replied.

Wen Kai:”You don’t know who the wolves in sheep clothes out there are.”

Since Yu Tang is home, Wen Kai calls her using as pretext the fact that she was in a research laboratory until now. But he actually just wanted to hear Yu Tang and wish her good night.

Yu Tang:”Why did he call me so suddenly?”

After the phone conversation, Wen Kai sent another text to Yu Tang and she replied happily. But after she replied, Yu Tang remembered what she told Wen Kai the night she got drunk at his house. The next day, Yu Tang met sister Ping for a briefing regarding the products for which Yu Tang signed a contract with YOURS. After the briefing Yu Tand finds out that the one that praised her in front of sister Ping is actually Wen Kai. She is shocked and remembers all the moments Wen Kai showed up the moment she needed him.

Wen Kai goes to sales team 3 to hear about their progress with the Mei Mei products, but no one was there. He calls Yu Tang and finds out that Zhi Yu took everyone out to eat.

Wen Kai:”It’s fine if you want to eat with him, but why didn’t you tell me about it?”

Yu Tang can’t stop thinking about Wen Kai’s weird behavior. He treats her badly, but helps her behind her back, he buys the thing she likes to eat, he tells her everything about his schedule when he doesn’t need to. She goes with Ai Sha for a coffee and asks her. Ai Sha made it clear for Yu Tang. Since they are on the subject, Ai Sha made Yu Tang understand that not only Wen Kai likes her, but she also has feelings for Wen Kai.

Ai Sha:”This person likes you! Yu Tang, do you like him?”

While he was waiting for Yu Tang to arrive at his house, Wen Kai cooked all her favorite dishes. But when Yu Tang arrived, Wen Kai’s good mood was ruined. Happy that Yu Tang is about to arrive, Wen Kai sees Zhi Yu bringing Yu Tang to his house. And Zhi Yu also gave Yu Tang a present, something to tie her hair.

Wen Kai keeps his cool and pretends that he didn’t see anything when Yu Tang came in. They sit at the table and Yu Tang wants to ask Wen Kai if he likes her, but she is embarrassed. Instead of saying what she wanted to say, Yu Tang talks about the Mei Mei products and Zhi Yu.  Hearing Zhi Yu’s name made Wen Kai angry. Because Yu Tang wasn’t stopping talking about Zhi Yu, Wen Kai fed her personally. Without realizing that Wen Kai was bothered by it, Yu Tang used Zhi Yu’s present to tie her hair.

After dinner, Yu Tang starts cleaning the house. Because she still has her hair tied up, Wen Kai insists that Yu Tang releases her hair until they started fighting. At that moment Wen Kai threw away a present he had gotten for Yu Tang and threw on the table a few puzzle pieces for her. Yu Tang doesn’t understand Wen Kai’s behavior. She takes the puzzle pieces, throws them back to Wen Kai and leaves.

That night both Yu Tang and Wen Kai want to text the other and solve their anger, but they end up going to bed without sending the texts. In the morning, Wen Kai went to Yu Tang’s house to apologize, but he sees her with Zhi Yu and gets angry so he leaves.


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