“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 13 ~ Da Jung:”We’re headed for an all-out war.”

Lee Ji Sang came to Lovely as the new Head Director and started doing the things he wanted. First he brought in manager Yang of Gold Chemicals as vice chief of Lovely Cosmetic and his assistant general manager of Lovely. Of course Da Jung can’t let him win the battle so she brings in people that she can trusts. But vice chief Yang starts turning every employee against Da Jung.

Episode 13

Ji Sang came to Lovely Cosmetics where he was introduced as Head Director. Everyone is shocked by the new announcement, but Da Jung is furious. On his first day at Lovely, Ji Sang discovered that manager Shin didn’t do a good job and was stealing money so he fired manager Shin. After he fired manager Shin, Ji Sang brought the man he had already scouted, manager Yang of Gold Chemicals. Ji Sang assistant has a new position at Lovely too. He is the new General Manager.

Da Jung:”We’re headed for an all-out war.”

To fight Ji Sang, Da Jung needs people that she can trust. For that she meets Yoon Ho, tells him what happened and asks him to help her. Later Yoon Ho went to see president Kim, told him about his meeting with Da Jung and asked president Kim to let him get back the life he ruined because of Da Jung.

Bong Gi tries to get a job so he went to various job interviews, but no one wanted him. Meantime Woo Joo met his friend whom he fought the other day. That boy always teases Woo Joo for not having a mother. The other day, Woo Joo fought with him and got into trouble. This time, Woo Joo just looks at him and tells him what Da Jung thought him. The boy started crying and his grandmother saw it.

Later at the house, Woo Joo was educated by his grandfather when Jung Gi arrived home. Because he likes more what Da Jung teaches him, Woo Joo asks for permission to marry Da Jung and move to her house. Jung Gi and his father are both shocked. But Bong Gi took Woo Joo on the balcony and told Da Jung about Woo Joo’s big plans. Da Jung accepted to wait for Woo Joo for another 20 years even if she will be all wrinkly. Hearing that he will have to marry an old woman around 60 years old, Woo Joo loses interest.

Manager Yang of Gold is now the new Vice Chief at Lovely. His job is to create troubles for Lovely employees and make is easy for Lee Ji Sang to ruin Lovely. But it won’t be easy for him to do so. Da Jung has her own plans. He brought Young Mi back as a freelancer and Young Mi listens just to Da Jung. That was the condition on her contract.

Da Jung:” If you are a subordinate, act like one.”

The meeting starts and vice chief Yang tries to ruin Lovely plans of promoting a new products by saying that Lovely doesn’t have the large amount of money to promote the new product in so little time. Of course he was humiliated again by Lovely employees who made it clear that Lovely work is based on good ideas not on money like Gold Chemicals. For the event, Lovely managed to hire a popular rapper, Cheetah.

After the event Lee Ji Sang took the whole team out to dinner. There he wanted to show Da Jung one more time that money are the most important for everyone. His target that night was Jung Gi, but for Jung Gi money aren’t the most important. He want to be able to do the work he likes, to be recognized for his work, to be able to enjoy the success with his coworkers and those things can’t be bought with money.

Back at the house, Jung Gi sees that someone sent flowers to Da Jung. He pretends to not care about it, but he is actually jealous.

Early in the morning all the employees of Lovely received some bonuses. Seeing them happy with money, vice chief Yang starts with his job and lies to everyone that Da Jung received a large amount of money after Tap Tap serum was released. But no one seems to truly believe vice chief Yang. Later that day Jung Gi met a former employee of Tava Tech, another company that Ji Sang invested in and ruined it. After Ji Sang ruined that company, the president of Tava Tech committed suicide. Before he committed suicide, the Tava Tech president pressed charges against Ji Sang at Da Jung’s advice. While Jung Gi was finding out everything, president Jo was also discovering the big mistake he made while making business with Lee Ji Sang.

The following days, vice chief Yang tries hard to turn the employees against Da Jung. Meantime president Jo, realizing what was going on, thinks that Da Jung and Ji Sang worked together to fool him and now he wants to commit suicide.

Da Jung:”I told you to protect this company!”

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