“Back to 1989” ep 14 ~ Ya Juan:”I can pretend nothing happened. I can start all over again.”

Xiao Long confesses his love for Zhen Zhen. That moment Chen Che realizes that he can lose Zhen Zhen so he confesses also. That night something terrible happened to Ya Juan and she changed for ever. She is scared, she refuses to go out or to see anyone except for Zhen Zhen.

Episode 14

Zhen Zhen heard the conversation between Chen Che and his grandfather so she thinks that Chen Che will return to year 2016 without her. On Christmas day, while they were heading towards their company party, Zhen Zhen believes that if she will speed up in the tunnel where she first met Chen Che then a vortex will be created and they will be sent to year 2016 together. Unfortunately time travel isn’t that easy so it didn’t work.

Chen Che:”Whether or not I can go back to year 2016 it’s my problem. You are from year 1989, just stay here!”

Chen Che gets angry with Zhen Zhen for what she just did. But then Zhen Zhen realizes that both her and Chen Che are wrong. She realizes that the most important thing is that they are together at that moment, they should stop thinking about where they belong and they should begin to enjoy the present in which they are together.

Chen Che:”Ye Zhen Zhen, I really have lost to you.”

Since they finished with the time travel discussion, Chen Che asks Zhen Zhen for her help. He asks her to watch Ya Juan and not let her alone for even one second that night. But as soon as they’ve arrived at the party, Xiao Long confesses that he likes Zhen Zhen.

Xiao Long:”Ye Zhen Zhen, I like you! Will you be my girlfriend?”

Xiao Long danced and confessed to Zhen Zhen. It’s time for her to give him an answer. But Chen Che stops her. When he saw Xiao Long confessing, Chen Che realized that could lose Zhen Zhen and that was too painful. Chen Che grabbed Zhen Zhen’s hand, invited her to a dance and confessed too. At the end of the dance, Chen Che kissed Zhen Zhen in front of everyone. The only happy people there were Jin Qin and Ya Juan. Zhong En was on Xiao Ling side because he could feel what Xiao Long was feeling. He is in the same situation with Ya Juan and Jin Qin.

Zhong En took Jin Qin out and asked him to give up Ya Juan. For Zhong En is not important that Ya Juan doesn’t love him. As long as he likes Ya Juan and he can have her nothing else matters. Meantime, Xiao Long challenged Chen Che. They will both drink and if Chen Che wins then Xiao Long will accept Chen Che and Zhen Zhen being in a relationship. While Chen Che and Xiao Long were drinking, Ya Juan leaves to look for Jin Qin. She sees Jin Qin arguing with Zhong En. Ya Juan goes after Jin Qin, but Zhong En stops her and confesses his feelings.

Zhong En:”Ya Juan, I like you!”

Ya Juan feels disgusted. She rejects Zhogn En’s feelings, turns her back on him and runs after Jin Qin. Zhong En runs after her. Suddenly someone dragged Ya Juan into a corner. Chen Che and Zhen Zhen go to look for Ya Juan and they meet Jin Qin. They tell him that Ya Juan is missing, they split and go look for Ya Juan.

The one that found Ya Juan was Zhong En. She was crying in a corner. Ya Juan clothes were ripped and she was scared. She didn’t let Zhong En touch her. While looking for Ya Juan’s shoes, Zhong En found something and hit it in his pocket.

Zhong En accompanies Ya Juan, but on their way they met Jin Qin. Ya Juan doesn’t want to talk to Jin Qin or for Jin Qin to know what just happened to her so she asks Zhong En to take her away. Seeing them leaving together, Jin Qin believes that Ya Juan just accepted Zhong En’s proposal. He meets Chen Che and Zhen Zhen and devastated tell them what he believes.

Zhong En took Ya Juan to his bar. He convinced her to go inside and tidy up so her mother won’t worry. Then he brought her new clothes.

When Zhen Zhen and Chen Che arrived at the bar, Zhong En lied to them that Ya Juan has some bruises because she encountered some thieves and while she was robbed she fell. Worried Chen Che and Zhen Zhen want to call the police, but Zhong En stops them. The moment Ya Juan sees Zhen Zhen runs to her and scared asks Zhen Zhen to take her home.

Zhen Zhen and Chen Che took Ya Juan home. She is still frightened and shocked. When Chen Che tells Ya Juan’s mother what he know form Zhong En, Ya Juan’s mother wanted to call the police, but Ya Juan stopped her. Trembling, Ya Juan asked her mother to not get the police involved and them she asked Zhen Zhen to stay with her for a while.

Back at the house, Chen Che and Zhen Zhen are seen hugging each other and have to confess to Zhen Zhen’s family that they are dating. Luckily for them Zhen Zhen’s parents allowed them to date. Meantime Ya Juan, who is sleeping, keeps dreaming about what just happened that night.

In the morning, Ya Juan asks her mother to ask for a leave from Ya Juan’s workplace. Ya Juan doesn’t want to go out of her house. She decided to go study aboard because there she could pretend that nothing happened.

The same time Chen Che is out with Zhen Zhen’s father. He is extremely happy with getting another son and gives Chen Che some fatherly advice.

Ya Juan:”I can pretend nothing happened. I can start all over again.”

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3 Responses to “Back to 1989” ep 14 ~ Ya Juan:”I can pretend nothing happened. I can start all over again.”

  1. peacock says:

    i finally understood the plot. Chen Che’s dad is the criminal that they caught in 2016. Based on the synopsis, i believe that she gets pregnant and Chen Che and Zhen Zhen has to decide whether they should advise Ya Juan to abort the baby and start new or give up her dream and raise the child. So Chen Che has to choose between his own existence or his mom’s happiness.

    • lemonmirae says:

      It seems like it. I was hopping that Li Jin Qin was Chen Che’s father :(. Now that I remember in the first episode, when Chen Che first arrived in 1989, in the tunnel they’ve showed the criminal driving the car….

    • lemonmirae says:

      And…the way I see it Yorke Sun who plays Li Jin Qin and Marcus Chang who plays Chen Che kind look alike 😀

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