“Vampire Detective” ep 7 ~ Yo Na:”Yoon San, kill her!”

San is forced to work with Yo Na. She needs San’s help to find someone, the man she loves. They’ve looked all night for that man and finally found him. But that man wasn’t in love with Yo Na so, angry, Yo Na ordered San to kill the woman Young Gwang loved. After everything finished, San saw his old friend Kang Tae Woo.

Episode 7

Yo Na:”I’m the owner and you are the hound.”

Yo No brought to her club all of San’s friends. He tries to get them out without telling them anything, but they enjoy that club too much. Suddenly Yo Na called him. She needs San to find someone for her. If San won’t accept her request or he won’t finish his mission in time, until 6 AM when the club will close, than all of San’s friends will die. Except for San’s friends everyone in that club are vampires.

San goes with Yo Na. He agreed to do as she wants in order to save his friends. They arrived at an alcohol factory. Yo Ha stays out and sends San inside to “smell” what happened there. He goes inside and uses both his vampire’s skills and policeman skills.

With what San found at the factory, San and Yo Na left. They went to a salon. The man there knows Joo Young Gwang, the man Yo Na is looking for.

Yo Na:”It seems like you know who I am. I’m different from him. If you don’t speak you’ll die.”

Yo Na and San continue their search for Joo Young Gwang to several places. They finally arrived at a place where someone is willing to help them. In return that man who is willing to help wants San and Yo Na to find someone for him, a prosecutor who disappeared three years ago.

Joo Young Gwang was a medicine student who rented a room at Yo Na’s house. At that time Yo Na’s name was Eun Hye. She was living with her mother, Joo Young Gwang and another student that rented a room at Eun Hye’s house. Eun Hye fell in love with Young Gwang the moment she saw him. And he liked her too. One night when Young Gwang came home late, he found Eun Hye, her mother and Dal Soo lying on the floor, full of blood. A vampire had attacked them. Eun Hye was bitten by that vampire and survived. Unfortunately, she soon felt the urge to drink blood. To help Eun Hye, Young Gwang started killing people and bringing Eun Hye the blood of his victims.

Young Gwang:”I’ll protect you! I will never let you kill anyone.”

After being locked in their room for 10 years, Eun Hye wanted more. She wanted to go out and lead a “normal” life. When Young Gwang came home with the bottle of blood, he didn’t find Eun Hye home. He rushed out to look for her and found Eun Hye biting someone on the streets while wearing new clothes and makeup.

For Eun Hye, Young Gwang created a gang that was collecting blood for them and putting them into wine bottles. But at a certain time, Young Gwang got tired. He ruined his own life to help Eun Hye and became a monster for her.

Young Gwang:”Because of you I’ve became a monster, too! Nothing is forever in this world.”

Yo Na and San finally found Joo Young Gwang. He revealed Yo Na why he never accepted her. Joo Young Gwang was always in love with Eun Hye’s friend, So Yeon. He wanted to help Eun Hye, to be her daylight, but he never loved her the way she wanted. Because Joo Young Gwang rejected her and wanted to leave with So Yeon, Yo Na ordered San to kill So Yeon if he wants his friends to live.

Yo Na:”He’s mine! Yoon San, kill her!”

Since San didn’t want to kill So Yeon, Yo Na bit So Yeon. In return, to end Yo Na’s life since he started all that craziness, Joo Young Gwang turned on the light. The light is Yo Na’s weakness. The light kills Yo Na. Because in Yo Na’s hands are his friends lives, San took off his jacket and covered Yo Na. That moment Joo Young Gwang’s men appeared to take him and So Yeon away. Between those men, San saw his old friend Kang Tae Woo.


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