“Back to 1989” ep 15 ~ Ya Juan:”My whole life has been entirely ruined by you! “

Ya Juan finally got out of her room and went outside her house. She met Jin Qin and broke up with him. After what happened to her, Ya Juan doesn’t think that she deserves Jin Qin’s love. Meantime Chen Che revealed Zhen Zhen that he is Chen Ya Juan’s son.Finding out the secret behind his birth, Chen Che is shocked and realizes why his mother was always cold towards him. He starting to understand his mother. Chen Che believes that his existence is the reason Ya Juan couldn’t be happy.

Episode 15

Zhen Zhen is excited to be Chen Che’s girlfriend so she can’t let him see her ugly moments. She does a facial mask in the morning, but realizes that she is late for work. While running to the bathroom to clean her face, Zhen Zhen faced her most feared moment, Chen Che saw her wearing the mask. Going to change for work, Chen Che noticed on his hand a scar that he didn’t had before. Something must have changed in the future.

Chen Che:”Your boyfriend, me, thinks that’s very cute.”

As soon as Zhen Zhen arrived at the office, Xiao Long apologized for ruining the Christmas party. Chen Che understood where Xiao Long comes from and encouraged Zhen Zhen to accept Xiao Long’s apology and continue with their friendship.

Meantime Ya Juan doesn’t move from her room. When Zhong En came to visit her, Ya Juan blamed him for what happened to her.

Ya Juan:”My whole life has been entirely ruined by you! I don’t want to see you ever again!”

Its lunch time and Zhen Zhen prepared lunch for her and Chen Che. To get rid of their coworker’s comments, Zhen Zhen and Chen Che went to a park near by their office. But Chen Che can’t enjoy his time with Zhen Zhen. He is too worried about Ya Juan. Meantime Ya Juan came out of her house. She goes on a walk to every places she’s been with Jin Qin. Suddenly Jin Qin appears in front of her and asks Ya Juan to tell him if there is something between her and Zhong En. Embarrassed to face Jin Qin after she’s been raped, Ya Juan just breaks up with Jin Qin.

Ya Juan:”Let’s break up!”

When she arrived at the house, Ya Juan met Zhen Zhen and Chen Che. She told them that she broke up with Jin Qin and Chen Che asked her if Zhong En has anything to do with that. The moment she heard Zhong En’s name, Ya Juan had a strange reaction. Seeing his mother’s reaction, Chen Che went to see Zhong En.

Chen Che asks Zhong En what really happened to Ya Juan, but Zhong En doesn’t open his mouth. He insists that Chen Che and Zhen Zhen tell Ya Juan that he is willing to accept Ya Juan, protect her and be with her for the rest of their lives no matter what happened and no matter if Ya Juan still loves Jin Qin.

Ya Juan is been acting strange since the Christmas party and Chen Che wants to know why and wants to know if Ya Juan is pregnant. The only person who can help him find out is Zhen Zhen. For that Chen Che reveals Zhen Zhen who he really is.

Chen Che:”My birthday is August next year…and it’s December now. It theory, my mom’s womb should have me inside, right? Then, no matter what, Ya Juan is pregnant. I am born next August so Ya Juan is already pregnant.”

The news she just found out shocked Zhen Zhen. She can’t believe that Chen Che is Ya Juan’s son.

Zhen Zhen:”Chen Che is Ya Juan’s son?”

In the morning, Zhen Zhen rushed to Ya Juan’s house to ask her what happened the Christmas night. Ya Juan trusts Zhen Zhen so she opened up and revealed that she was raped.

Zhen Zhen:”So, Zhong En is really Chen Che’s father?”

After finding what happened, Zhen Zhen told Chen Che that he was the product of a rape. Now, Chen Che understands why his mother was always cold towards him.

Chen Che:”No wonder mom is always so cold towards me. My existence is not because of love, it was the one that ruined her love.”

Shocked and furious, Chen Che goes to see Zhong En and threatens Zhong En to never appear in front of Ya Juan again.

Chen Che:”Stay away from Ya Juan from now on. Her problems are my problems!”

Both Ya Juan’s mother and Zhen Zhen’s mother invested all their money in a company that went bankrupt. After they’ve consoled Zhen Zhen’s mother, Zhen Zhen and Chen Che went to Ya Jaun’s house. While Zhen Zhen was helping Ya Juan console her mother, Chen Che told his grandfather that Ya Juan was raped. He is shocked and hurt, but professor Chen had to console Chen Che. No matter what happened and how he came into this world it’s not Chen Che’s fault.

Later, when he was left alone with Ya Juan, professor Chen made Ya Juan understand that she will never be alone and that for every good thing that will happen in her life she will suffer another 99 bad things. He couldn’t tell Ya Juan that he knows what happened to her, but professor Chen assured Ya Juan that he will always be there for her, supporting her in any decision she will take in her life.

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