“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 14 ~ Da Jung:”Are you ready to fight?”

Da Jung quit her job, but Ji Sang kept giving baits to Lovely employees. Ji Sang even realized that the way he can get the employees on his team is to win Jung Gi on his side. He offered Jung Gi enough money to send Woo Joo to a privet school, enough money for Jung Gi’s father to retire and he even offered to find Bong Gi a good job. After thinking for a while, Jung Gi decided to fight against Ji Sang. The other employees follow Jung Gi and the hope they were waiting for arrived. Da Jung returned and she is ready to fight.

Episode 14

Da Jung quit her position so that Ji Sang won’t try to make her look bad in front of all her subordinates. Everyone is worried about what is going to happen from now one. President Jo is trying to borrow money from everyone he knows to return Ji Sang the investment money and take him out of Lovely, but no one is willing to borrow president Jo the money he needs. Meantime at Lovely vice chief Yang dreams about Da Jung’s position. Seeing that president Jo is trying to get rid of him, Ji Sang realizes that he needs Jung Gi on his side if he wants to finish his plans and if he can’t get Jung Gi than Ji Sang should fire him. To get Jung Gi on his side, Ji Sang promoted Jung Gi to Da Jung’s position.

After work Jung Gi, Young Mi, Mi Ri and Hyun Woo met and talked about Ji Sang’s plans of ruining Lovely and what they should do to get Da Jung back.

Ji Sang’s bait for the Lovely employees goes on. He gave them some shares that it’s supposed to bring them a lot of money in the future. Then, Bong Gi came in to sell some of the products from the company he is working for.

Later, Yoon Ho came by Lovely. He was shocked to find out that Da Jung quit her job there and gave all the information Da Jung asked him to find to Jung Gi. From the information, Jung Gi discovered that Lee Ji Sang was sent to destroy Lovely because Gold Chemicals is trying to take over Lovely Cosmetic.

Everyone found out that Lee Ji Sang will hand over Lovely to Gold Chemicals. And they can’t do anything about it because president Jo took more money from Ji Sang since no one wanted to give him money to get rid of Ji Sang.

Jung Gi keeps thinking about the shares Ji Sang offered him. He needs the money, but he was raised to not accept any money that won’t make him comfortable accepting. The next day, Jung Gi told everyone at the office his thoughts and disapproved Ji Sang’s plans.

Jung Gi:”I can’t believe so easily someone who’d make such tempting offers!”

The employees follow Jung Gi. But Jung Gi also went to the factories they are working with and asked them to sign the petition against Gold Chemicals absorbing Lovely Cosmetic.  But to stop Jung Gi, Ji Sang raised the offer. He offered Jung Gi to send Woo Joo to a boarding school where Woo Joo could be well educated, even if it is aboard, he offered to get Bong Gi hired to a big company and he also offered Jung Gi enough money for his father to retire and life peacefully from now on. But Jung Gi refused the offer. Woo Joo hates English so there is no need to send him study aboard. Bong Gi might seem like a nobody in others eyes, but Jung Gi is sure that his brother will be successful one day. Meantime the father loves to know everything about everyone so he likes his job.

Jung Gi:”He really loves knowing all the neighborhood gossip.”

President Jo saw his employees fighting to stop Ji Sang from giving Lovely to Gold so he tries to help them the way he can. He met Da Jung and asked her to return to Lovely and protect her position there.

Since she quit her job at Lovely, Da Jung doesn’t answer her phone. She started taking dancing lessons. Every time she is in a difficult moment, Da Jung does what she hates the most. This time thing Da Jung hates the most is dancing. Jung Gi found out that Da Jung is taking dancing lessons and went to see her. He told her what the employees are doing to protect Lovely and that they are all waiting for her. Then he advice Da Jung to do what she loves the most now that she can instead of torturing herself with what she hates.

Jung Gi:”Come back soon and play with us.”

Following Jung Gi’s advice, Da Jung tries to find out what she likes. First she went shopping, but it wasn’t fun. Then she went painting, learning to play the violin and flower arrangement, but they weren’t fun either.  On her way home, Da Jung sees Ji Ho’s mother scolding him for playing with a motherless child like Woo Joo and she couldn’t stay still. Da Jung went over and defended Woo Joo like Woo Joo was her own son. But finally Da Jung realized what she likes to do and returned to Lovely.

Da Jung:”Are you ready to fight?”

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