“Refresh Man” ep 10 ~ Ai Sha:”Kelvin, I really like you!”

Wen Kai feels sorry for how he treated Yu Tang and goes to apologize, but he sees Yu Tang with Zhi Yu and his jealousy makes him angry. For days, Wen Kai ignored Yu Tang and during those days Ai Sha confessed her feelings for Wen Kai.

Episode 10

Feeling bad for getting angry with Yu Tang the night before, Wen Kai went to her house to apologize, early in the morning. But he saw Yu Tang with Zhi Yu and got even angrier so he left. Yu Tang saw Wen Kai leaving. Later at the office, Yu Tang’s team had a meeting with Zhi Yu and Wen Kai. During that meeting Yu Tang coughed and Zhi Yu gave her drops for cold which Wen Kai wasn’t pleased of seeing. After the meeting, Yu Tang couldn’t take anymore the fact that Wen Kai was ignoring her and sent him a text. Unfortunately Yu Tang mentioned Zhi Yu in that text so Wen Kai kept ignoring her.

The day that sales team 3 launched the new Mei Mei on the market in near so first they took it on a trial. The whole sales team 3 formed small groups and went with their Mei Mei soup to different places. At those places they’ve let the people taste the new Mei Mei and the most expensive soap on the market and chose which one is better. The trial was a success. That day Wen Kai came to see Yu Tang after he ignored her for several days. He wanted to make peace with her, but he sees Zhi Yu there and get angry again.

The relationship between Wen Kai and Ai Sha was always misunderstood others. And the fact that Ai Sha always changed companies and followed Wen Kai made those misunderstandings bigger. She finally found the courage to confess to Wen Kai. She hugs him from behind and confesses that she likes him. But Ai Sha knows that Wen Kai’s heart doesn’t beat for her so she is happy with just confessing and moving on. Then Ai Sha encouraged Wen Kai to do the same thing, to confess his feelings to Yu Tang because he might get the answer he wants. Because Wen Kai keeps avoiding discussing about his feelings for Yu Tang, Ai Sha invited him to dinner.

Ai Sha:”Kelvin, I really like you!”

On her way out, Ai Sha sees Zhi Yu. He was waiting for Yu Tang so Ai Sha told him that Yu Tang has a gathering and asked Zhi Yu to give her a ride.

Wen Kai arrived at the restaurant where Ai Sha made a reservation, but Ai Sha is late, which is not her style. Suddenly Yu Tang arrived and Wen Kai realized Ai Sha’s intentions. Yu Tang takes a sit and they have dinner together. The atmosphere is awkward between then, but they can at least talk. Since they are there, Yu Tang asks, boldly, what she wants to know.

Yu Tang:”You came to MUSE to take revenge on me, didn’t you? But why do the things that you do look like you’re helping me, caring for me, protecting me? I want to hear your sincere words.”

But Wen Kai didn’t answer her question directly. He asked her a question in return.

Wen Kai:”Since you’re that good at guessing and are that smart, then why did you stubbornly tie your hair up when I said that you look better with our hair down?”

At first Yu Tang doesn’t understand the connection between her question and Wen Kai’s obsession with the hair tie that Zhi Yu gave her. But she realizes soon where Wen Kai’s anger comes from. She tries to explain him that the fact that Zhi Yu gave her that hair tie doesn’t mean that Zhi Yu likes her and the fact that she is wearing it doesn’t mean that she likes Zhi Yu. To explain it better Yu Tang mentioned the bracelet that Wen Kai gave Ai Sha and that Ai Sha is wearing. But what Yu Tang doesn’t know is that Ai Sha really likes Wen Kai. From here Wen Kai and Yu Tang started fighting again. Yu Tang wanted Wen Kai to confess and he knows the meaning of her question and the answer she was waiting for, but still Wen Kai avoided answering on purpose. So Yu Tang left angry.

Meantime Ai Sha and Zhi Yu were walking on the riverside. She wanted to go there and sort out her feelings. Ai Sha took of the bracelet that Wen Kai gave her and threw it in the river. It was Ai Sha’s way of giving up her feelings for Wen Kai. It’s was the best thing she could do to suffer less since Ai Sha knows that Wen Kai won’t love her the way she loves him.

Ai Sha:”Things that seem to suit you actually don’t belong to you.”

The next day a problem appeared. Xinwei’s CEO, Zhi Yu’s father, refuses to allow Mei Mei soup to use his eggshell membrane as one of the soups components. Sales team 3, Zhi Yu and even Wen Kai tried to convince CEO Wang, but they couldn’t win over CEO Wang’s stubbornness.

Everyone is disappointed after their meeting with CEO Wang. The only one who believes in sales team 3 is Wen Kai. She goes to their office and encourages them to keep fighting and to not disappoint the faith he has in them. After Wen Kai encouraged them, sales team 3 made plans to follow CEO Wang and convince him to allow them use the eggshell membrane.

The following days the whole sales team 3 split into teams again and followed CEO Wang to convince him to allow them use the eggshell membrane. Yu Tang is in charge of waiting for CEO Wang in front of the spa he always goes to. Wen Kai goes to her, bring her food and warm drinks, but he always hides and sent texts to Yu Tang instead of talking to her.

Wen Kai’s anger cooled down so he called Yu Tang back to clean his house. Before work, Yu Tang goes to Wen Kai’s house to clean. But Wen Kai started acting childish again. He doesn’t allow Yu Tang to talk and tells her what to do by writing her notes. Yu Tang goes on with Wen Kai’s childish behavior. Then Wen Kai gives Yu Tang a present, a hair tie…the one and only hair tie Yu Tang is allowed to use from now on.

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