“Vampire Detective” ep 8 ~ “The spirits of people you killed will never leave you alone.”

An young woman is walking on the street, acting strange. She fainted and is taken to the hospital. That girl is doctor Hwang’s younger sister and she seems to be possessed by their dead father. Jae Yeon, doctor Hwang’s sister, talks about the man that killed her father, but the killer is the person her mother trusts the most. To save his sister, doctor Hwang asked Goo Hyung, San and Gyeo Wool for help.Investigating the exorcist, San discovered the truth. He is a fake exorcist and a killer who was capable of doing anything in order to get money from innocent people.

Episode 8

A girl is walking barefooted without direction until she fainted on the street. She is taken to the hospital where her guardian is called. Her name is Jae Yeon and she is doctor Hwang’s younger sister. Strange things are happening to her lately. When the hospital called him, doctor Hwang was with Goo Hyung. The both rushed to the hospital to take Jae Yeon home. Because doctor Hwang’s house is dangerous for Jae Yeon, Goo Hyung offered to take her to his house. While they were at Goo Hyung’s house talking, Jae Yeon starts behaving strange. All of a sudden she looks around scared saying that she hears her father’s voice.

Jae Yeon:”I hear dad’s voice!”

While Jae Yeon was saying that she can hear her death father’s voice, doctor Hwang’s mother came in rushing together with an exorcist. They believe that Jae Yeon is possessed by an evil spirit and she needs an exorcism session. After doctor Hwang’s mother left, Goo Hyung called a shaman over to look at Jae Yeon. The shaman starts his session, but then Jae Yeon wakes up and bites the shaman’s ear. Then she looks at doctor Hwang and talks to him as if their father would be talking to doctor Hwang.

Doctor Hwang’s mother and the exorcist returned. Because doctor Hwang doesn’t allow them to perform the ritual, doctor Hwang’s mother threatened with killing herself. Since he didn’t have a choice, doctor Hwang accepted the ritual. But during the ritual Jae Yeon tried to kill the exorcist.

Meantime San, Goo Hyung, Gyeo Wool and the shaman left the house to meet other shamans. In front of their house, while they were getting close to the exorcist’s car, San’s special powers show up. There is blood on one of the car’s wheels. Feeling the smell of the blood, San sees parts of an accident that happened.

The detective team split up for an efficient investigation. San and Gyeo Wool went to the hospital. They’ve met a woman whose son was diagnosed with cancer after coming back from military service. That woman trusted exorcist Seol and sent him a lot of money to save her son, but her son strongly opposed that idea. Hearing that the son is opposed and refuses the ritual, exorcist Seol threatened the woman and her son that something terrible could happen. And it did! The son suffered a hit-and-run accident and is lying on a hospital bed unconscious now.

 The same time Goo Hyung went to see Jae Yeon’s friend from which he found out more about Jae Yeon. A few days ago, Jae Yeon started acting strange, she was looking into space, she was saying that she hears her father’s voice telling her that exorcist Seol killed him.

Doctor Hwang’s mother blindly believes every word that exorcist Seol say. When exorcist Seol said that doctor Hwang’s father shouldn’t be admitted to a hospital and get cancer treatment, doctor Hwang’s mother took her husband home. Because exorcist Seol said that the fact that doctor Hwang is a doctor it will be harmful for his father, now his mother blames doctor Hwang for his father’s death. When exorcist Seol said that Jae Yeon should quit her acting club, her mother went there and beat her up to quit the club.

San and Gyeo Wool were followed by someone the whole day. They realized that confronted their follower. He is also a privet detective and was paid by exorcist Seol to follow San and his team. Exorcist Seol knows that doctor Hwang’s father left all his money to his daughter.  While San and his teammates were talking with the follower, exorcist Seol was ready for the last ritual. He plans to kills Jae Yeon. He called his men and put them beat up doctor Hwang and take care of Se Ra.

San, Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung arrived home after receiving a text from Se Ra in which she was asking for help. Arrived at the house they see exorcist Seol’s men and Se Ra and doctor Hwang beaten and tied up. During the fight with doctor Hwang’s men, San smells blood again and visions the night of the hit-and-run accident of the young men whose mother San talked in the hospital.

When exorcist Seol was about to kill Jae Yeon, San stopped him. On their way home, San called the shaman from that morning and asked him to pretend to be possessed by the people exorcist Seol killed in front of exorcist Seol.

“The spirits of people you killed will never leave you alone.”

Jae Yeon had seen her mother kissing exorcist Seol and realized that her mother was using her father’s illness to see exorcist Seol. Because of that Jae Yeon hated her mother and put poison into the rice exorcist Seol always ate. But exorcist Seol sw Jae Yeon and he also recognized the smell when he wanted to eat the rice. Still exorcist Seol made doctor Hwan’s father eat the poisoned rice and because of that doctor Hwang’s father died.

Suddenly the candle light up and doctor Hwang’s father possessed the shaman for real to deliver his last words. He asked his son and daughter to don’t blame themselves for his death. Then he told his wife some words that only the two of them knew.

“I want to lie down in the sky!”

Believing that the shaman is pretending, San asks him to stop. But then another spirit possessed the shaman and told San that San isn’t from this world. Then he told San that it was all worth it because San will meet her soon.

“You’re not from this world, are you? I guess it’d be worth it…since you’ll meet her soon.”

Meantime Tae Woo tells Yoo Jin that San is alive.

Tae Woo:”Yoon San is alive!”


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