“Refresh Man” ep 11 ~ Wen Kai:”I like you!”

Wen Kai sees Zhi Yu confessing to Yu Tang and feels that he is about to lose Yu Tang. He gets between Zhi Yu and Yu Tang and stops Zhi Yu from confessing. Then, Wen Kai drags Yu Tang after him and confesses that he likes her.

Episode 11

Wen Kai’s anger cooled down so Yu Tang has to come and clean his house. She came early in the morning and was surprised to see that Wen Kai is acting childish again. He wrote all kinds of notes for Yu Tang telling her what she should and shouldn’t do while she clean his house. On one of those notes, Wen Kai also wrote that Yu Tang is allowed to wear any hair tie, except the one he gave her. Seeing Yu Tang wearing the hair tie he gave her made Wen Kai smile.

After cleaning up Wen Kai’s house, Yu Tang went to work. Sales team three have to convince president Wang to allow them use the egg membrane for their new Mei Mei soup. They find president Wang’s schedule and while the team members were holding the security guards down, Yu Tang ran into the men dressing room at the gym where president Wang was. She convinced president Wang to talk to her and use the new Mei Mei soup for his shower. From that gym Yu Tang took president Wan to a restaurant where she let him eat all the dishes he liked. Luckily Yu Tang convinced president Wang to think about allowing sales team 3 to use the egg membrane. But suddenly Zhi Yu arrived! President Wang called Zhi Yu to let him eat with Yu Tang since he knows that his son likes Yu Tang. Also president Wang seems to like Yu Tang as his daughter-in-law.

Zhi Yu took Yu Tang home and starts confessing. He wants to hold Yu Tang’s hand, but suddenly Wen Kai showed up and took Yu Tang with him.

Wen Kai:”Sorry, she must come with me.”

Seeing Zhi Yu confessing to Yu Tang made Wen Kai’s blood boil. He feels like he is going to lose Yu Tang so he grabs her hand and drags her after him. Yu Tang doesn’t understand Wen Kai’s reaction and gets angry. But then Wen Kai kisses her.

Yu Tang:”Ji Wen Kai, don’t push it too far.”

Wen Kai:”I like you!”

Wen Kai confessed, but Yu Tang replied that they should cool down a bit and they went home. In her room, Yu Tang is embarrassed for what happened. She wants to talk to Wen Kai, but he doesn’t reply to her texts.

In the morning, Yu Tang sent another text to Wen Kai, but still no reply. She leaves her house, to go to clean Wen Kai’s house, looking at her phone. But someone stops in front of her. Yu Tang looks up. It’s Wen Kai! He came to pick up Yu Tang and have breakfast together. During breakfast, Wen Kai clears up everything and asks Yu Tang to be his girlfriend.

Wen Kai:”I want you to be my girlfriend. You can only accept it, but not reject it.”

After work Wen Kai wanted to take Yu Tang out for dinner at a nice restaurant. But Yu Tang wants to avoid places were their coworkers could see them. Yu Tang tries to avoid people talking about her and Wen Kai. To not let anyone know for as long as possible, Yu Tang and Wen Kai went shopping. They will cook at home and have dinner together. While she was cooking, Yu Tang couldn’t take her eyes off Wen Kai and cut her finger. Because of that Wen Kai stopped her from cooking and ordered pizza. While they were waiting for their pizza to come, Yu Tang told Wen Kai the “boyfriend rules”. They can’t text each other during work hours unless it’s something related to work.

In the morning Yu Tang wakes up late and goes downstairs in her pajamas. Downstairs there were a lot of people because Yu Tang’s father was reopening their omelet restaurant. Wen Kai also came to help.

When they were left alone, Yu Tang and Wen Kai told Yu Tang’s father and brother that they are dating.

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