“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 15 ~ Yoon Ho:”I hope we never have to cross paths again.”

Da Jung returned to Lovely and she is ready to fight. With Da Jung’s return, the employees found their power to keep fighting against Ji Sang. Together,as a team, the employees made a plan and took from Ji Sang the evidence they needed to save Lovely Cosmetics. Those evidence helped them get rid of director Kim of Gold Chemicals too. When everything seemed to work the way they wanted, Ji Sang found a way to continue his game. Then Jung Gi confessed his feelings for Da Jung.

Episode 15

Da Jung has a plan to remove Ji Sang and save Lovely Cosmetics. She registered the Lovely products and brought the trademarks to the office. Tap Tap serum was registered under Lovely Cosmetic, while the 99 color lipstick was registered under Lovely Chemicals. Like that when Ji Sang will give Lovely to Gold Chemicals they will only be able to get one products and that won’t be in Gold Chemicals advantage. Of course for those two trademarks, Ji Sang can sue president Jo. But president Jo is willing to do everything in order to save his company.

The next step of Da Jung’s plan is for the employees to steal Ji Sang’s source of income. For that they need to find the secret ledger.

Mi Ri and Young Mi make sure to keep the General Affairs employees out of their office for Hyung Woo and Jung Gi to search all over. But the ledger wasn’t there. On their way out, Jung Gi and Hyung Woo met Ji Sang’s assistant. They were able to leave without raise any suspicions. But when Mr. Kim entered the general affairs office, he found Yang Joo Ho looking for the secret ledger.

Meantime Jung Gi and Hyung Woo realized were the secret ledger is. The ledger of L Partners is in Ji Sang’s assistant hands.

For several days president Jo was called at the police station for investigation after Ji Sang pressed charges. One day, after picking president Jo from the police station, Jung Gi hears Ji Sang and Da Jung arguing. Ji Sang was anxious, he was telling Da Jung to convince president Jo to give up and register both Tap Tap serum and the 99 color lipstick under Lovely Cosmetic. If president Jo will do as Ji Sang wants then Ji Sang will stop the investigation. But Da Jung doesn’t want to give up and Ji Sang’s reaction gives her the power to continue.

The plan to get the secret ledger started. As soon as manager Kang arrived, Mi Ri spilled coffee on him. While he was going to get himself cleaned at the bathroom, Jung Gi hit manager Kang with a dirty mop. Because he didn’t have any other choice, manager Kang accepted to give his shirt to Hyun Woo to get it cleaned without knowing that Hyun Woo also took his suitcase. When Jung Gi was helping manager Kang get off his dirty shirt, Hyun Woo replaced manager Kang’s suitcase with another one. On his way to the drycleaner, Hyun Woo left manager Kang’s suitcase to Mi Ri and Young Mi to copy the secret ledger.

Yang Joo Ho realized that something was going on and send Mi Ri away. She was making sure that Yang Joo Ho doesn’t move from his desk. While Mi Ri left at his order, Yang Joo Ho went to the copy room and saw Young Mi copying the secret ledger. He wants to get the secret ledger, but then Mi Ri and Hyun Woo came in. Young Mi bit Yang Joo Ho and Mi Ri held him. Meantime Hyun Woo took the secret ledger and the copy away. He put the secret ledger back into manager Kang’s suitcase and returned it to manager Kang as if nothing happened.

Yang Joo Ho hears president Jo talking to his employees. He was telling them to not do anything that will get them into trouble because if someone has to go to prison than president Jo should be that person as the president of the company. Meantime director Kim was telling Yang Joo Ho to go to prison for him. Realizing the difference between director Kim and president Jo, Yang Joo Ho decided to stop doing what director Kim orders him to do.

Da Jung has the secret ledger in her hands now. To thank Yoon Ho for helping her and Lovely all this time, Da Jung gave Yoon Ho everything related to director Kim in that ledger. With those information Yoon Ho went to see the president of Gold Chemicals who found out that director Kim was backstabbing him. As a result director Kim was fired and in his place was promoted Yoon Ho.

Yoon Ho:”I hope we never have to cross paths again.”

The fact that director Kim was fired and that the CEO of Gold Chemicals retired his investments from the company director Kim and Ji Sang were using is causing problems for Ji Sang.

The Lovely employees thought that everything was over and that they were saved. But Ji Sang can’t accept that he was defeated so easily. Ji Sang asked president Jo to return all the money Ji Sang invested and to fire Da Jung in a way that Da Jung won’t be able to work in that industry never again.

Left alone with Ji Sang, Jung Gi speaks his mind and threatens Ji Sang. He will protect the company and his employees with the power of an average person. And if Ji Sang will force DA Jung or president Jo leave the company then all the employees will quit their jobs.

Ji Sang:”Do you like Ok Da Jung?”

Jung Gi:”I like her, that’s why I want to protect her.”

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