“Vampire Detective” ep 9 ~ Yoo Jin:”Please leave San alone.”

A man came to San and his team. That man’s son died and he wants San and his teammates to find the killer. They followed the leads and found the killer. But then San received a shocking phone call from his old girlfriend, Yoo Jin.

Episode 9

Tae Woo isn’t the one that used to be. He became an evil person…or maybe he always way evil, but San didn’t know his friend’s true color. Tae Woo threatens Yoo Jin with killing San for good if Yoo Jin ever goes near San.

Yoo Jin:”Please leave San alone.”

Meantime a man came looking for San, Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool. That man’s son was murdered and he wants San and his team to find the killers. Kim Wook, the man’s son, was earning money while eating on a personal broadcasting channel. He was eating in front of a camera web and people were watching him, some were sending him cash points who can be exchanged for real money. Kim Wook died while doing one of those broadcastings.  Luckily for the detectives team, Se Ra and detective Park have also personal broadcastings. From Se Ro, San’s team found out that the person who gives the most cash points is called the president and of the day Kim Woo died the president was someone called Zen of swords.  Also Se Ro told them about a memorial service that the most popular users of that channel will do for Kim Wook.

San, Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool went to the memorial service and between the most popular users they saw detective Park.

San, Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool are present at the broadcastings. Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung are even invited to appear with two of the broadcasters. After a while Zen of Sword entered and started giving cash points to everyone and the broadcasters were doing everything to get Zen of Sword’s attention. Because Gyeo Wool needed more time to track Zen of Swords, San logged into the chat room and provoked Zen of Swords.

Gyeo Wool managed to find Zen of Swords location and she was surprised. Zen of Swords was there, at the same location they were. Suddenly the light is turned off and they hear a scream. One of the girl’s broadcasters screamed after someone cut her with a knife.

San follows the way that the girl who was cut said her attacker went. In the yard, there was blood on the ground and San’s powers showed up. He sees someone dragging another person into a warehouse. The dragged person was hurt and bleeding. San, Goo Hyung and detective Park go inside that warehouse. Inside they found someone hanged and burning and Kim Wook’s father being died up with his head covered.

Later San looked around the warehouse and realized that something was wrong. San realized that Kim Wook’s father had already killed Zen of Swords. After Kim Wook’s death, his father found Zen of Swords and wanted Zen of Swords to apologize. But Zen of Swords didn’t apologize and instead of doing so Zen of Swords provoked Kim Wook’s father by calling him an incompetent father and calling Kim Wook a pig. At that moment Kim Wook’s father lost control and killed Zen of Swords. But Kim Wook’s father had an accomplice. Judi, the girl who was cut, knew Zen of Swords. She had met him before and he was a disgusting perverted old man. She feld embarrassed and wanted to take revenge on Zen of Swrods. Because of that Judi looked Kim Wook’s father and told him about Zen of Swords.

Yoo Jin couldn’t wait anymore and called San to tell him to watch out for himself.

Yoo Jin:”Yoon San, be careful! “

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One Response to “Vampire Detective” ep 9 ~ Yoo Jin:”Please leave San alone.”

  1. Xiaogirlzz says:

    What is the song used in ep 9 at around 15:39?

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