“Back to 1989” ep 16 ~ Chen Che:”Then abort the child!”

Ya Juan found out that she is pregnant and she is devastated. She doesn’t know how to face her mother, Jin Qin and her life anymore. Ya Juan also believes that the baby she is carrying will turn out to be a monster like the man that raped her. To let his mother be happy, Chen Che decided to give up his own existence and encourage Ya Juan to abort the baby.

Episode 16

Since Zhen Zhen’s mother lost all the money she invested, Chen Che found a way to repay Zhen Zhen’s family for treating him like a son. Chen Che hit the money he had all over Zhen Zhen’s house for her mother to find. And she did! She couldn’t understand from where all those money appeared, but Zhen Zhen convinced her mother to take the money and use it. The next day Chen Che and Zhen Zhen went on a date.

Jin Qin came in front of Ya Juan’s house. Professor Chen saw him and invited Jin Qin inside, but they both know that Jin Qin can’t go in since he and Ya Juan already broke up. Jin Qin talks about his plans of working hard to get a scholarship, become successful and if by then Ya Juan will still be single he will get her back.

Professor Chen:”I believe that you will be together forever in the future.”

Unfortunately, Ya Juan’s mother came out of the house and saw Jin Qin. As always she sent Jin Qin away, in a harsh way. The next day, Ya Juan’s mother told Ya Juan that she mortgaged her mother’s house to get the money Ya Juan need to go study aboard.

Ya Juan came looking for Zhen Zhen. She is desperate and wants to talk to her best friend. They talk and Ya Juan tells Zhen Zhen that she suspects that she is pregnant. Then Ya Juan tries to avoid the problem, but Zhen Zhen convinced Ya Juan to go see a doctor and check it up.

Doctor:” Ms. Chen, congratulations, you are pregnant!”

From the hospital, Zhen Zhen and Ya Juan went to Zhen Zhen’s house. Ya Juan doesn’t know what to do. She feels like she is disappointing everyone around her. But Zhen Zhen believes that the person who cares for her the most after her parents, Chen Che, should be present at their conversation. Zhen Zhen rushes to call Chen Che, but he already heard everything.

Chen Che:”I’m sorry! I didn’t protect you.”

Zhen Zhen assured Ya Juan that she and Chen Che will help her raise the baby, but Ya Juan insists to abort him. She feels that if the child’s father was a monster, then also the baby will be a scary person.

Ya Juan:”His existence is just a mistake. He is destined to be a child without blessings. Once I’ll look at him, I’ll definitely think of that person. “

Chen Che:”Then abort the child!”

Together with Zhen Zhen, Chen Che went to see his grandfather to tell him about the news. But when Chen Che told professor Chen that he encouraged Ya Juan to abort the baby, professor Chen got angry. If Ya Juan will abort her unborn child, then Chen Che will disappear for good. Chen Che’s existence will vanish, not just from 1989, but from 2016 too. Chen Che knows all that. Still he is ready to give up his own existence as long as Ya Juan will be happy. His grandfather and Zhen Zhen know Ya Juan from before Chen Che was born, but Chen Che knows the Ya Juan from after she gave birth. No matter how much he loved her and longed for Ya Juan’s love, Ya Juan was always distant towards Chen Che. Now, after he found the secret behind his birth, Chen Che feels that he is a mistake that should be corrected.  To let his mother be happy, Chen Che encourages Ya Juan to abort him. He is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, to give his own existence, in order to let his mother be happy. But Zhen Zhen doesn’t want to give up on him.

Chen Che:”I can’t continue being with you. Just pretend I got into an accident and died.”

The next day, Chen Che asks Xiao Long to take good care of Zhen Zhen because he has to leave soon. Without knowing why Chen Che has to leave, Xiao Long gets angry. In his eyes, Chen Che came, made Zhen Zhen fall in love with him and now he is leaving and letting Zhen Zhen hurt.

Chen Che:” I have to leave. Take care of Zhen Zhen well for me.”

Even if she suffers, Zhen Zhen understands that Chen Che suffers more and still he took the hardest decision. So Zhen Zhen decided to support Chen Che’s decision and let Ya Juan abort the baby.

Chen Che made the appointment for Ya Juan to abort the baby. Then he met Ya Juan and tried one more time to convince Ya Juan that her baby could turn out to be a good person. Ya Juan agrees with Chen Che, but still she can’t give birth to her baby. She doesn’t have the courage to face her mother, Jin Qin and her future life if she will keep the baby.

Since the next day Ya Juan will have the abortion, Chen Che took Zhen Zhen out. They will spend the last hours of his existence alone, celebrating his birthday, her birthday and their anniversary at his old high school.

Chen Che:”Even if I can’t be part of your past or your future, at least we still have now.”

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